How To Stop Facebook Messenger Notifications

Stop the annoying Facebook Messenger Notifications that will bot allow you to do other things with the help of the tips in this article.

Messenger is an application launched by Facebook in 2011 that offers instant messaging services. Although people consider Messenger inherent in the Facebook application, in reality, these two applications can and do work separately. To access Messenger and only use the instant messaging service, the device owner must enter the URL of in the URL bar of the web browser and go directly to the website.

However, downloading the Messenger app and logging in with a Facebook account is incomparably more popular and convenient than using the app due to the availability of contacts, because Messenger allows messages to be sent instantly, photos, smileys, voice clips or when sent to Facebook call one of your Facebook friends. This is an excellent way to reach important people when you cannot have a personal conversation.

However, Facebook Messenger users often complain about irritating message notifications that emit a rather intrusive beep and cause the device to vibrate.

If you are frequently bombarded with messenger notifications, you should know how boring this experience is. Fortunately, it is possible to turn messenger notifications off entirely or to make them less annoying by changing some settings in the app.

How To Stop Facebook Messenger Notifications

Types of Facebook Messenger Notifications

As we all know, Messenger is a very useful application. It offers lots of cool features and helps us stay in touch with the people who matter. Facebook’s exclusive service knows the essence of time better than most others in the industry and therefore keeps you up to date with developments.

You will receive a notification when someone sends you a text message, you will hear a tone when your comment responds, and you will hear a loud ringtone when a friend selects a call, video, or voice in the middle of the day.

Messenger also gives you the option of using floating discussion heads. This way, you don’t have to give up your current task to reply to a messenger text message. To be able to use Chat heads, you have to activate it in the app settings and give it permission to draw on other apps.

How to Disable Facebook Notification on App

If you’re tired of the perpetual notifications, you’re happy to know that the Messenger app on Android and iOS has the option to turn off notifications. Follow the steps below to disable Messenger app notifications on Android and iOS.

How To Stop Facebook Messenger Notifications on Android

  • Start the Messenger app and tap your profile picture in the top left corner.

How To Stop Facebook Messenger Notifications

  • Now go to “Notifications and Sounds.”

How To Stop Facebook Messenger Notifications

  • Finally, press the first switch and set the duration.

How To Stop Facebook Messenger Notifications

  • You are done!

How To Stop Facebook Messenger Notifications on the iPhone

The process is identical to that of Android, just a few quick clicks are required. First, open the Messenger app and tap your profile picture. Then go to “Notifications and Sounds” and activate “Do not disturb.” Select the duration and press “OK.”

How to stop Facebook Messenger Notifications on  PC?

Messenger can be accessed on the PC in three ways: via the standalone desktop app, via the web client, and finally via Facebook. We’ll give you the method of disabling all of the above.

How To Stop Facebook Messenger Notifications on Desktop client

Log in to the Messenger desktop app and click your profile picture in the upper left corner. Now go to “preferences.”

How To Stop Facebook Messenger Notifications

Then click “Notifications.” There you activate “Do not disturb.”

Use the mobile website instead of the Facebook app.

You can’t go to “Remove Facebook” directly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t remove the Facebook app. The apps on your phone can interrupt everything you’re working on, ring your phone, or make noise, which is very harmful. None of these problems occur on the mobile website.

Simply uninstall the Facebook app and visit using your phone’s browser. You may even add a shortcut to the site from your home screen to make it easier to start the app.

This way, you’ll only see Facebook notifications when you want them instead of being bothered all day. Unfortunately, you can’t read Facebook messages (there is a separate Facebook Messenger app if you need it), but otherwise, everything works the same.

In addition to avoiding automatic notifications (which you can also completely disable), the mobile site offers many advantages. This limits some ways Facebook can track you, uses less battery power in the background, and takes up less space on your phone. If you do not want to close your Facebook account yet, this is a good compromise.

Reduce your time on Facebook

Like a 2-year-old with tantrums, Facebook sends you notifications to get your attention. As with responding to a toddler’s tantrum, the best way to stop this behavior is to stop paying attention. If you wish to cut down how much Facebook annoys you, the best thing to do is stop them from believing that you are interested.

Most Facebook notifications are usually the result of your own interactions with the website. You get notifications for commenting on articles, joining groups, or following pages. The less you do, the fewer notifications you get. Using screen time apps, you can limit your time on Facebook and are less tempted to surf idly. Losing the following pages or groups without a productive goal can also reduce messy notifications.

Simply put, the minimum time you spend on Facebook doing things that don’t matter, the fewer notifications you’ll get for things that don’t matter. Facebook may still be looking for ways to tempt you. However, if you shorten push notifications and limit the frequency of opening the app, it will be much more difficult for the social media giant to contact you.

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