How to Update Sony Smart TV Firmware

It is necessary to update Sony smart TV Firmware constantly to get the best from a Sony smart TV.

Firmware Update is necessary for a Sony smart TV because the updates can be used to resolve bugs, improve the functionality of the smart TV and add new features to the TV.

The reason you might need to consider updating your Sony smart TV firmware might include.

  • Applications are not functioning correctly.
  • Videos, Pictures, and thumbnails are not displaying correctly on the TV screen.
  • There are issues with the sound coming from the Sony smart TV.
  • The picture quality of the Sony smart TV is not as good as it should be.

If you have encountered any of the issues listed above, or there has just been a release of new Firmware for your Sony smart TV, and you are curious about how to update the Firmware of your Sony smart TV.

This article will guide you through the process of updating your Sony Smart TV.How to Update Sony Smart TV Firmware

How to Update Sony Smart TV Firmware (For Android and Google TV)

If your Sony smart TV model is an Android or Google TV, we would be discussing the various models and how to update their respective Firmware.

Before you attempt a firmware update over the internet [OTA], you need to ensure your Sony smart TV is connected to a stable WiFi connection.

Also, if your TV displays your software is up to date, when you are checking for updates, this implies you do not need an update. You can always check back for new updates.

You can follow the steps highlighted below if you have everything in place.

  • Turn on your Sony Smart TV.
  • Navigate to the Home screen using your Sony smart TV remote.
  • Now, go to the Help section.
  • From the help section, click on status and diagnostics.
  • Then, click on system software update.
  • From there, select software update.
  • Then select Update. If a new firmware is available for Update, follow the prompts on your screen to update.
  • The firmware update usually takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

Do not unplug your Sony smart TV power cord from the power source when an update is ongoing, as this might make your TV become unresponsive or cause issues that might require professional help to fix.

Also, note that if you turn off your TV after an update, your Sony smart TV remote might not work for about 2-3 minutes, after which it would begin to work as usual.

How to Update Sony Smart TV Firmware Automatically

If you prefer that your Sony smart TV updates its Firmware automatically without any input from you, follow the steps below to enable this feature.

  • Turn on your Sony Smart TV.
  • Go to the home screen using the Sony smart TV remote.
  • Then go to the Help section.
  • Then navigate to the status and diagnostics section from the Help menu.
  • Then select System software update.
  • Then select Automatic software download, and turn it on.

If you have followed the steps listed above, then anytime there is a new firmware available to your Sony smart TV for an update, your TV will do the UpdateUpdate automatically without your input.

How to Update Sony Smart TV Firmware Manually Using a USB Drive

Suppose your TV cannot access the internet for some reason, or you prefer to update the Firmware of your TV manually. In that case, you need to have a USB drive that is either FAT16, FAT32,exFAT, or NTFS formatted with sufficient space to accommodate the file that will be saved in the drive’s root directory.

If you have the USB Drive ready, then follow the steps below to update your Sony Smart TV Firmware

  • Connect the USB flash drive to your Computer.
  • From your web browser, Go to the Sony support center.
  • Input your TV model name into the search box provided (to know your TV model, check for it at the lower-left corner at the back panel of your Sony smart TV).
  • Navigate to the Downloads tab and click on the Firmware update
  • Select the Download link and click Download again.
  • Move the downloaded Firmware from your Computer to the connected USB drive.
  • Connect the USB drive to the USB port of your Sony smart TV.
  • Follow the instructions shown on your screen to complete the installation of the downloaded Firmware.
  • When the update has been completed, your Sony smart TV will restart.

If you encounter an error while trying to update Sony smart TV firmware using a USB, check out the solutions listed below.

  • Confirm you are copying all of the required files into the root folder of your USB drive.
  • Ensure you have only one copy of the files, as multiple files can confuse the TV when trying to update.
  • Ensure that your USB flash drive is formatted for FAT16, FAT32,exFAT, or NTFS.
  • Verify that your USB drive has enough space for downloading the new firmware.

If you use a Samsung smart TV, click here to learn how to update its firmware.

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