How to Link MYQ to Google Home

With the changes in technology, life has gotten easier such that you don’t need to apply any force to get things done, you can simply tap a few buttons to shop for items or turn on/off your light using your voice.

innovation like this has led to the influx of smart door garage openers such as MYQ, although there are many competing brands out there also solving this problem, however, one thing that makes MYQ stand out is the amount of control it gives homeowners over their garage, such as Knowing if your garage door is left open and close it right from your smartphone or Schedule times for garage door to open.

Now if you’ve just gotten your MYQ garage door hub, and you’ve been able to power it on, and it’s working, both the device and the app, however, you can’t wrap your head around how to link MYQ to Google Home. Probably you’ve activated a free subscription. But you just can’t link it with google home. here is the caviar to it. 

You can actually use it with google, but not google home.

Here is what you need to know since you’re here looking for How to link MYQ to google homeyou can only use MYQ when it’s linked to Google Assistant. When it’s linked with google assistant, then you will be able to ask your assistant to either open the door or close it.

Moving on let’s delve into how to link MYQ to google home by starting with what MYQ is

What Does MYQ mean

Before proceeding with this, you can navigate to the next heading to skip to How to link MYQ to google home if you know enough about it.

What is MYQ? MYQ is a smart garage door opener that removes the burden of physically opening your garage door.

For example, if you’re just coming from somewhere with the MYQ smart door garage opener you can open your garage door with the push of a button or by simply using your voice.

All these make life quite easy plus it guarantees your safety since you can figure out the status of your Garage door whether it is opened or closed via the notification on the MYQ app.

Now that we’re let’s delve into how to link MYQ to google home.

How to link MYQ to google home

It’s good you are here searching for how to link MYQ to google home. But I hate to say this. it won’t work. Surprised right? well, you still have other great options and one of them is Google Assistant.

With a linked google assistant to your MYQ With Google Assistant, you can close the garage door, open it and also check the status of the door, by simply using some simple commands.

With that said, let’s take a look at how to link MYQ to Google Assistant

How to link MYQ to Google Assistant 

How to Link MYQ to Google Home

Now, as you know, google assistant usually come with a subscription that is being paid for annually costing around $10, however it is currently free at the time of writing, but it can change anytime 

Anyway here is how you do it, firstly you have to connect MYQ to google assistant via the app and subscribe to their service on the MYQ website 

Here is a breakdown of how to do that:

  1. Firstly, launch the Google Assistant and click the compass located at the right bottom corner. 
  2. On the search bar type MYQ into it and select the MYQ app from the search results. 
  3. Now, click the link and type in your MYQ credentials.
  4. After doing that, Subscribe to Google Assistant’s MyQ subscription by going here and scrolling down till you see Activate subscription and click on it 
  5. Finally, login back into your account to finalize the transaction.

Now that you’ve been able to subscribe to the google assistant app, you should be able to control or get the status of your garage door by uttering the following commands 

  1. Ok, Google, ask MYQ to close the garage door. in most cases, you will be asked which door even if there is only one door!
  2. Ok, Google, ask MYQ if the garage door is open.

Moving on, let’s proceed to the second way to connect your MYQ via the IFTTT integration.

How to link MYQ to Google Home Via IFTTT

Get this, you can’t link your MYQ smart garage door opener to google home, but it works with google assistant. since you’ve been enlightened on how to link your MYQ to google assistant via the app, here is how you can link it with IFTTT to better improve its functionality.

You might be curious about what it does better when compared to just linking it to the app.

Let me explain that, that: linking it to the google assistant app requires you to constantly mention this – Ok, Google, ask MYQ to close the garage door

The MYQ, for example, you can simply say – Ok, Google, close the garage door  If you integrate IFTTT with MYQ however it has its drawback too if you use this option and it’s simply the inability to check the status 

So if the status is a big deal to you. You might consider sticking with the earlier alternative, anyway here is how you can link Google Assistant to MYQ using IFTTT. 

