How to Set Up and Install a Blink Smart Camera

I am sure you are familiar with the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), however, there are more recent and compact smart cameras that are more handy and easy to install like the Blink smart cameras by Amazon.

There are three brands of the camera, namely; Blink Outdoor, Blink Indoor and Blink Mini. Peradventure, you just got a new Blink smart camera, this article will guide you through how you can set up and install a Blink smart camera in your home, how to receive motion alerts, and how to view your recorded videos.

The Blink Smart Camera is similar to the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) which is the common monitoring device for your home or office.

However, CCTVs are gradually going out of fashion because it’s quite expensive and also difficult to install since it requires technical know-how due to the technology advancement.

CCTV will be replaced by the Blink smart cameras, which is a brand of compact HD cameras that provides a cheap and easy way to set up a security system in your home. You can install a Blink smart camera in your home all alone.

These smart and affordable cameras from Amazon help protect your home and keep an eye on your neighborhood’s activities in real-time. It also alerts you whenever any motion is detected, and you can easily record video clips locally or to the cloud.

The Blink smart camera is so simple to set up and can be done all completely by yourself at home. Install a Blink smart camera in your home all by yourself.

The Blink mini Smart Camera is a smart indoor camera by Amazon. It is one of the most affordable and effective smart home indoor cameras you can get for your home.

This post will cover the steps necessary to get your new Blink Outdoor Camera set up and ready to monitor your home. The Blink smart camera only works when plugged into an electric outlet.

Anyway, you shouldn’t expect much from a $35 (on Amazon) smart camera, although, you get value for your money!

Blink still produces solid battery-operated cameras that offer up to two years of warranty use and an affordable video storage path, keeping both up-front and monthly costs low.

Smart cameras are becoming the new big thing, replacing CCTV cameras very rapidly. To successfully install a Blink smart camera, you need an active, high-speed internet connection, and since the Blink mini smart camera is a plug-in smart camera, stable electricity is needed.

Finally, you need to download the Blink app and create an account. Note that the Blink mini smart camera usually connects to a 2.4GHz WiFi band internet router.

The installation process of getting your outdoor camera up and running involves four various steps, namely:

  • Install the Blink app and create an account.
  • Within the Blink app, add a Sync Module and create a system.
  • Add your Blink Outdoor smart Camera to the Blink app.
  • Mount your Blink smart camera(s).

These steps are quite straightforward to follow and do not require technical know-how, therefore you can get started to install a Blink smart camera in no time.

How to Download the Blink App and Create an Account

The first step in setting up your Blink Smart Camera is to download the app and also create an account. This step is only important if this is your first Blink product and you don’t have the Blink app already and an account created.

You also need to download the Blink Home Monitor app on your mobile device. This is the site where all the configuration and connections of the Blink mini smart camera are done. It is also where you watch live camera feeds from wherever you decide to set up the camera.

Follow the steps below to install the Blink app and create an account:

  • Download the Blink app, available for both iOS and Android device users.
  • After downloading and installing the app, open the Blink app and click on the “create account” button.
  • Choose your Country and Region.
  • Input your Email and create a password for your account (this will be your details each time you log in, so make a note of your log-in details after creating it).
  • Verify that your email is correct.
  • Enter the phone number that will be connected to this account.
  • Verify your phone number too.
  • Link your Blink account to your Amazon account.

After following the steps above, you should have successfully created your Blink account.

Ensure all details provided are your correct information because the app is where you can control and view your camera feed, so you will need to sign in frequently.

Once you have downloaded the Blink app and created an account, you can move on to the next step to be able to install a Blink smart camera in your home.

install a Blink smart camera

How to Add a Sync Module and Create a System

In case your system came with a Sync Module, you must set it up now. This small device connects your Blink cameras, improves their battery life, and allows you to record video to a USB drive.

Sync Module is a necessity if you have a Blink Outdoor camera or you want to set up multiple Blink cameras.

After linking up your account and having the Blink app, you will need to add a Sync Module and create a system.

This is an integral part of the process because the Sync Module (the hub) is very important for the Blink cameras to function.

You will primarily use the Sync Module to connect your cameras to it and the Blink app. To set up a Sync Module and create a system, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Blink app and choose the add a device button (“+” button at the top right corner).
  • Choose the correct device from the device options list (Select Blink wireless camera system, if this is your first time setting up any device. You will be adding the Sync Module with this option, you need to be connected to it first; then you can add cameras after).
  • Scan the QR code or input the serial number located on the Sync Module.
  • Create a new system that your device will be located under (You can use the location of where you are placing the camera for the system name, for instance: Home Front Yard).
  • Plugin your Sync Module and wait for it to begin blinking blue from one light and a steady green from the other light.
  • Click on the Discover Device button.
  • The Blink app will then need to connect to the Sync Module’s Wi-Fi which is called “BLINK” followed by four digits.
  • Click on “Join”.
  • Connect your home Wi-Fi via the app as well. Choose your Wi-Fi and enter the accurate password.
  • Your network should be connected now, and you can click the Done button.

