How to Update the Orbi RBR50 Firmware

Are you bothering with how to update Orbi rbr50 firmware to the latest version? If that is why you are reading this guide, this article will walk you through the steps to take to download and install the latest Orbi rbr50 firmware.

Two different methods are recognized for updating any Orbi router according to the information provided by NetGear. And these are:

  • Orbi router rbr50 automatic update.
  • Orbi rbr50 manual update.

The two methods work for the same purpose but with a different approaches.

Orbi Router rbr50 Automatic Update

To update Orbi rbr50 firmware automatically is simple as your Orbi router version or serial number is detected by the robot. 

With this, you only need to sign in to your Orbi admin account and search for a new firmware update. Once the update is available, the device will download, install and update the router and satellite firmware.

Orbi Router rbr50 Manual Update

To update the rbr50 Orbi router manually you need the router name or serial number and be able to navigate the Orbi admin page to upload and update the firmware using the latest firmware you downloaded from the NetGear download support page.

Orbi rbr50 Automatic Update VS Manual Update

Although approaches to take to update Orbi rbr50 firmware are different but the result is similar. The automatic approach is easy to follow and doesn’t require any technical approach or expert guide. But the manual approach, on the contrary, requires a bit of a techie-mind.

And neither is better. Both methods are the same and provide the Router with the same result.

Update Orbi rbr50 firmware

How to Update Orbi rbr50 Firmware using Automatic Approach

For a novice, the automatic method of updating the Orbi firmware is recommended. This is because the Orbi Router update detects the router & satellite model/serial number downloads the appropriate firmware for the device and installs the update itself.

Therefore, to update your Orbi rbr50 firmware router and satellite using the automatic approach kindly follow the steps below.

  • Go to the office Orbi Router and satellite portal on
  • Click on the “Profile” icon to the top right and select sign in from the drop menu.
  • Type your username and password and click on the “NetGear Sign In” to authorize your login.
    • In case you are still using the default Orbi rbr50 username and password you can use “admin” for both. Meanwhile, the login details are case-sensitive.
  • Once you are logged in select the “Advanced” tab.
  • Scroll and select “Administration.”
  • Select “Firmware Update.”
  • You should see a new page with the Orbi rbr50 firmware page.
  • If there is an update for the Orbi rbr50 firmware update the device will download and install the update.
  • And if your device is running the latest rbr50 firmware, a notification will pop up that your rbr50 update is updated.

With the steps above you can update your Orbi rbr50 firmware directly from the internet to fix problems like Orbit router & satellite flashing white light.

How to Update Orbi rbr50 Firmware Manually

This is contrary to the method on how to update your Orbi rbr50 firmware that was discussed above. Here, you need to find your Orbi router & satellite version or model number before you can download the latest firmware for the router.

However, since the Orbi router to update is rbr50 you can follow the steps below to update the router to the latest version. 

  • Go to the NetGear Firmware download page for all routers and satellites.
  • Enter “rbr50″ without the quotes in the “Enter a product number or model number.”
  • Select the “Orbi RBR50 Router” from the popup or search results.
  • Locate the “Firmware/Software when you scroll down to the half-page on the right.
  • Click on “RBR50 (Orbi Router) Firmware Version ******” where “******” represents the version number. You should also the latest mobile app for the Orbi rbr50 router for both iPhone and Android on this page.
  • A pop up will appear. The pop up says you should read the release note before downloading and installing the firmware update.
  • Once you are done reading the release note click on the “Download” tab to download the latest firmware to your Windows Mac or Phone.
  • Log into your Orbi admin page with your username and password.
  • Click on the Orbi manual update and the page to upload the latest firmware will appear.
  • Locate your Orbi satellite name and check the box next to it.
  • Tap on “Update” and sign in to your Orbi account whenever you are prompted to do.
  • Click on the “Browser” tab to locate the downloaded Orbi rbr50 firmware update. Find the firmware from the downloaded folder. Note that the firmware ends with either .img or .chk extension.
  • Once you have selected the firmware/software from your download folder click on the “Upload” tab to upload the software to your admin page.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes for the software or firmware to upload successfully. Once the upload has been successful, the Orbi algorithm will pick the update and install it on your device.

Once the installation is completed, the Orbi rbr50 firmware version will change to the new software/firmware you uploaded and updated.

How to Find your Orbi RBR50 Firmware Version

Once you are done with the how-to update Orb rbr50 firmware either using the automatic or manual approach discussed above you can proceed to check the firmware version.

To check your Orbi rbr50 firmware version follow the steps below.

  • Sign in to your Orbi administrative account.
  • Look at the top right corner your Orbi firmware version is located around there.

Now, you can compare the version with the version you downloaded from the firmware/software download page. If the firmware versions match, you have successfully downloaded, installed, and updated your Orbi rbr50 firmware or software to the latest version.

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