[4 Easy Steps]: How to Unregister Blink Camera – [2022]

There are different reasons why you might want to unregister your Blink camera. one of them is to sell it or gift it to someone, either way, you are transferring the ownership of the Blink camera to another person unless it is stolen,

If it isn’t and the camera had been given or sold to you or probably you are looking for a way to remove all your details from the account there are a few Safe ways to unregister your Blink account

Since you are here looking for how to unregister Blink camera I will be touching on how you can do that including other creative ways to transfer the ownership of your camera without stress.

How to Unregister Blink Camera

If you are looking to unregister your Blink camera, meaning you want to remove all the settings and files registered with your account there are Four basic things you need to do to be double sure that the new user you are transferring the camera to won’t have any issue with it.

Moving on, let’s delve into how to unregister Blink camera by following all the steps outlined below on your Blink account

Deleting the system

This is the first step you need to take if you have more than one camera and you want to remove all of them at once.

Let’s move right into how to do this.

  • Firstly, log into your blink account
  • Go to the “system settings” 
  • Over there, select the name of the system you want to delete
  • Now, tap on “delete system” and confirm your choice by taping yes on the pop-up confirmation 
  • That’s all there is to it.

After doing this the next thing you ought to do since you’re looking for how to unregister your Blink camera is to Delete the cameras.

Deleting the Cameras

You might be wondering how this exactly works, and in fact, it is the easiest of all but it is slow because you may have two or more cameras set up on the app. Now, After deleting the system, the next thing you need to do is start deleting each camera’s from the account.

Why is it required? According to Blink, Removing a camera from your system automatically resets the camera, what that means is, that when you delete/remove a camera from your system. the camera returns to its default setting, deleting any associated information binding it, making it new.

Once you’re done deleting the system, here’s how you delete a camera 

How to Unregister Blink Camera

  • Launch the Blink app and go to the camera settings
  • Now, select the camera name you wish to delete/unregister from your system
  • Scroll down till you see that specific camera settingHow to Unregister Blink Camera
  • Select the red button indicating “delete camera”
  • Choose yes to confirm your decision.
  • After deleting the camera it will be removed from your system hence restores to its factory settings,

After doing this, the next thing on the list is to Delete a sync module, You might be curious as to why you have to do all this, the simple answer is, it’s required to ensure the person you are transferring it to faces no issues while setting it up.

Moving on to the next step.

Deleting the sync Module

One of the reasons why you have to remove or disconnect your sync module is that it is exactly important in transferring your video files to the cloud and it also makes connecting to your wifi router easier.

  • Ensure you are physically present with its sync module.
  • Launch the Blink app
  • Tap the settings icon in the Blink home screen’s footer.
  • Select the system that contains the Sync Module you want to remove.
  • Tap on Sync Module.
  • Choose “Delete Sync Module” and then OK.
  • Finally, you will be required to Scan or enter the serial number of the Sync Module. You can find the serial number or the barcode at the bottom of the unit.
  • After scanning it, confirm once again that you would like to delete it from your account.

That’s all to that.

Now that you’re done with that, lets’ proceed to the last step which is to Delete your Account.

Deleting Your Account 

You’ve not done figuring out how to unregister Blink camera unless you have deleted your account. if you want to do this, follow the steps below.

To do this follow the steps below

  • Log into your blink account
  • Go to the “system settings” screen 
  • Over there, locate “manage account” and select itHow to Unregister Blink Camera
  • Now, tap on “Delete Account” located at the bottom of the screen
  • Confirm your decision on the pop up that appears How to Unregister Blink Camera
  • After doing all this, you are good to go.

NOTE: Anyone you are transferring the camera to will not encounter any issues adding an account and setting up the camera.

Now that you’ve figured out how to unregister Blink camera, here’s is another trick you can try if you don’t want to go through all the hassles listed above, however, you need to be aware of the fact that, you are transferring account ownership whilst still having all your setting, files and preferences there

How to Unregister Blink camera by Changing the Email Address

This option doesn’t necessarily clear all the settings and details you’ve stored in the account you are only replacing your email with the person’s email you want to transfer the camera to.

