How to Make a Minecraft 1.16.2 Server

Here we are going to walk you through a straightforward approach to make a Minecraft 1.16.2 server that allows you to play the Minecraft game with your friends. The “how to make a Minecraft server” starts with downloading the server to your computer.

Therefore, before we start, you first need to download the Minecraft server to your computer. Then, we will begin to make our Minecraft 1.16.2 server to have fun with our friends.

However, this won’t serve you for 24 hours. But, for the main time, you should be able to use the cracked 1.16.2 server to satisfaction.

When you create your Minecraft server, it will require you to give out the IP address to all your friends to be able to play the game together. With that being said, we can proceed with how to create Minecraft 1.16.2 server now.How to make Minecraft 1.16.2 server

How to Make a Minecraft 1.16.2 Server

To start creating this 1.16.2 server on Minecraft, below are the process you will need to observe.

  • Download the Minecraft server file to your computer.
  • Create your server folder on the PC.
  • Accept the Eula terms and conditions for end-users creating a 1.16.2 server.
  • Run your server.
  • Configure the server command prompt and IP.
  • Configure your router with port forwarding.
  • Setup Server properties.
  • Launch your server for the first time.
  • Test the server, whether it’s working perfectly.
  • Share Ip with your friends and start to play.

The whole steps to make a free Minecraft 1.16.2 server appears simple and direct. However, to achieve this, you need to pay more attention to this guide. If you skip a step, your server might not work as expected.

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Download and Install the Latest Java Runtime

To start with, you need to download the latest version of Java runtime installed on your PC; otherwise, things might not work as expected. Since Minecraft requires Java to run the game, then it’s a must to download and install the latest version on your PC.

  • Open your choice of browser and go to
  • Tap on the red download button.
  • Java program will detect your Windows bit (32 or 64) and the file size.
  • Tap on the agreement button to start downloading.
  • Open the software to install it once the download is completed.

Now, we have successfully created an enabling environment for the Minecraft and its server for installing Java.

How to Download Minecraft Server Files to your Computer

We then need to download the Minecraft server files to your computer. The process should call for any difficulty since we have an enabling environment with Java installed. So, we need to go to the Minecraft official site to download the Minecraft.jar file to your PC.

  • Open a browser of your choice and go to the Minecraft server download portal here.
  • Tap “minecraft_server.1.16.2.jar” to download the server to your PC.
  • Drag and drop the server.1.16.2.jar from the download folder to the desktop for easy access.

With this server downloaded to your PC, it’ll be easy to create your server and share your IP with your friends.

How to Create Minecraft Server Folder

We need to create a folder that will contain the server you want to create to play the Minecraft game with your colleagues or friends.

  • Right-click on your desktop and select “Folder.”
  • Name the folder and “Minecraft 1.16.2 server.”
  • Drag and drop the “Minecraft_server.1.16.2.jar” into this new folder.
  • Now, right-click on the “server.jar” file in the folder and select open to run the application. If the server file didn’t run, right-click on it again and select open with >> Java(TM) Platform SE binary.
  • Now, you should have different files in the folder, which include the server properties, EULA, log, and the server itself.

Accept Eula Terms and Conditions

Before we start to make the Minecrafter server 1.16.2 of our own, we need to agree to the “Eula” terms and conditions. So, to do this, follow the leads below.

  • Open the “Minecraft server 1.16.2 folder.”
  • Open the EULA text document.
  • edit the line “eula=false” to eula=true.”
  • Press “CTRL + S” to save the change you made.

Once the agreement is accepted, we move to the next step is dealing with the server.

Run the Server

We need to open our server fro the first time. And here is how to go about it.

  • Go to the “Minecraft 1.16.2 server folder.”
  • Double-click on the “Server” file.
  • A new server file will launch containing a lot of text documents under the “Minecraft server.”
  • Now, your free server is completely set up, and you are ready to get started and start playing with friends.

Now that we are halfway done, we need to configure our IP address and command so that we can easily share the IP with our friends and co-players.

Create Command to Run the Server and IP Configuration

Next, we need to create the server command line to make sure that the server runs smoothly to prevent the server from lagging.

  • Close all background apps on your computer.
  • Press “Win + C” together to run the command prompt on your PC.
  • Type “cmd” without quotes and tap “Enter.”
  • To open “IP Settings,” type “ipconfig” and hit the “Enter” button.
  • Note down the “IPV4” and “Default Gateway” IP address.
  • Note down the default gateway IP address as we will be working with that first.
  • Open your browser and type the default gateway IP address and hit the enter button to access your router or network provider backend.

Now, you should either be logged into your account without using a password or be asked to provide both your username and password to access your router backend.

Configure your Router with Port Forwarding

Before we proceed to set up the server properties, we must first configure our route with port forwarding.

  • Once you are logged into your router’s backend.
  • Find “Port Forwarding,” “Apps & Gaming,” “Security,”
  • Due to different router configuration, you could find this in the Security section, Advanced, a Port Forward section, or an Apps & Gaming section depending on your router.
  • Tap on “Add new port” and name it “Minecraft.”
  • Use “25565” for both internal and external port. If the port name is not as written here, just input the number in the two available spaces.
  • Under “Protocol,” select “TCP and UDP.”
  • Go to “Port Forward settings” and enter the “IPV4” IP address.
  • Save “Settings” and tap “Apply” to make changes so that the server will be able to associate with other people’s IP addresses.

How to Setup Server Properties

Now, if you take note of the files in the Minecraft 1.16.2 server folder, you will see the server properties text document. So, we need to also configure this file as well.

  • Open “server properties” in the server folder.
  • Here, you will notice a lot of text in the document.
  • Find “IP Server=.”
  • Navigate back to the command prompt we opened above and copy the IPV4 IP address.
  • Now, add the IP after the “=” sign as “IP Server=
  • Press “Ctrl +S” to save back the document to the folder.

Test the Minecraft 1.16.2 Server you Created

The “how to make Minecraft 1.16.2 Server” is done. Now, we need to test run the server to see whether it’s working smoothly without lagging.

  • Launch the Minecraft app on your PC.
  • Navigate to the “Multiplayer section” and tap on it.
  • To use the “Minecraft 1.16.2 server,” your Minecraft app version must be version 1.16.2.
  • Allow Windows security access from the popup.
  • Tap “Direct Connect” to connect to your server when joining the server
  • Here we will be able to test the server 1.16.2 locally with our IPV4 IP address.
  • Note that you can only join with the IPV4 IP address while other people will join using a public IP address.
  • Copy and paste the “IPV4 IP Address” to the server box and hit on the “Join” button.
  • If the server is configured perfectly, you should be able to join with your IPV4 IP address.
  • Without missing a single step following the procedures above, you should be able to test the server, and it should work perfectly. However, if it doesn’t work with the server, then you need to go through the entire process download to server download, to run the cmd, to noting the default gateway IP address and IPV4 IP address, and follow the setup in this guide.

How to Play Minecraft with Your Friends using the Minecraft 1.16.2 Server

Before you choose to share your IP address with people to play Minecraft together globally, make sure you trust them. This can break your security and result in DDOS attacks and other issues related to network problems.

Now, you need to find your router’s IP address. Follow the procedures below.

  • Go to
  • Type “What is my IP” and hit the search button.
  • You will see your public IP address.
  • Take note of the “IP address,” write it, download and launch the Minecraft app on your computer.
  • Tap on “Multiplayer >>Direct Connect.
  • Paste the public IP address from “Google.”

Now, if this IP address works, you would have successfully made your Minecraft 1.16.2 server.

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