How to Install SimpliSafe Entry Sensor

Did you buy a Simplisafe home security system, and you want to install SimpliSafe entry sensor? This article has got you covered as we will be looking at the steps and procedures required on how to install simplisafe entry sensor on door with molding

Entry Sensors are necessary for home security. Entry sensors have two parts: a magnet that goes on your door or window and a sensor on the doorframe or window frame. 

They can be mounted on easily accessible doors and windows from the outside, especially on the ground floor.  However, the installation of your Entry Sensor may vary based on your residence. 

When the door or window is closed, be sure that the magnet aligns between the two grooves on the sensor and that they are less than two inches apart.

When you open a door or window with an Entry Sensor, the sensor will flash a blue status light once, indicating that the magnet and sensor are separated by more than two inches. When you close the door or window, the sensor flashes the blue status light twice, and the magnet returns to within two inches of the sensor.

When the system is disarmed, opening a door or window with an Entry Sensor will also cause the Base Station to generate a bell sound. The alarm will sound if your system is activated and an entry sensor is triggered.

Therefore, to learn how to install simplisafe entry sensor on door with moldinghow to install Simplisafe entry sensor, continue reading the article.

How to Install Simplisafe Entry Sensor on Door with Molding on a Gen 3 Simplisafe

If you bought the Gen 3 Simplisafe, which is the Simplisafe version that began selling in 2018. Follow the steps listed below to install SimpliSafe entry sensor without molding.

  • Ensure that you line up the magnet and the sensor in a way that the grooves align and the pieces are less than 2 inches when the door or window is closed.
  • Before attaching each piece, double-check the alignment. When the door or window opens, the blue light should flash once, and again when it closes.
  • Attach the sensor to the door and the magnet to the doorframe, or vice versa.

Following the steps as listed above implies you have successfully been able to install SimpliSafe entry sensor.

How to install SimpliSafe Entry Sensor on the Original SimpliSafe

If you own a Simplisafe home security system produced before 2018, you have the original SimpliSafe.

Follow these steps to install SimpliSafe entry sensor on the original SimpliSafe.

  • Remove the white battery activation strip from the battery compartment of the sensor.
  • Then ensure that the magnet is aligned between the groves on the sensor, and it should be less than two inches apart when the door or window is closed.
  • Now, remove the liner from the sensor’s bracket’s adhesive strip and attach it to the corner of your doorframe or window frame.
  • After mounting the bracket, place the sensor back onto it to complete the installation. Repeat these steps with the magnet, only this time you’ll be putting it on the door or window.

If you have completed the steps above, then you have successfully install SimpliSafe entry sensor.

how to install simplisafe entry sensor on door with molding

How to Fix SimpliSafe Entry Sensor not Chiming

If you have been worried about your SimpliSafe entry sensor not chiming, the solution that would possibly work will be to reset your Simplisafe.

Resetting SimpliSafe helps with resolving some minor issues and bugs with the Simplisafe.

To reset Simplisafe, follow the steps as outlined below.

  • Disconnect the base station.
  • Using a Phillips-head screwdriver, remove the battery cover from the device’s bottom.
  • Remove one battery and leave it out for at least 10–15 seconds before replacing it.
  • Replace the battery cover.
  • Wait a minute or two after plugging in the base station for a new connection.
  • Then arm the system to confirm that it is working correctly.

If you have successfully been able to carry out these steps, you have reset your Simplisafe home security system. You can now confirm if your Simplisafe entry sensor is working correctly.

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How to resolve SimpliSafe Entry Sensor not Pairing

If you have issues with your Simplisafe entry sensor not pairing, this might be occurring because the device is too far from your base station.

To resolve this issue, follow the steps listed below.

  • Enter your Master PIN by pressing menu on the keypad.
  • On the keypad, press 5.
  • To select the 5. Test option, press the away button. The Base Station should announce that it is entering Test Mode.
  • The device in issue can then be tested using the usual methods (opening the door/window since it is an Entry Sensor). You’ll hear the Base Station acknowledge the test by declaring the type of sensor being tested if it can interact with the sensor.
  • If you did not hear the base station recognize the test, disconnect the sensor from its mounting bracket, and move it to the room where the base station is located.
  • Re-trigger the sensor to repeat the test. If you hear the test recognized this time, it means the sensor is too far away from the Base Station to communicate successfully.
  • Then relocate the base station to resolve the issue.

If you have followed these steps, attempt using your entry sensor to confirm it is working correctly.


This article has looked at how to install SimpliSafe entry sensor, and how to resolve some of the issues that occur when using the SimpliSafe entry sensor.

If you encounter any difficulty during the process of resolving any of the issues listed in the article, contact the SimpliSafe customer support team for further assistance.

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