How to Setup Gosund Smart Plug

What is the basic setup that your GoSund Smart Plug needs to work perfectly with your home appliances such as Alexa? In this guide, we will consider the basic GoSund Smart Plug Setup that you need to put in place for the smart plug to work perfectly and detect new Wi-Fi.

We will also consider possible GoSund smart plug troubleshooting tips that you need to fix the GoSund smart plug not connecting to the Wi-Fi.

What is GoSund Smart Plug?

GoSund Smart Plus is a smart plug that can be plugged into the normal home outlet which can be controlled with a device with compatible device.

With the GoSund Smart Plug, you would have a smart plug instead of the regular plug we use at our different homes and offices.

So, when your GoSund Sart Plug setup is configured properly, you can use your phone to control devices that are connected to the smart plug using Wi-Fi.

The beauty of the GoSund Plug is that the smart plug works with Alexa and Google Assistant. So, if you are using the GoSund Smart Plug you can control the devices that are plugged into the smart plug from your phone.

With the smart plug, you can schedule the time a device connected to the GoSund smart plug will turn on and when to turn off or even a group set of devices to turn on at a particular time and off based on the schedule.

GoSund Smart Plug Setup

GoSund Smart Plug Setup

There is a need to set up our GoSund Smart Plug before you can use it. Therefore, here is all you need to know about the GoSund Smart Plug setup and how to connect the GoSund smart plug to the Wi-Fi.

  • Download and install the official GoSund Smart Plug app on your Android here or iPhone here depending on your smartphone.
  • Unbox the GoSund smart plug from the pack.
  • Insert the smart plug into the power source or socket that you want to use.
  • Wait for the indicator light to start blinking once the smart plug has been plugged.
  • Launch the GoSund Smart Plug app and sign in to your account or create a new account if not done so.
  • Scan the GoSund QR code on the box.
  • Enter the GoSund verification code sent to your email account when you are prompted.
  • Select “Add Device” in the app menu.
  • Now, you want to click on “Add Manually >> Socket (Wi-Fi).
  • A pop-up will appear on the screen asking you to verify your 2.4GHz. If the network on the screen is different from what you have, go to your phone settings and select the appropriate network.
  • Enter your GoSund password and click on the “Next” button.
  • Confirm that the GoSund socket indication light is blinking rapidly and select “Next” on the phone screen.
  • If the added device has been added successfully you will see a successful message. Then, click on the “Done” button.

To confirm the setup that your GoSund Smart Plug setup is completed, navigate to the GoSund app on home and the newly added device’s name should appear on the Home.

With the app, you can monitor, control, and turn off/on the socket you wish to turn off or on from the GoSund app on your phone. 

So, on the screen, you can just press and hold the socket is off button to turn on the socket if the socket is off.

How to Pair GoSund Smart Plug

The GoSund Smart Plug automatically switches to default EZ pair mode once the name of the device you want to pair and the network name have been selected. However, other than the EZ pairing mode on the GoSund smart plug, you can also use the AP pairing mode. 

So, if the EZ pairing mode failed you or failed to pair with another device urn to the AP pairing mode.

  • Select Az Mode and then AP Mode on the right-top of the screen.
  • If the GoSund blinking light didn’t come up then reset the GSound smart plug to default. See how to reset the GSound Smart Plug to default below.
  • Once the GoSund plug smart light starts blinking at a noticeable interval click on “Confirm indicator slowly blinking” and tap “Next.”
  • Select the “Connect Button” to connect your mobile phone [Android or iPhone] to the GSound SmartLifeXXX hotspot.
  • Go to your Phone Wi-Fi settings and select  SmartLife Network.
  • Now, open the Smart Plug app again to start scanning for your GSound plug.
  • Once the smart Plug is connected to your phone a successful message will pop up.
  • Close the pop-up by clicking on the “Done” button.

This is the simple step to take to pair your GSound Smart Plug in the AP mode if it defaults to EZ pairing mode.

How to Reset GoSund Smart Plug

If the pairing mode is snagged or it defaults to either EZ or AP or the GoSund smart plug blinking light is going fast when it should be blinking slowly, then, it’s recommended to do a factory reset on the smart plug to delete all personal settings.

  • Press and hold the GoSund smart plug indicator for about 5 seconds or more.
  • When the smart plug indicator flashes quickly press and hold the indicator again for about 5 seconds.

Now, the blinking light will start blinking normally and at a regular interval.

With this GoSund Smart Plug setup, you should be ready to start controlling your devices that are connected to the socket over Wi-Fi with your Android or iPhone.

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