How to Uninstall Zoom on your Windows

Zoom is a well-known communication tool that can be used on a variety of platforms. This article will show you how to uninstall Zoom on your Windows computer in several different ways.

Zoom is a famous online communication tool that offers a variety of features to its customers, including video telephony, online chat, voice calls, screen sharing, and more.

This utility is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. You can get it by downloading the Zoom Meeting client or going to the Zoom Meeting official website.

You can uninstall this tool from your device when you no longer require it to free up disk space or you move to alternative such as Google Meet.

Here are three techniques to attempt if you want to uninstall Zoom from your Windows computer. Please be sure that you have completely closed Zoom before uninstalling it.

This article will discuss the three methods you can use to uninstall Zoom on your windows.

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How to Uninstall Zoom on your Windows Via Zoom Installer

The Zoom uninstaller dubbed CleanZoom is a tool offered by Zoom to remove Zoom and clean all the temporary files created by the Zoom client. It is a simple way to uninstall Zoom.

Follow the steps below to use CleanZoom to uninstall Zoom on your Windows.

  • To get started, go to the Zoom application’s main page.
  • At the upper right of the website, click on Support.
  • Search for Mass installation and configuration under the ‘Enter to search here’ placeholder.
  • Under the top article suggestions, select Mass installation and configuration for Windows.
  • Cleanzoom.exe can be found at the bottom of the page if you scroll down.

uninstall zoom on your windows via cleanzoom

  • After you’ve downloaded the program, extract it and run CleanZoom.
  • All temporary files created by the Zoom application will be removed entirely from your Windows file system, and Zoom uninstalled using the Cleanzoom software.

After you have successfully uninstalled Zoom on your windows and removed the temporary files, you can now delete the CleanZoom software from your windows pc.

How to Uninstall Zoom on your Windows using the Settings option

You can also uninstall Zoom on your Windows 10 or 11 via Settings by following the basic steps listed below:

  • Start your Windows computer.
  • To launch Windows Settings, press Win + I.
  • Go to Apps, then click on Features & Apps.
  • Zoom can be found in the right pane by searching for it or scrolling down. Now select Zoom and then click Uninstall from the Zoom menu. 

uninstall zoom on your windows via settings

  • To complete the uninstalling process, follow the on-screen directions.

If you have followed the basic instructions highlighted above, then you have successfully uninstall zoom on your windows.

How to Uninstall Zoom on your Windows via the Control Panel

Control Panel is a Windows feature that allows you to access, view, and alter a range of settings. It includes a list of installed programs and features that you may use to see, change, fix, and uninstall them. 

Follow the procedures given below to uninstall zoom on your Windows via the control panel.

  • To access the Windows Search function, press Win + S. Then go for and open Control Panel.
  • From the Control Panel’s upper right corner, select View by Category. Then select Uninstall an application from the drop-down menu.
  • Right-click Zoom and select Uninstall from the Programs & Features panel. Then, to complete the process, follow the on-screen directions.

uninstall zoom on your windows via control panel

  • Go to C:/Users/username/App Data/Roaming and double-click it.
  • Locate the Zoom folder and delete it. This should erase all Zoom files from your system, including the temporary cache.

Following the steps as outlined above will uninstall zoom on your windows.

How to Delete your Zoom Account

Whether you are using the free or premium version of Zoom, deleting your account is rather simple. However, according to Zoom, paid users must cancel their memberships before their accounts can be deleted.

Follow the steps below to remove your account after canceling your membership according to Zoom’s instructions. You can do this right away if you’re using the free version.

  • Using your preferred web browser, log in to your account on the Zoom website. You won’t be able to delete your account from within the app; instead, you’ll have to go to Zoom’s web portal.
  • Click My Account in the upper right-hand corner of the screen once you’ve logged in.
  • A side panel will appear, containing options and headers such as Personal and Admin. Under the Admin section, select Account Management.
  • A drop-down menu will appear. Go to Account Profile in that menu, then select the “Terminate my account” link.
  • A popup will appear on the screen, requesting that you provide a verification code to the email address on file. It will send the code if you click Send. You’ll have one minute to complete it before proceeding to the next screen.
  • When you enter the code, a window will ask you to confirm account termination.
  • After you confirm, you’ll be sent back to the Zoom homepage, where you’ll receive a message stating that your account has been successfully deleted.

You’ll have permanently deleted your account after this, and you’ll have to register a new one if you wish to use Zoom again. You won’t be able to recover any of your old account information, so if you’re worried about losing data, save whatever you need before deleting it.

In summary, this article has discussed the three different methods you can use to uninstall Zoom on your windows, and also how to permanently delete your Zoom account.

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