  • First and foremost, Get the IFTTT app from either Google Playstore or Appstore and sign up or login into the app. 
  • Now, tap on “explore” in the upper right corner. 
  • Next, tap on “create and make a new alphabet from scratch. 
  • Now, search for “Google Assistant”. 
  • Then, select the say a simple phrase trigger
  • On the next screen enter, ‘close garage’ or a statement of your choice. which you wish to use as the voice command.
  • After doing that, press creates a trigger to finalize the process. 
  • Then, search for MYQ. 
  • Next, choose ‘close door’ as the action and choose your garage door. 
  • Next, tap on create action to save the process. 
  • Finally, create a name for your IFTTT MYQ Applet and press create. 

Once, you’re done you can simply use commands without having to mention ask MYQ, you simply use commands like ‘OK Google, close garage so that the IFTTT applet will trigger, and the door will be closed.

DO you know you can also sync your MYQ with the apple home kit, well if you don’t know here is how you can do that

How to Link MYQ With Apple HomeKit

How to Link MYQ to Google Home

If you want to link your Liftmaster or Chamberlain’s MYQ garage door opener to Apple Homekit you can do so by using the MYQ Home Bridge.

Since you’re aware that they can both be connected here is how you can integrate both the Apple Homekit and MYQ.

  1. Get the latest version of the MYQ app and create an account if you don’t have one yet or log in. Ensure your device is connected to Wifi
  2. On the MYQ app, add devices and accessories by hitting the plus sign icon and then Select HomeBridge under the discovered accessories tab. Ensure that you’ve enabled home data.
  3. Now, Get the accessory code for your HomeBridge device on the HomeBridge device or the instruction manual and scan in the HomeBridge accessory code label using your mobile device.
  4. After doing that, You’ll hear a single beep and the three LED lights on your HomeBridge device during the identification process.

NOTE: for Existing users of MYQ The app should walk you through how to add your existing devices with prompts. The only thing you’ll need if you want to add existing devices is access to their learn buttons.

Since we have been able to figure out that asking how to link MYQ to google home Using google assistant, IFTTT and Apple home kit let’s delve into some commonly asked questions related to the topic.

MYQ not showing up in google home

The plain truth is you can’t use it with Google Home, you have to use the Google Assistant app by launching the Assistant app and then clicking on the compass “explore” and then search for MYQ.

How do I make MYQ discoverable?

For your MYQ to be discoverable with Google home, you have to pair them together and below are simple instructions on how you can do that.

  • Open the Google Home app
  • Tap the gear icon
  • Select “MyQ”
  • Choose “Pairing Mode”
  • Follow the instructions on the screen
  • Once paired, tap the blue button on the top right corner
  • Enter your PIN
  • Press OK
  • Your MyQ will now be ready to use

How do I add another home to my app?

  • To do that follow the steps below
  • Launch your MYQ app and log in to your account
  • Now, click on the Initials in the upper left corner.
  • Select Device Management.
  • Select the Device/Hub to add the myQ device.
  • Select Add New.
  • Select the type of device you want to add: MYQ Garage Door Opener (non-Wi-Fi) Remote Light Control. Commercial Door Operator.

Does myQ have a monthly fee?

the standard features are free to use, however, to access the MYQ premium features. As of now, you need to pay a monthly fee for myQ premium of $1 a month or $10 for a year. The Google Home Hub supports thousands of smart devices, and the myQ garage door opener is no exception.

Can I Check My Garage Door Openers History

Of course, you can do that by checking that through the MYQ app after logging into your account

Can I Schedule When My Garage Door Opens and Closes?

To open your Garage door using your MYQ app, you can simply do that at the press of a button, so you can use your voice to command your garage door to either open or close.

The process is fairly easy for both but if you want to schedule when the garage door openers and closely follow the steps below on how to do that

  • Launch your MYQ account on the app,
  • Now, open the menu.
  • ON the menu, Scroll to schedules and click on the plus sign at the top corner of the screen. Clicking this will bring the scheduling menu.
  • When you get to the menu. Choose the device you’re monitoring. what time you want to do it and when. all these can be done automatically.


How to link MYQ to Google home is impossible you can only do that using the google assistant app, however, if you use an iPhone or iOS device, the MYQ is now compatible with the Apple home kit, meaning you can sync it up with the device using the home bridge and control your MYQ using Siri.

Now, you can use google assistant if you have an Andriod phone, however, you can make use of Homekit if you use an iPad or iPhone, now if you have an Andriod phone using Lolipop you might not be able to make use of google assistant with it unless you root it, however, there is a better way to do that without rooting your device check here.

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