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Best 23 Face Recognition Apps for Android Devices in 2018

In this particular article, we will take a look at some popular Face recognition apps for Android devices in 2018. With these lists, you will have options to choose the one that best works for your phone and not to stick with just one Face lock app on your phone.

Face recognition first phone is dated back to iPhone X and since the launch of iPhone X, other phone manufacturers have joined the rate race to launch or roll out an OTA update on their devices to include Face lock recognition. Some of the 2017 and 2018 Android phones with Face lock are mentioned in this article, “List of phones with Face Lock feature in 2018“. However, if you cannot afford to buy a phone with Face lock feature, anyone you choose in this apps will turn your smartphone into a face lock device.

Below are the popular and most used Face recognition apps for Android phones that you can choose from.

Face recognition apps

Best Face Recognition Apps for Android Phones

Earlier, Face lock or recognition is not common in an Android phone. With  OnePlus 5T, Honor View10, Infinix Hot S3, and Samsung Galaxy S8+ rolled out Face recognition on their latest OS update, other devices are keen to include face lock feature in their next release. However, for existing smartphone, there are few of the apps that can serve as Face recognition feature on your device.

1. FaceLock

FaceLock app is our choice of the first app that serves us better in replacement of default phone Face Lock feature. The FaceLock simply protect your Android phone from unauthorized access and provide an additional security measure to Android phone alongside popular fingerprint sensor in a most Android phone.

With the Face lock app, you can easily set your face as an unlock code to unlock your phone when the background light is off. This app also protects your Android phones’ app and lock down everything access to your phone. When face recognition is enabled on this app, it overrides other access such as fingerprint sensor, passcode, and PIN to unlock your phone.

2 True Key

The true key app is another of the popular face recognition apps for Android phones with a lenient usage such unlock your phone when your phone couldn’t recognize your face with your phone fingerprint sensor. And for phones without biometric, you will be able to unlock your phone security with your phone lock pattern or PIN code.

When you download and install true key as your preferred face recognition app, you will be required to sign into the app and choose a preferred method to unlock your phone. I love the true key app in the sense that when the face lock fails to work it uses the phone fingerprint sensor as a quick access to unlock your phone.

3. FindFace

With the FindFace app, the list of the face recognition apps is probably lagging. This app offers more than just unlock your phone with your face. It offers a feature to search for a face when you snap the face of an intruder using the FindFace app.

Reviews showed that FindFace app has 70% reliability and accuracy with over 250 million searches in less than 5 seconds. The main assignment of the FindFace app is identification, verification, and documentation and it processes information at a very fast rate.

4. FaceVault

The FaceVault app works just like iPhone X face lock feature using your phone front camera to analyze and facilitate face unlock feature.The main function of the app is to deliver exact face recognition data saved on its database during set up to unlock smartphone upon verification and grant access to the phone menu and other secured aspects of the phone.

The FaceVault app uses phone front camera to analyze and facilitate face unlock and still be able to unlock your phone with makeup or when you’ve grown beards over time. This offers the best face recognition app feature to unlock a non-iPhone X device with this kind of face lock feature.

For reason unknown, if you are unable to unlock your phone with your face you can simply switch to another means such as a passcode, PIN, pattern etc. to unlock your phone

5. Face Detection

The face detection app is another dynamic app to foster Android phones security measure beyond the use of PIN or Password or Pattern or FingerPrint sensor. The app offers a well-to-do feature to unlock your phone with your face using your device front camera.

The face detection app also further protect your individual app with a face lock aside using a face lock to unlock your phone menu or home screen. However, for self-reliance and due to a system error, the face detection app give room for another option to unlock your device if the face unlocks feature fails.

6. Luxand Face Recognition

When it comes to identification, surveillance, time and control monitory systems on your Android phone you can always refer to Luxand Face Recognition app for Android phone. This is not just a mere face unlock app for Android phone, it can be used a surveillance camera and identify you try to spy on your device.

Once you have successfully installed Luxand Face Recognition app you will be prompted to set up a face to use an unlock access to your phone to be saved on your phone for future access. Any attempt to use another face to unlock your device will prove abortive except the person choose to use another means to unlock your device.

7. Face Lock Screen

Face lock screen app is another high-level Android app to improve your Android phone security by secure access to your phone without permission. The face lock screen device uses your face as a default access otherwise use your phone lock access as an alternative.