Once your network is successfully connected, this implies that the Sync Module was successfully connected under the system, and you can now finally add your Blink cameras. 

How to Add Cameras in the Blink App

After the previous steps have been completed, you can finally connect your Blink smart Camera(s) to complete the process of getting everything connected. Follow these exact steps below to add your Blink smart Camera:

  • Choose add device (“+” button at the top right corner of the app home page) under the new system you just created.
  • Click on the Blink wireless camera option.
  • Scan the QR code or enter the serial number manually located at the back of your Blink Smart Camera.
  • Give your device a name.
  • Your camera should be added successfully. If so, click on the Done button.

You can add more cameras under this system by following this exact process stated above.

You can also add cameras under different systems if you plan to place them in different locations; just follow the “add a Sync Module and create a system” instructions again to add a new system, followed by the “adding cameras” instructions. That’s all!install a Blink smart camera

How to Install a Blink Smart Camera

To set up and install a Blink smart camera, you need to remove the back cover and insert your batteries. Then open the Blink app, click on the plus sign, and choose the model (Blink Outdoor, Blink Indoor, and Blink Mini) you want to set up. Then follow the on-screen instructions. Follow the steps carefully below:

  • Remove the back cover of your Blink camera (Do this by removing the circular rubber cover in the middle of the case).
  • Make use of the provided tools to unscrew the back cover until it is easy to lift off.  
  • Insert two AA batteries. To make your smart cameras last as long as possible, it is best to use lithium-ion batteries.
  • Open the Blink app and click on the plus sign (Located at the top-right corner of the home page).
  • In case you don’t see this, click on the home icon in the bottom-left corner.
  • Then select your Blink camera model.
  • Scan the QR code inside the Blink camera.
  • Note that if you set up a Sync Module earlier, you can add your camera to your Blink network here.
  • Wait for your camera to update and click Next. (You will see this appear at the top-right corner of your screen when your camera is done updating).
  • Click Done to complete setting up your Blink camera.
  • Finally, screw the back cover on your Blink camera.
  • In case you plan to install the Blink camera outside, ensure to screw the back cover on tightly to prevent water from getting inside.
  • That’s it!install a Blink smart camera

How to Mount Your Blink Smart Camera

After you must have installed your Blink camera in the app, you can install it by attaching the included mount. In case you plan to mount your Blink camera up high, it is best to screw the mount in first, and then attach your Blink camera.

Blink usually warns users against installing cameras pointed toward waving branches, populated walkways, roads, or any other areas with lots of movement. If not, you will constantly get motion alerts.

However, you can always set up motion activity zones and privacy zones in the app later.

  • Blink cameras can only detect motion up to 20 feet away, and they detect horizontal motion most of the time.
  • If you want to be alerted every time someone walks down a path, then you should not install your Blink camera facing down the path, but perpendicular to it.
  • To locate the best place to install your Blink camera, simply place it somewhere and then click the camera icon to take a snapshot from your camera.
  • Reposition your Blink camera until you have it just where you want it.
  • That’s it!install a Blink smart camera

How to Set Up Motion Detection Alerts

To get an alert any time your smart camera detects movement, you need to set up motion detection alerts. To set up motion detection alerts in the Blink app, choose Armed at the bottom of your home screen.

You can as well change your motion detection settings by clicking the three-line icon just above each camera’s live view.

  • From here, you can set up motion “Zones” to disable motion detection alerts in specific areas. You can also scroll down to change other settings, such as your camera’s motion sensitivity, the duration it takes your camera to send you an alert after it detects motion, and more.
  • Ensure the slider under Motion Detection and next to Enable is turned on to be sure you receive motion detection alerts. However, ensure the running man icon just above your camera feed is highlighted dark blue.
  • You can also change your motion detection settings by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom of your screen.
  • Navigate to the Notification Options and choose the type of notifications you want to receive.
  • That’s it! You should have been able to install a Blink smart camera in your home

How to View Your Recorded Videos

To view the videos recorded by your Blink cameras, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Blink app and click on the Clip Roll icon at the bottom of your screen.
  • Then choose a clip that you want to watch.
  • From there, click on the share icon to send your video via email, text, and more.
  • You can as well delete a single clip by swiping left and clicking Delete.
  • You can as well delete all clips at once by clicking EditMark All, and then Delete.
  • That’s it!

I hope you have been able to install a Blink smart camera in your home all by yourself? This article is so much loaded with so many instructive steps that should help you with the setup.

Kindly comment in the section below to know if you were able to successfully set up and install a Blink smart camera in your home.

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