How to Connect Blink Camera to Wifi

Connecting your Blink camera to a wifi network, is quite easy, what you need is to reconfigure the sync module, if you are using a blink mini the process is a bit different but, one thing that makes blink stand out amongst other security cams like wyze is its ease of changing the device wifi, if you were using a wyze cam, you would have to set up the security cam all over again just to change its wifi, however, it’s not the case for blink as the process is much easier.

Now, that you’re here looking for how to connect blink camera to wifi, maybe you just got your blink camera and you want to connect it newly, or you changed location and you want to connect it to new wifi or probably reconnect to the same wifi, all the processes required to do that will be outlined below.

How To Connect Blink Camera To WiFi Newly

If you’ve just gotten a Blink security camera and you are stuck figuring out how to connect Blink camera to wifi, here’s how to do that.

  • Start by Downloading the Blink App unto your phone and create an account
  • Choose your country and region and then enter a login credential (blink wifi password and username) and fill up the remaining spaces to create your account.
  • While registering, you will be asked to set up your sync module account., here are the instruction you should follow to set up your sync module.

Connecting your Sync Module

After creating a new account, you have to set up the sync module by going to the app menu and locating the icon and tapping on it. Now, get the module and scan the QR code at the back of it, Alternatively, you can enter the serial number. Once you’ve done that name the module and click on next. Now, plug the Module into a wall socket. Ensure that it isn’t farther than 100 feet from the Blink camera

Connect it to your Wifi Network

  • After doing all this, wait for the green light to turn blue. once the light changes, Tap “discover device” and then tap “join”.
  • After doing this, simply enter your Wifi details and click on “Done”
  • Immediately after your Blink camera and sync module are set up, the screen will display your device name along with a green connection line and cloud icon. the icon signifies that the sync module and network are communicating 

By now, you should be well aware of how to connect Blink camera to wifi on your own, right?

what if you want to connect it to a new wifi router how will you go about it? is it the same process as the one above, let’s find out in the next heading.

How To Change WiFi On Blink Camera

When you compare this process of changing the wifi of Security cams like wyze you have to set up the whole thing from scratch to change the wifi, however, it’s not the same for a blink, you simply have to do these>

NOTE: changing the wifi of your Blink camera will not affect the saved videos on the device 

How To Connect Blink Camera To WiFi

  • Launch your Blink app and go to “Account setting” by tapping the gear icon at the bottom section of the app
  • Now, tap the name of your system under System Settings.

How To Connect Blink Camera To WiFi

  • Go to Sync Module to see the status screen, and select “Change Wi-Fi Network“.How To Connect Blink Camera To WiFi
  • On the next screen, you will see a “Change Wi-Fi screen” and a “Sync Module graphic” displaying a blinking blue light above a steady green light.
  • Now, follow the screen instruction by pressing the Reset button. Preferably use a thin object to press and release the button, located within a recess on the side of the Sync Module.How To Connect Blink Camera To WiFi
  • Once the lights match a blinking blue and solid green pattern, go ahead to press Discover Device and then join the Sync Module Wi-Fi network by tapping on Join, and then select your Wi-Fi network from the available choices.
  • Finally, enter your Wi-Fi password and tap join on your keyboard.
  • NOTE: if you are asked to provide a code before running the test, use this BLNK“.
  • After you’ve received a message saying “Sync Module added!” tap Done.
  • By then you will be able to You’ll now be able to use your system.

Moving on, if you have a Blink camera and probably you had to reconnect to the same wifi follow the instructions below.

How do I Reconnect my Blink to Wi-Fi? [Old Wifi]

Now, if you’re in a state where you’ve just changed your location or your ISP and you are stuck with connecting it back to your wifi here’s how to do that.

  • Go to your Blink account and go to ‘Settings’. 
  • Click on ‘Find Your System’
  • Now, select ‘Sync Module’
  • and then ‘Select the WiFi Network’ 

Blink Not Connecting To WiFi

For your Blink camera to work, transmit live video to the cloud etc, you need to connect it to a wifi connection, or else the device will stay dormant and almost useless.

Now, if you are struggling with this issue, here are the few troubleshooting steps [s you should carry out to fix it.

Update Your Smartphone App

Sometimes a former version may not be compatible with a newly introduced feature or it may contain some bugs, so if you’re faced with this, ensure you’re using the latest software version of Blink, you can verify that by going to the play store or app store.

Check Your Wifi

The first thing you should check is the frequency of the WIfif, Most security cams, can only connect to a 2.4GHZ frequency. If your router is giving out a 5GHz frequency it won’t connect to it. 

Check the Network Signal

In most cases, the router could be emitting a weak signal, and it could be so due to the ISP provider or obstruction or probably the distance between the router and the security cam is quite distant. to resolve this check for these three issues.

You can learn how to boost your Wifi signal over here.

After trying out all these steps above with no positive result, then you should carry out a factory reset.

Perform a Factory Reset

If you carry out a factory reset the camera will return to its default settings and any information you’ve saved will be deleted

To reset the device locate the reset button near the USB port. now use a paperclip or other thin object to press the reset button and hold it down till the camera blinks red. Release the reset button. The light will then turn blue and green indicating the camera has been reset.

Blink Mini Camera not Connecting to WiFi

If you are using a Blink MIni app, and it’s not connecting to the wifi here are a few troubleshooting steps you should take to resolve this issue.

Over here you want to ensure that you are using the right password for your wifi network. If you can’t remember it, you can get it from the router label, If you have changed the password, then you have to open the router website and pick “forgetting the Wi-Fi network and then reconnecting by entering the password again”

Secondly, ensure that the router is not preventing access to the Mini camera. This can happen if you are alerted that a device is attempting access but the name is not familiar. Blink devices are sometimes identified by their radio chip instead of the Blink product name. Some known identifiers that you should allow if detected are listed here:

  • – Generic Doorbell Camera
  • – Generic Security Camera
  • – My Simple Link
  • – Texas Instruments

Another thing you want to do is to confirm whether you are using VPN, if you are, kindly disable it and restart it 

Now, that you been exposed on how to connect Blink camera to wifi, below are commonly asked questions regarding the answers 

Blink Camera To WiFi Weak

In a scenario where you have the router giving out a weak Wi-Fi connection, the Blink camera will keep working however, it can’t detect motion unless you power the On back again.

If the wifi is weak it’s either an issue from the Internet service provider or the router itself, simply test by connecting another device to your router to see where exactly the problem is coming from 

Does the blink camera connect to wifi or sync module?

Your Blink camera has to sync to its module before you will be able to connect it to a wifi network.

Connect blink camera to wifi extender

Struggling with your wifi signals? do you know some devices that can better improve your wifi signals such as the Mesh or Wifi Extender?

Now if you don’t have any clue about, extending your router you can learn more about it and also find good ones over here. 

Blink sync module 2 not connecting to wifi

If your Blink camera is connected with Sync module 2 and the wifi is not connecting you should do these:

  • Disconnect Wifi and reconnect again
  • Remove any Obstruction to the camera
  • Verify your router’s password
  • Check the Frequency and ensure it is a 2.4GHZ frequency
  • Uninstall and install the app on your phone


now that you’ve figured out how to connect the Blink camera to your wifi, do you know you can share access to your security camera such that when you are not home the neighbours or your household can have some level of access to the camera if you’re interested in learning how to share your blink camera access check this link here?

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