With much anticipation to protect your phone, face lock screen app scan your face with your phone front camera and use it to automatically unlock your phone to grant admin access to your device.

There is no technical knowledge needed to use face lock screen app other than enabling the feature to use face lock to unlock your device after installation or during the device set up.

8. AppLock Face

AppLoc Face for Android phone is a popular app to protect individual app on your Android phone as well as unlock feature on your phone using your face as an unlock passcode.

When it comes to a face recognition apps on Android, AppLock Face is one of them with quality security measure to protect your phone and use your face as the biometric to unlock your phone instead of the phone default unlock access.

For some reason or due to stress you may not be able to unlock your phone then you will have to use your phone other unlock security. However, as you undergo stress or fatigue set in your face you will experience difficulties to unlock your phone with the app. Also, in a low light sensitive environment, it will be very difficult to unlock your phone with the app.

9. Oasis Face

The Oasis face lock app is another popular app with face recognition biometric for Android phones using the phone front camera. The simplicity of the app default most phone security measure and reduce the number of time users uses a passcode or fingerprint sensor to unlock their phone when they have Oasis face app installed.

Unlike most face lock app, the app comes with a noticeable level of accuracy and reliability which really fail except in the dark or low light sensitive environment to unlock your phone. Another benefit of Oasis Face lock app includes its feature across all SDK platform which is fully optimized for Android devices as well as the iOS device.

If you are on the verge of choosing the best face recognition app for your device you should consider starting with Oasis face lock.

10. Nametag

Nametag face unlocks app operates in a different way different from the list of face recognition apps listed above. The Nametag app uses your online profile or public profile such as Facebook to unlock your device.

The nametag is seeing things from a different dimension entirely. Instead of unlocking your phone with the app without internet access you can as well analyze and recognize your online profile with the app and thus uses it to unlock your phone. The next update on the app may bring something new such as the ability for the app to identify profile on most dating site.

However, the app makes it fun by unlocking the device when the image is even blurred and work above average in a low sensitive environment or in the dark.

11. LogMe

LogMe app is yet another app gaining popularity in the world of face recognition apps. With LogMe app you can set your face to unlock your phone when lock and when the background light is off. The app offers a handy way to unlock Android and iOS device with your face.

The LogMe face unlocks app offers a flexible means of unlocking the Android phone through the use of available photos in your phone gallery and set them as unlock face on your LogMe app. You can add more than one photo with similar feature and facial look to use it to unlock your phone

The LogMe app is a better app for identical twin to use the face lock biometric feature of the app since it allows uploading of more than one photos via phone gallery.

12. IObit AppLock

For a fair justification, IObit AppLock is indeed an awesome app for unlocking Android phones with face and fingerprint sensor. The IObit AppLock renders phone passcode or pattern useless with the help of the AI technology face recognition to unlock Android phones with the phone front camera.

The IObit AppLock does not only unlock your phone with the face it also has a feature to foster additional security on your phone apps and secure them from unauthorized access. In addition, the app lock down all notification from instant apps and social networks such as Facebook and others

13. FaceBot Facial Expression

Without much contemplation, FaceBot Facial Expression app is an indomitable Android app and one of the best face recognition apps for Android phones. The app is tagged Android phones photos selfie analyzer.

The app analysis your phone selfie and identify the best one to be used as your lock screen with some anonymous questions which first identify some facial countenance on your pictures using the face recognition AI technology.

The app offers an additional security measure to your phone using a face to unlock your device. Meanwhile, the app doesn’t need your device to have a face recognition built-in feature, all the app need is your phone front camera to capture your face as unlock access.

14. BioID Facial Recognition

BioID Facial recognition app is a BioID cloud company app to help Android users without face recognition feature improve their phone security and help to protect private data on their devices. The app doesn’t only support face recognition, it does support voice recognition to unlock your device which most face lock apps do not possess.

In addition to the app face lock, the app can be used as an authentication to log into any website or to access any app on your phone. Also, if you have a project at hand, you can add your own face recognition using the app as a developer. Don’t know much about the benefit of face recognition here are some of what they benefit we considered some times ago.

15. Face2Gene

The Face2Gene is one of the most popular health clinician apps with face lock recognition to diagnose their patient disorder analyzing their facial look. The app uses a special algorithm to compare patient faces with the syndrome that present in their morphology.

