Gogoanime TV Streaming Site – Legal or Not?

Gogoanime TV Streaming Site Review

Whoever is searching for a streaming TV online, Gogoanime TV will surely be the first choice to check, for both old and new episodes as a TV website offering free access to thousands of movies. Without mincing words, Gogoanimn is a world TV streaming website to stream series live and download. However, if you are a fan of Gogoanime website, you are probably wondering whether Gogoamine is legit or illegal.

Is Gogoanime TV Legal?

Of course not. The TV website is not legal. Although it’s very difficult to find out whether a streaming website is legal or not. Except for streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Hulus plus, Showtimeanytime, and others, you cannot say specifically that a specific streaming site is legal.

To buttress the point that Gogoanimi is not legal you will find out that whenever you want to stream movies on the TV site it redirects you to an external website via the movie’s URL. Although, in some cases, you may be able to stream Gogoanime video on the website, it worth to note that the website doesn’t host a content on its server.

The Gogoanime TV website uses a mirror with an external streaming service on their website of which a legit website does not really need to do.

The website is more like 123movies which was shut down due to a lot of complaint from different organizations.

On the 22nd, March 2015 Gogoanime put a notice of shut down on their website. And since the TV site is a world-recognized movies website, a lot of mirror websites came on board replicating the website contents of which they could not survive it.

The reason why Gogoanime TV was actually shut down was not stipulated rather it was displayed on the website that “Due to unforeseen circumstances we are shutting and closing down the site. We do not plan to bring it back”.

Gogoanime streaming site

Gogoanime Does not Upload its Own Contents

For not uploading contents directly to their server, Gogoanimie may not be violating the law despite huge publication attention drawn to the website from what they offer to their users. None even a single content is uploaded to Gogoanime website.

The website does not upload movies to its server and it doesn’t allow users to upload contents they have copyright over or not. This defines that, the concerned website may actually be abiding by the law of the contents users have access to on their website.

It’s not obvious that a link to a content source is illegal. Once this cannot say categorically that sharing a link to a source is violating the law, however, it is even dicy to say Gogoanime is violating the copyright contents law.

Otherwise, they will face the law and like prosecuted for taking charge of contents that doesn’t belong to them.

How Does Gogoanime Works?

Gogoanime embedded video link from other popular video websites into their website from cyberlockers and the web. This is the same as copying and paste YouTube video embed code into a website. Movies from sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, cam rips, and DVD ripper are actually from the piracy content site.

With this process, it makes the Gogo-anime website become one of the largest and popular movies streaming website in the world simply because they don’t have to upload contents to their server which could affect the server’s performance in any form.

Gogoanime a Malware Website?

There is no track record of the websites having any malware issue. Although, Google unsafe warning my revealing that the website isn’t saved because of HTTPS secure connection. However, upon using the movie streaming website for long and before the official website was shut down there is no track record of the website being infected with a virus.

However, this does not stop you from having an updated antivirus or make sure your Windows Defender is updated. To check whether Gogoanime is a malware website or not,  visit SecuriCheck for the status of the site.

Is Gogoanime a Torrent Site?

Gogoanime is not a torrent site. It only looks like one. The streaming site doesn’t host videos on their own instead they embeded the streaming file from the hosting website. The website uses an uploaded backend algorithm to upload videos from a streaming website automatically and even those that are taken down automatically with DMCA complaint.

So, when this happens and the video copyright owner discovers, the best they can do is issue a violation of private contents not belong to them and issue a DMCA. However, the DMCA will only affect the hosting server and not Gogoanime TV because they are not hosting the video directly on their hosting server.

This implies that even when the videos are taken down from the hosting site you can still access it on Gogoanime.tv. With CDN, the free streaming website is able to mask their actual host and play a decoy so that it will make it even more difficult to tracce and track them down.

Gogoanime Final Conclusion

Movies streaming website like Gogoanime can never be legit in operation. Although, they give what you are searching for a reliable source they don’t have content of their own which proof users wrong that the website is a legit website. A website using cyberlocker to rip movies from a legal website on the web can park off one and they will nowhere to be found again. This is not exclusive of Gogoanime.

The truth be told, websites like Netflix, Hulu, and others are reliable and trust worthy. With a free month trial subscription, you can be convinced that you enjoy what you pay for and not to be panic whether the content you are streaming contains a virus or other forms of malware.

Although, Gogoanime TV is not the only website who does such. And it’s not the only website who went off the web at its prime. Websites like 123movies was a victim of this also.

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