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Latest Pname Com Svox Langpack Installer APK for Android

Pname Com Svox Langpack Installer is an APK app for Android to transcribe a text to a voice note with a package name “com.svox.langpack.installer”. The app is popularly called “TTS [Text to Speech]”. The app aim at helping those with sight impairments read and understand text messages via a voice read.

This type of app could be for mobile and as well for a desktop. However, the main purpose of this type of app is to convert a text note to a loud voice note.

According to WikipediaSpeech synthesis is the artificial production of human speech. A computer system used for this purpose is called a speech computer or speech synthesizer and can be implemented in software or hardware products. A text-to-speech (TTS) system converts normal language text into speech; other systems render symbolic linguistic representations like phonetic transcriptions into speech

Pname Com Svox Langpack Installer

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What is Pname Com Svox Langpack Installer?

The com.svox.langpack.installer package is a text to speech converter for Android to read text aloud on Android devices. The free Speech Synthesis Data Installer supports 41 different languages to transcribe text on Android to voice and it supports all Android OS.

How to Download Pname com Svox Langpack Installer APK

There are many sources to download APK apps for Android. In one of our previous posts, we discussed some best and popular APK website to download any APK app.

However, for easy access and for the sake of this article, you can download the voice data for speech synthesis APK for Android following the link below.

Voice Data for speech synthesis APK

To install the app follow the procedure below.

How to Install APK Apps on Android

APK apps are Android apps that are not available in play store. However, Android OS does not allow direct installation of APK app on Android thus, the “install from unknown sources” must be enabled before you can install an APK app.

To install APK app on your Android phone go to Phone Settings >> Security >> Unknown Source >> Enabled.

This will enable you to install the pname com svox langpack installer APK app for Android phone.

Now, click on the Langpack installer APK you downloaded from above and click on Install option to the bottom left.

Download Pname com Svox Langpack Installer APK

A new popup will show whether you want to delete the speechsynthesis-data-installable-apk or you want to keep it.

Download Pname com Svox Langpack Installer APK

Choose the best option that best suits you. However, in my case, I chose to delete the APK file since I can transfer apps using ShareIt, Xender, and even Xender Web without the app installer.

How to Configure Pname com Svox Langpack Installer APK App

At this point, I want to believe you have downloaded and installed the voice synthesizer APK app on your Android phone. However, to get the best of the app to easily convert text to speech without or with less assistance below are the basic settings.

However, the basic settings are categorized into two sections. The front end and the back end, and below are what you need to know about the pname.com.svox.langpack.installer.apk.

Pname Com Svox Langpack Installer Front-End

The Langpack installer front-end is called text normalization. Text normalization changes the raw text that has symbols into the equivalent of written words and assigned a phonetic transformation to each of the words transcribed from the raw text symbol and divides and select the text into prosodic units. This process is called text to phoneme.

Pname Com Svox Langpack Installer Backend

The langpack backend is the main synthesizer that converts text [Linguistic representation] to sounds. It’s at this point that your phone is able to transform text messages to sound representation reading the text aloud using the sound synthesizer app.

The synthesizer is more like the TTY for the deaf to conveniently use any device with the TTY mode option.

Pname Com Svox Langpack Installer Features

There are some unique features while the synthesizer app is the best text to voice transcribe you can use.

* To convert text messages to sounds in more than 40 languages

* One-time phone assessment

* The voice synthesizer can be used to create a voice for YouTube video if you are a YouTuber by writing the text and let the app transform it from text to a loud voice.

You won’t be surprised to know that top YouTubers are using the text to voice app to convert their video messages from text to voice and use it directly as YouTube video audio output.

Speech Synthesis Data Installer Has Stopped Working

In the early hour of today the voice synthesizer popped up “Unfortunately, Speech Synthesis Data Installer has stopped”. However, after a long research, I was able to figure out how to fix the error message that the voice synthesizer has stopped working.

Speech Synthesis Data Installer

To clear ” unfortunately, synthesizer has stopped working on Android, go to Phone Settings >> Apps or Applications >> Speech Synthesis Data Installer >> Storage >>Clear Caches.

After clearing the app caches, restart the phone and then launch the Speech Synthesis Data Installer app from your app menu.

Have you ever spent time using the speech synthesis app on your Android phone? What is your experience with the Pname Com Svox Langpack Installer? Let’s have a gist in the comment section of the post.

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