When you place the app in your face with the front camera to scan your facial look, the helps to detect phenotype and reveal some important facial and non-facial feature and review relevant syndrome matches with the one of their morphology.

So, with this app you don’t only use your face match as an unlock ID but also as an access to talk to a doctor directly from your phone and have access to medical attention on your phone.

16. EmoticonAR for Messenger

With the help of Qualcomm Snapdragon processor facial recognition feature, EmoticonAR for messenger recognized emotion in your face and add emoticons to the spot. Great you said right? The face lock app recognizes your emotion and places an emoticon in the right spot and uses it as your phone unlock access.

If you ever wanted a fun way to unlock your phone with your face you should consider using the emoticonAR for messenger as its analysis your mood and places emoticons in the right spot on your face. The app has 10 different moods to define your moment and those moods include happy, wonderful, sad, tired, blessed and troubled.

17. Moments by Facebook

It’s no lie that you have heard of Facebook face recognition feature to identify yourself in photos and videos and to easily get notified when someone uploads a photo of you on Facebook without tagging you.

The moment by Facebook is mainly for a family to have fun and poke one another. Once you take a picture with your phone or face recognition software, the moment by Facebook helps to identify who is in the picture.

With this app, you can create an album for each member of the family and save their photo separately when uploaded to the platform.

18. Visidon AppLock Plus

The Visidon AppLock Plus is a special app with some special features. Other than the app unlock face recognition you can also use the app to unlock individual app. It set a certain level of security measure you can’t afford to miss instead of the rigorously typing your phone passcode or drawing your phone unlock pattern always.

When Visidon AppLock Plus is installed and set up accordingly it will help upgrade your phone security and set another layer of security for an intruder to find out more about the face recognition algorithm. Without much explanation, the Visidon AppLock Plus is one of our favorite face recognition apps for Android phone in 2018.

19. Closeli Camera

The Closeli Camera app offers an advance monitoring feature different from the aforementioned apps above. As a face recognition app, it let users stream video from one device to another just like a monitoring CCTV camera.

This app offers an advance mobile CCTV feature that can be used to monitor your kids under the Closeli Camera app. It also offers face recognition feature to unlock your Android phone and helps to improve the security layer of your phone beyond ordinary PIN or passcode or fingerprint sensor.

20. Facial Metric Analysis Pro

Beyond ordinary face recognition is what you can enjoy using the Facial Metric Analysis Pro app. As one of the best face recognition apps for Android phones, it offers a way for uasers to check which celebrities they resemble.

If you are in a confused state about the celebrity you like to resemble, the Facial Metric Analysis Pro-face recognition apps help users to easily match their face ID with a celebrity they resemble.

21.Face PHI

Most people don’t know about Face PHI being one of the most used face recognition apps.But they engage in using it their everyday activities. To the truth, most bank use Face PHI face recognition when interacting with customers and when customers are using their mobile banking app to transfer money.

What Face PHI does as face recognition app is simple compared to other Face ID app. The Face PHI allows users to simply take a nice shot of themselves and use it as a means of identification to unlock their phone. While you don’t need train the app to recognize your facial expressions, all you need is a neat and nice photo as a form of recognition while setting up the app on your phone.

22. Vasco

This is yet another popular and one of my favorite face recognition apps for Android phone. It targets mainly cyber attacks and helps to reduce the number of fraud. However, facial recognition and fingerprint sensor are not the main assignments of the app. Meanwhile, the biometric feature of the app to unlock smartphone brought the app to a limelight and became a talk of Android users.

If you want to reduce the stress of monitoring who access your phone and how your phone is being accessed, you should consider download and install the Vasco app to help foster your device security level with face and fingerprint biometric feature.


Live face detection Android app is another popular app that can be used for face recognition to unlock your Android phone.There is no much to using the app to take your phone security to another level.

While researching for best face recognition apps for Android phone we came into conclusion that with the feature of live face detection app, it really worth mentioning as it takes the security measure of Android biometric as an important feature for devices without face lock feature.

What phone has Face recognition feature?

Face recognition apps feature all started with iPhone X, followed by OnePlus 5T, Honor View10, and possible Samsung Galaxy S8+. And since then, face recognition has become an important part of smartphones to the extent that fingerprint sensor is taking the second position all in the name of Face ID. However, if you own a smartphone with no face ID feature, here are the best face recognition apps for Android phones. Meanwhile, some of these apps work with iOS devices.

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