How to Get Google Assistant on Lollipop Without Root

There are two popular methods to get Google assistant on Lollipop without root. You can get Google assistant on Lollipop when you download launchers with the feature, and when you download and install Google assistant apk file.

These two methods have been proved to be the best ways to enable Google assistant on Lollipop if you don’t want to root your phone.

Google by default added assistant service only to Android Marshmallow and Android N as at the time of writing this tutorial. So, if you are using Android Lollipop, the Google assistant enabler feature cannot be found but can be enabled using another techniques.

It’s proved by that you cannot have the feature on Lollipop because it’s the newest feature of the new OS for Android phone. For iPhone users, Google also introduced Google assistant service for iOS devices while you can still use Siri for your iOS device.

However, Google assistant service seems to be the best OS communication features when most users compared and contrast between Siri, Hound, and Google assistant service. So, if you are not using the feature on your device it’s possible that you are missing something really interesting.

If you have an Android phone running Android M or 6.0+ and Android N or Android Nougat you may want to refer to this article on how to enable Google Assistant service.

Also, if you have an Android phone running Lollipop 5.0 or 5.1, please ride on as you will learn how to get google assistant on lollipop without root.

It also worth to note that the two methods you will learn here requires no root access. So, you don’t need to bother yourself on how to root Lollipop running Android phone before you can get Google assistant service running.

How to Get Google Assistant on Lollipop Without Root

There are two known and still working to get Google assistant running on Lollipop device. Here, the first method will take you by hand on how to assistant enabler for Lollipop method with the help on Google assistant apk file you can download online and secondly, using Android launcher.

Method 1

First and foremost, navigate to your Android phone settings and enable install files from unknown source in your device security section. Now move ahead to Google drive to download and install Google assistant service APK file. The file was uploaded into Google drive for easy access. And of course, if you have the apk file available already you can make do with it.

how to get google assistant on lollipop without root

Once the installation is done successfully then launch the installed apk file. Click on ”Your Stuff” tab and then click on ”add remainder”. While this means nothing to you please do not skip it. It’s an important part of the procedure else you won’t be able to get it running on your Android Lollipop.

Note: First update your Google play store to the latest update else you might find it difficult using this service on your Lollipop device

Next, we make the installed Google assistant service your device default input method. For this to work we need to find a w way to override the default ‘Google Now’ found running on Android Lollipop. So, to achieve this navigate to Language & input->Voice input and choose “Enhanced Google Services”.

how to get google assistant on lollipop without root

Finally, long press home menu for some seconds and select Google service as your default program to replace the default ‘Google Now’ service.

how to get google assistant on lollipop without root

That is it you have successfully installed Google Assistant on your Android Lollipop device and you are good.

The next method also work but it can be a bit tedious compared to using the previous method. However, both method work perfectly well.

Method 2

First download and install Nova launcher. It’s a free Android launcher. Meanwhile, if you have other launcher installed on your device already you can use it. But, the launcher must be such that you are able to add short cut activity to your home menu. Once installed set the launcher as default home screen.

how to get google assistant on lollipop without root

Then follow the method above to install Google assistant Apk on your device.

Now, close all menu and long press the home button and open the widgets panel. In the Nova Launcher widgets, click on add “Activities”.

how to get google assistant on lollipop without root

After this, Nova launcher activities will open. Then scroll down the page until you see Google assistant launcher and click on it. Two options will populate then click on the one that has ‘Assist’ as part of its subtext.

how to get google assistant on lollipop without root

Now, a new home screen short cut will be created. And once that is done  click on add a reminder and make Google Assistant your default voice input following the direction above. And finally, select Google Assistant as your default voice assistant.

For some reasons you may not be able to launch the assistant service by pressing the home button but you can access it directly from the short cut created earlier on.

You phone should become smarter now using the new feature on your Android Lollipop. But for those using Android Marshmallow or Android N you don’t need this article as Google Assistant service has been added to your device OS as default feature.

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