How To Reset your Phillips Smart TV

This article will explain how you can reset your Phillips Smart TV. TVs have evolved over the years, from the standard conventional TVs to Smart TVs designed with features and capabilities that weren’t possible a decade ago.

Smart TVs are so ideal as they afford you the luxury of  streaming shows and responding to voice control alongside internet connectivity and the ability to run apps, but Smart TVs are not all the same, which is why we are discussing the Phillips Smart TV today.

Philips Smart TVs are powered by Android TV  and they offer a fluent, fast navigation through menus and app galleries. They are also designed to promote content and personalized recommendations, which  helps you to find your way around a rapidly expanding repertoire of apps, services and content. 

Phillips TV models also include LED,  and 4K UHD, with great picture quality. More so, the Smart TV can show content mastered in any HDR format, and it has apps like Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV+, Rakuten TV, Amazon Prime etc installed on it.

Having said all that, lets get back to our focus point, which is how you can reset your Phillips Smart TV, in the case where it develops an issue or begins to malfunction and they could be quite a number of reason for it doing so, such as;

  • Your TV becoming unresponsive for a few seconds or apps freezing up when you try to launch them.
  • Likewise, if your TV force closes too often, it needs a reset.
  • When your TV MENU not working.
  • A blank or black screen keeps displaying when you open certain apps.
  • If you want to erase all your personal information, in a bid to sell off the TV or give it away.
  • You can’t seem to connect your TV with a wireless network.
  • When there are issues with the audio or video.
  • You can’t remember your password or have lost access to the home screen.

How to Reset your Philips Smart TV

Things You Need To Do Before You Should Reset Your Phillips Smart TV

You must be well aware, of the fact that performing a factory reset on your Phillips Smart TV is capable of erasing all your data and rendering your TV brand new, which is why the option of resetting is usually a last resort, so before going ahead with how to reset your Phillips Smart TV procedure, they are some other options necessary for you to take, that might solve the issue without you having to fully reset your Phillips Smart TV.

Restart Your Phillips Smart TV

 You can restart your Phillips Smart TV with the following steps;

  • Turn on your Philip TV
  • Using your remote, press the Play/Pause button, simultaneously with the Select button in the navigation center of your Remote for approximately 10 to 20 seconds.
  • A prompt will appear on your screen, and your TV will restart itself.

Once your TV turns back on, it means restart has been successful.

Update your Phillips Smart TV

Sometimes, a simple update could be all your TV needs to get back on track again, because system updates do the job of resolving bugs and  issues.

Before attempting to reset your Phillips Smart TV, try to update it by;

  • Turning on your Philips Smart TV and make sure it is connected to the Internet.
  • Using your remote control go to “Home” and select Settings using the OK options.
  • Then click About.
  • Now, select Check for Update to confirm if your smart TV has Firmware available for update.
  • If there is Firmware available for update, select the option Update Now and click OK.
  • Once the update is done, your TV will turn off and turn on automatically. Wait until the TV turns on again. Please, do not use the remote control to  ON your TV during this period.

Clear App Cache

Another thing you should do before attempting to reset your Philips Smart TV, is to clear the app cache, because often times, a full cache is responsible for your TV being slow and freezing. So, to clear cache, do this;

  • Using your remote, press the HOME button.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Apps → See all apps → Show system apps(in that order).
  • Then, under System apps, select your preferred app.
  • Select clear cache, and then select OK.
  • Then, select clear data, and then select OK and that does it.

Power Cycling Your Phillips Smart TV

Power cycling is simply turning a device off, or disconnecting it from its power source, and then turning it back on again. Power cycling your device is one quick fix  to correct a frozen or malfunctioning device. Depending on the device, manufacturers often recommend leaving the device powered off for five to 30 seconds (sometimes longer) before restarting.

So, to power cycle your  Phillips Smart TV;

  • Unplug the cord from its power source.
  • Wait for approximately 30 to 40 seconds.
  • Then plug it back and turn on your device.

This method will restart your device and reload your Apps.

How To Reset Your Phillips Smart TV with Remote

If having done all of the above and your TV still not working as should, then this is how you can go about resetting it;

  • With your remote control, press Menu control button.
  • Navigate to settings by using up arrow and highlight settings and press OK.
  • Scroll down and highlight device manager and press OK.
  • From there, scroll all the way down to Reset option and press OK.
  •  Then, highlight reset and press OK and wait for your Philips Smart TV  to reset and that’s about it. That is how you  reset Philips Smart TV.

Next thing you will likely see when your TV comes back ON is the prompting to set up your TV.

How to Reset your Philips Smart TV without a Remote

However, there is also an option of performing a factory reset on your Philips Smart TV, without a remote. So, this is how you can go about that option.

  • Just press and hold power button for 10 seconds when Philips TV is turned ON.
  • Then, release the power button after 10 seconds.
  • Wait for your Philips Smart TV to restart.
  • Then proceed to set up your TV, by simply using your remote to Sign in to your Google Account.
  • Then, follow the on-screen instructions.

In all you do, let the option of performing a complete factory reset on your Phillips Smart TV, be your last bet as they are other ways to fix an issue, which we have duly discussed in the article.

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