How to Update Genshin Impact

How to update Genshin Impact has been disclosed in this article, with other important tips to speed up the download process by applying some tricks.

Genshin Impact, the free Breath of the Wild and Spellbreak mashup that nobody asked about it wanted, is currently on a surge in popularity in the final quarter of this bizarre year. In fact, within weeks of its release, this unique ARPG has easily amassed a huge player base of tens of millions on PC, PS4, and mobile devices and has been made available in its full, no-frills form. on any platform.

As one of the most popular games of 2020 and dubbed by some, the people at Breath of the Wild never knew they needed it. Version 1.1 is available for PS4, mobile devices, and computers. Here’s how to update the game on PC and fix the slow download speed so you can play Genshin Impact version 1.1 much earlier.

Genshin Impact version 1.1 introduces four new characters to play with, but there’s still a lot to be expected for the rest of the year. The roadmap for 2020 shows that version 1.2 is only planned for a few days outside of Christmas. Then we can finally unlock the Dragonspine area.

And that’s just the beginning of Genshin Impact, with many more acts and regions. As we explore Teyvat and get acquainted with new areas, characters, weapons, and other content, many are undoubtedly wondering how best to update Genshin Impact on PC, PS4, or any other department in the small screen they give in to. Tribute.

While unlocking the Dragonspine region is an early Christmas treat, here’s how to update the game on PC and possibly fix the slow download speed so you can take advantage of all of today’s exciting new offers. Now let’s move to the guide on how to update Genshin Impact.

How to update Genshin Impact on PC

Genshin Impact Updates on PC do not require any special work on your part to update the game and ensure a stable internet connection.

First, open the Genshin Impact Launcher. To open it, press the Windows key on your keyboard or the Windows icon in the top left of the screen and type in Genshin Impact. If necessary, switch to the Applications tab.

How to update Genshin Impact

If there is already an update available, you will immediately see a pop-up window as shown below.

How to update Genshin Impact

If you lose the pop-up window, you will still get the refresh button shown below. All you have to do is hit the refresh button to update Genshin Impact on your PC.

How to update Genshin Impact

Once the update is complete, all that’s left to do is to close and restart Genshin Impact Launcher and start the game. If you still don’t see the update, just try a few very simple things like restarting your PC and then opening the Genshin Impact Launcher again.

How to update Genshin Impact on iOS

To update only Genshin Impact, open the App Store and find your icon in the top right corner. When you click on it, a context menu will appear with some account options.

If you scroll down, you’ll see a list of upcoming updates (if you’ve set your device to update automatically) or available updates (if you’ve turned automatic updates off). If there is an update available for Genshin Impact, simply find it in the list and tap UPDATE where it will appear on the right.

You can also go straight to the Genshin Impact page on the App Store by searching for it. There you have the option to update it.

How to update Genshin Impact on Android

If you’d prefer to keep all automatic updates disabled, you can update Genshin Impact manually by going to the same My Apps and Games tab and looking for Genshin Impact in the list. When an update is available for it, it will be marked with an update option that you can click on.

You can also browse Genshin Impact like any other app or game in the Play Store to go to the main Genshin Impact Play Store page and select the same update option.

Fix The Slow Download Speed For Genshin Impact On The Pc

To fix the possibly slow download speed of Genshin Impact on PC, please follow the steps below:

  • Pause the download of version 1.1
  • Close the Genshin Impact Launcher
  • Open the launcher again
  • Continue downloading

While the above solution to Genshin Impact’s slow download speeds on PC is basic and is the same as the method of simply turning data off and back on, it would have worked the same for many people with previous updates as it did with version 1.1.

You might have to wait a minute or two for your download speed to improve, or you might even have to restart the launcher a few times.

Of course, the slow download speed is not ideal and annoying, but restart the launcher before you start playing the game files.

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