How to a Screenshot on Laptops & Desktops

Do you know how to take screenshot on laptop? with combination of few keys you can take laptop screenshot and save it on your device. This tips to screenshot laptop works on all devices. I have taken screenshot on dell laptop and as I write, all the screenshots in this guide will be taken on Lenovo laptop.

However, this guide will cover different PC and how to take screenshots on laptop and save it on your device storage.

The question is…

Is it possible to take screenshot on laptops without downloading a third-party tool like SnagIt, ScreenPresso, Greenshot and a whole lot of them.

For Windows OS on Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, and Asus whether it’s Windows 8 or Windows 10 or Windows 10.1 on your laptop, you can simply follow this rule to take screenshots in laptops if the model is mentioned above.

However, I was so curious not to download laptop screenshots app for my Windows 10 computer. If you have a professional tools like Adobe Photoshop you can also use it to take laptop screenshots or screenshot your laptop computer.

Since the only thing I need is to take laptop screenshots without necessarily editing it, the laptop default screenshot tool is enough for the job.

After a lot of researches, I have found several ways on how to take a screenshot on a laptop without using screenshots apps.

How to Take Screenshot on Laptop

If you choose to take screenshots on your laptop press the Win + PrtSc key together, drag the screenshot tool over to capture your screen, enter the name of the screenshot and select the image extension as .jpeg OR .png and click on the save button.

take a screenshot on laptops

How to Take Screenshot on PC with PrtSc

If you want to take the entire screenshot on your laptop screen this guide should help with print screen [PrtSc] on your Windows computer.

1. Press and hold “Windows key + PrtSc” on your computer’s keyboard

2. A pop-up folder appears, enter the name of the file and click on save to save the screenshot in your prefer or predefined folder location.

3. You have successfully taken your laptop’s screenshot using PrtSc function on your laptop PC.

4. Done.

Take Only Image Screenshots

This is simply an approach to take screenshots of only a specific image on a laptop. This won’t take the screenshot of the entire screen rather it will only take the screenshot of the image.

1. Press and hold “Alt + PrtSc” on your laptop’s keyboard

2. The image will be copied to your laptop “clipboard

3. Open “Paint” and paste the copied screenshots on it for editing

4. Done.

You can also page it on MSWord or PowerPoint for editing in case you need to use a professional tool or even Adobe Photoshop.

Take a Screenshot on Laptops with “Fn + Alt + PrtSc

If your own laptop has the “Fn” key you can combine it with the “Alt” and “PrtSc” to take screenshots on your laptop.

1. Press and hold “Fn + Alt + PrtSc” on your laptop’s keyboard.

2. Press and hold ” Fn + Alt + Space bar” to save the screenshot into your predefined location or select a new folder.

3. Done.

This works in a similar way when you use only the “Alt + PrtSc” key combination.

Take a Screenshot on Laptops

All Windows OS has the snipping tool feature for taking screenshots without using third-party tools which is unlike the Mac computers. You can check out these snipping tool alternatives for Mac computers.

There is no need to use keys combination to be able to take screenshots with the snipping tool on your laptop.

1. Hover your mouse pointer to the bottom right of your Windows and click “search” or press the Windows button and type “Snipping” into the search box in case the snipping tool isn’t pinned to your toolbar automatically.

2. Click to launch the “Snipping Tool”

3. Hover your mouse pointer to the drop menu beside “new” and choose from free-form, regular, Window, and full-screen snip.

4. Press “New” and left-click your mouse and drag the snipping tool over the region to take its screenshot.

5. For full-screen or Windows option this is not really necessary. Then, select your location, enter the name of the image, select image format [Jpeg or PNG] and save.

6. Done.

How to Take Screenshot on HP Laptop

If you have an HP laptop whether it is the HP pro or Elite version running Windows OS. Here is how to take a screenshot on it and save it to your device.

  1. Press the “PrtSc”, “Fn + PrtSc” or “Win+ PrtSc” keys.
  2. The sscreenshot will be copied to the clipboard.
  3. Open paint on your HP laptop
  4. Press “Ctrl + v” to paste the copied screenshot to your clipboard
  5. Enter the image name and select .png or. jpeg
  6. Click on save button

You may have to do some finally touching before you click on the save button. This touching could be labelling or cropping the screenshot.

There are some other approaches on how to take screenshots on Mac laptops which are not discussed in this article. Most those approaches require users to be running Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10 unlike the general methods shared above that work with all Windows including Windows XP.

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