How to Open Settings in Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10 you may want to open the settings tab and find out that the settings option has been moved from where you use to see it in the Windows 8.

This gives you another task if you ever want to use the Windows 10 settings other than restricting yourself to the Windows control panel alone.

However, it would be great if suppose you can do without access settings in your Windows 10 to re-configure some apps on your computer from default to personal settings.

In Windows 8, this isn’t far for users. However, to open settings in Windows 10 can be more tasking. As a result of this, here in this guide, we’ve compiled all means we know that can be used to find Windows 10 settings other than just search for the settings option in Windows 10 search box.

The more you configure your Windows 10 settings the better you tend to understand the Windows compared to following the default settings.

This post will give you access to settings in your Windows 10 so that you can do some settings you think you should be in a place that is not arranged as you expected it to be arranged.

Since apps settings and configuration is one thing you cannot do without in Windows 10 if you are familiar with the Windows 8.

Fine, you can find your way around the control panel when you want to remove apps but when it comes to settings in Windows, you may probably need to do more than just go to the control panel.

Open Settings in Windows 10

How to Open Settings in Windows 10

If you don’t want to restrict yourself to using the Windows 10 control panel alone, here are all the known approaches to open settings in your Windows 10.

1. Open Settings in Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows 10 settings

The quickest way to access Windows 10 settings via the start menu by clicking on the Settings gear icon. To open the settings just hover your mouse pointer to the settings icon and tap on it.

2. Open Windows 10 Settings using Win + I

Win + I

One of the few Windows 10 shortcuts you didn’t know is pressing the “Win + I” in Windows 10 to open settings. If you are using Windows 8, this command will also work for you.

3. Access Windows Settings using the Win + X power user’s menu

Open Settings

Another approach to access the settings option quickly in Windows 10 is via the WinX power user menu. The settings option is missing in Windows 8.1 when you use the WinX power user’s menu.

In case you are using Windows 10, press the “Wins +X” button together at the same time and the power user’s menu will come up from the bottom left with an option to go to the settings.

4. Open Windows 10 Settings from Action Center

Action centre

The action centre you see at the bottom right of your Windows 10 close to the battery and network indication can also take you to Windows 10 settings.

This settings option in the action centre in Windows 10 can be likened to the customize option in Windows 8. However, to access the Windows 10 settings from the action centre just over your mouse to the notifications and click on all settings and the settings app will open.

5. Open Windows 10 Settings via the Search

Open settings in Windows 10

This is not far fetched from what you are probably doing. If you don’t want to go through the stress of finding a shortcut to open settings in Windows 10 versions just go to the search box and type “settings” after which you need to click on the enter button or select “settings” from the suggestion.

6. Use Cortana to Open the Settings app

Windows 10 Cortana

If Windows 10 Cortana option is enabled in your computer you can just tell the app to open settings app in your Windows. This feature in Windows 10 is similar to OK Google in Android and Siri in Apple.

So, when the Cortana feature is active you can just say, hey Cortana, open settings app and the app settings will appear on your screen.

7. Open Settings using Command Prompt

Command and PowerShell

A lot of people do not like using the Windows command prompt because it requires a few links of code to perform an action. However, if you are not one of them, you can use the command prompt in Windows 10 or PowerShell to open Windows 10 settings.

Now, to open the settings using command prompt press and hold “Win + R” to launch the run box and type “cmd” without quote and press the OK button.

Once the command prompt appears just type “start ms-settings:” without quotes and click on the enter button. The same command also works in PowerShell.

8. Open Windows 10 using Run Command

Windows 10 settings app

If you don’t want to go far by using the command or PowerShell option described above you can also use the run command to open Windows 10 settings.

If this is your preferred option to open settings in Windows 10 press the “Win +R” button to launch the run command and type “start ms-settings:” without quotes and click on OK.

9. Access Settings from Windows 10 Explorer

Windows 10 Explorer

Another way you can also count on if other approaches failed you to open settings app in Windows 10 is through the Windows 10 explorer.

All you just need to do is open the Windows Explorer, expand the computer tab from the ribbon menu you see and click on settings to open app settings in your Win10.

10. Pin Windows 10 Settings to Taskbar

Pin Windows 10 settings

You can ideally pin the Windows 10 settings to your taskbar or start menu for quick access. When the settings option is pinned to the start menu you will be able to access it easily without going through the rigorous steps above.

This is probably the easiest to access settings in Windows 10. To do this just go to your Windows 10 start menu, press “Win + I” simultaneously and right-click on the settings gear icon and select pin to taskbar.

Once this is done, the settings app will be added to your desktop taskbar for quick access.

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