The person can log in and see your files settings etc, if you are okay with that, here is how you can go about it.

  • First and foremost, Tap on the Account icon on the home screen
  • On the next screen, you will see the email address you used while registering on the app, 
  • Select the email address. before you can change the email adree you will have to enter the password to adjust it.
  • Enter your password and enter the new email address you want to replace the current one with. 
  • Next, you will receive a PIN on the email address you just entered to verify the email.
  • Now, type in the PIN you received from the email,
  • Moving on you might be prompted to enter your phone number, and verify it too. you can simply enter the mail and phone number of the person you want to transfer the account to
  • Lastly, Log into any amazon associated devices such as Alexa e.t.c so that the new owner will be able to make use of this functionality

NOTE: The person you are transferring the account to, must not have used that email address to set up any blink account else it won’t work 

since you’ve figured out another trick on how to unregister Blink camera, let’s proceed to how you can Carry out a Factory reset to unregister the Blink camera.

How to Reset the Blink account

You might be wondering if the blink camera gives users access to perform a factory reset, well, the answer is no, something it’s possible to carry out a factory reset from the device, however, the reset button, on the Blink camera, can’t reset the camera, what it does is simply to reinitialize the network, in the case of any network related glitches, now if there is no way to perform a factory reset using either the app or the Device, you might ask why it is so and how to perform a real factory reset to your blink camera

Why Blink doesn’t allow users to reset the Blink camera on their own

The reason is pretty simple, according to Blink they stated that “there is no need to reset Blink cameras (indoor or XT). If your concern is resale, when the camera is deleted from your system, it is automatically reset.”

Well, the obvious reason is to prevent Theft and fraud cases. however, blink can help you reset the camera if you can show them the proof of purchase and the serial number. 

Blink Support

To contact Blink support for either the US, Canada or other European countries here are their respective helplines

For the US and Canada please call 781-332-5465.

For other countries located in Europe call us at +44 1158 384189.

Now, that we’ve been able to figure out how to unregister Blink camera, Let’s delve into some related questions regarding this topic from other blink users.

Why Doesn’t Blink Allow Users to Reset Blink Cameras?

Blink Generally has a Rest button which might be hard to find depending on the Version of the Blink camera you are using, But that button won’t reset your camera, it only initializes the network. 

blink feels giving users the power to reset the camera can lead to cases of theft and fraud to avoid it they’ve given users the avenue to contact them if they want to perform a reset. 

How to Remove Blink Camera from your Amazon Account

To unlink your blink account from amazon follow these steps below.

  • Firstly, tap the Account icon at the bottom of your screen.
  • Next, locate Amazon Account Linked and tap on it
  • Now, tap on Unlink Accounts.
  • You will then see a warning that your subscription plan will be paused. Select Continue to proceed.
  • Finally, enter your Blink password and tap Unlink.

How to Delete Blink Sync Module without Serial Number

If you don’t have the serial number you can choose to scan the barcode on the Camera to proceed to delete the sync module

Remove blink camera from amazon account

Follow these steps below to remove your blink account from amazon

  • Firstly, tap the Account icon at the bottom of your screen.
  • Next, locate Amazon Account Linked and tap on it
  • Now, tap on Unlink Accounts.
  • You will then see a warning that your subscription plan will be paused. Select Continue to proceed.
  • Finally, enter your Blink password and tap Unlink.

What Does the Physical Reset Button Do on A Blink Camera?

Since it can’t, do these instead.

  • Remove the Blink Camera from an account or system.
  • Delete the thumbnail image
  • Reset the camera settings to Factory settings.

The physical reset button simply resets the network settings, to help in fixing connection related issues


Since you’ve been able to figure out how to unregister blink camera, you might want to check here for tips on how to remove your blink from its mount in case you want to change its battery over here.

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