How to Install OptiFine 1.14

Here we will discuss how to install OptiFine 1.14 in Minecraft on Windows and MacOS (OS X) computer. OptiFine 1.14 is a graphic enhancer for Minecraft and performance improver. With the OptiFine mod installed on your PC, you can install different mods in Minecraft.

OptiFine itself is not mod directly. Instead, it a mod made for Minecraft to play other mods in Minecraft. Therefore, in this guide, I will explain how to download and install OptiFine 1.14.

However, since you are planning to download OptiFine 1.14; for it to work with your Minecraft, you must be running Minecraft 1.14. Otherwise, you will only be able to download the OptiFine version 1.14, but you won’t be able to install it on your Minecraft.

Download Java Development Kit

If you want to create your server on Minecraft, we have a complete guide on how to make Minecraft 1.16 server to play your Minecraft game with your friends all over the world. However, don’t give out your IP address to friends you do not trust as this might cause DDOS attack and other network-related issues that could leak your valuable data.

The essential requirement to download and install OptiFine 1.14 in Minecraft is to download and install the Java development kit to create an enabling environment for the OptiFine version and Minecraft.

When you install OptiFine, you can use it with Forge in Minecraft. For an expert guide on how to download and install OptiFine with Forge, consider this guide. It’s a step by step guide to install OptiFine with Forge.

Now, here is the step by step procedure to install JDK on your Windows to be able to install OptiFine in Minecraft on it.

  • Go to site
  • Tap “Java Download” on the “Oracle” platform.How to Install OptiFine 1.14.4
  • Tap “Agree” and start free download.Free Java Download
  • Launch the .jar file and follow through to install the java development kit on your Windows.Java Installed Successful

If .jar files associate fails or stopped working on your Windows computer, follow the step bu step in this guide to repair the broken jar file.

How to Download OptiFine 1.14

The process to download OptiFine 1.14 is straightforward. So, here,  we will walk you through how to download the OptiFine 1.14 mod first on your Windows and later consider how to Install it in your Minecraft.

  • Go to OptiFine official download portal here.
  • Go to “Minecraft 1.14.4” section and tap on the download “mirror” on “OptiFine 1.14.”How to Install OptiFine 1.14
  • Now, tap “Download OptiFine_1.14.4_HD_U_F5.jar” to download the .jar file to your computer.Download OptiFine 1.14.4
  • The Optifine installer will download in a .jar file.

With the JDK we installed previous, it will allow you to be able to run the .jar file on your PC.

How to Activate OptiFine 1.14 for Minecraft

There is no special requirement to activate OptiFine for Minecraft. Once the download is completed the jar file will automatically install on your PC and be ready for you to open with Minecraft.

How to Open OptiFine 1.14 with Minecraft 1.14.4

If the Minecraft version installed on your computer isn’t Minecraft 1.14, then you would have to downgrade or upgrade to 1.14 from whatever version you have on your PC. Just stick around, we will look at how to downgrade to Minecraft 1.14.4 later in this guide.

  • Launch the default Minecraft Launcher on your computer.
  • Tap on the “OptiFine 1.14” from the arrow pointed upward.
  • Look at the Minecraft if you can find the OptiFine version it means it has been opened successfully.

Note: This only works on Minecraft 1.14. We will consider how to downgrade to Minecraft 1.14 next.

How to Downgrade to Minecraft 1.14.4

This can be used to downgrade from any Minecraft version to another version. So, we will employ the approach to downgrade to version 1.14.4 on Minecraft.

  • Open the Minecraft default launch.
  • Tap on “Edit Profile” on the homepage depending on the version you are downgrading from.
  • In your Minecraft profile editor check “allow use of old “Beta” Minecraft versions and tap “yes” from the popup.
  • Again, check “allow use of old “Beta” Minecraft version from the second box.
  • Go to “Use version” and select “1.14.4” from the drop-down.
  • Tap on “Save Profile.”

This approach can be used to downgrade from any Minecraft version t your choice. And now that we discussed how to install OptiFine 1.14 in Minecraft you should be able to install other mods in Minecraft using it.

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