How to use NordicTrack without iFit

With the usage of the NordicTrack Treadmill, you must know that NordicTrack and iFit are one and the same. That is because NordicTrack is a fitness machine producer under the iFit banner. So, how is it possible to use NordicTrack without iFit? Well, just stay with this article as we will answer all questions regarding how to use NordicTrack without iFit.

Since the NordicTrack treadmill is a product under iFit why you might need to subscribe before using most of all iFit products but not necessarily with NordicTrack treadmill. Although the iFit subscription gives you access to iFit online workout if you don’t want to exercise the manual mode without a subscription.

The iFit free trial should convince you enough whether you need to have the iFit subscription or you just need to focus on the NordicTrack manual mode at home without any online instruction.

NordicTrack Treadmill

The NordicTrack treadmill is the hardware you require for your workout, while iFit is the idea of an operating system. The NordicTrack treadmill is a workout machine to install at home to exercise daily at home. And it’s worth noting that you can use NordTracks treadmill without iFit if you can’t afford the iFit subscription.

With iFit, you get access to over a thousand pieces of workout programs on your NordicTrack screen. It is like a virtual gym world where you get coached by pre-recorded or live gym sessions.

Whenever you purchase a NordicTrack treadmill, it comes with a free iFit subscription for a limited period. But when the free trial or subscription expires and you feel that the iFit coach isn’t for you and you would not prefer to continue your subscription then you can ditch it without any commitment.

The most important aspect of it is the willingness to want to control your weight and get the NordicTrack treadmills. Once you have purchased the NordTrack treadmill you can decide whether to use it with iFit or without iFit. There is no obligation mandating it that you must use your NordTrack with iFit or you must not use your NordTrack without iFit.

how to use nordictrack without ifit

How to Use NordicTrack Treadmill without iFit

The treadmill will work in manual mode without iFit and without all the personalized coaching and fancy perks you get from it. Your NordicTrack would still do the basic workout you had imagined (that’s if you don’t have any prior familiarity with iFit) or you never intended to include the iFit subscription when you buy the workout machine.

You can still speed up and slow down your treadmill at will, you can play music through Bluetooth access without the iFit subscription. Your treadmill will also incline and decline with respect to the topography you can imagine. Conclusively, you will even be able to see your workout result and extensive statistic studied by a high-processing in-depth algorithm.

how to use nordictrack treadmill without ifit

iFit is so hyped because it comes with an inbuilt coach-controlled interactive personal training experience and with the PR around it. One can expect iFit to try to milk it. Still, they are reasonable enough to permit users to bypass this.

Also, there are some free subscriptions on iFit where you can have free access to a few workouts without paying a dime.

How to Use Nordictrack without iFit

If you are still interested in how to use Nordictrack without iFit we will share with you some mouthwatering approaches to take to bypass the Nordictrack iFit requirement and use the workout machine without paying extra cost to iFit online coaches to have access to tons of daily workout to help you with your fitness journey.

Bypass iFit

In two simple steps, you can bypass iFit on NordicTrack Treadmills so that you won’t have to pay a dime using the workout machine. With the grace to bypass the iFit, you can use your Nordictrack without an iFit subscription.

After getting your new NordicTrack treadmill and picking its preferred spot in your home, you can follow these easy steps:

  • Find the Blue button on your Nordictrack treadmill  (it’s either for the Bluetooth option or for iFit).
  • Press and hold the button for 10 – 30 seconds.
  • This will reset the console and you can use the NordicTrack treadmill machine without the iFit platform.

This manual state can grant you access to nearly 50 free on-board workout practices. If you ever think of going deeper in your workout and you need more professional guidance you can always re-active the iFit subscription.

Re-Activate iFit

Just as an alternative, if you had bypassed the iFit activation and now choose to activate because you would like to enjoy access to some exclusive workouts, GadgetsWright will also be obliged to explain how this is achievable.

Recall that I said that you get a free trial on your iFit subscription after the purchase of a NordicTrack Treadmill. Actually, you get a year-long iFit subscription. But to reactivate it, you have to undergo a step longer than to use NordicTrack without iFit. You will need a code from iFit to activate this subscription once it has been bypassed.

Follow the steps below to reactivate your iFit after you bypassed using your NordicTrack without iFit:

  • First, you need to register your purchase.
  • Then you will receive the iFit activation code.
  • Proceed to activate the code with an existing account. (OR activate the code with a new account).

Below, I will break down the enumerated steps so you can follow word for word.


  • After buying a new NordicTrack (at most, a month) you can get the free subscription that comes with it by registering your purchase at their registration website.
  • You will be provided with an online form which you are to fill in with your details.
  • Click submit your product registration after you are done.

Depending on the model you purchased, you might get either a family subscription or an individual.

Receive iFit Activation Code

After your registration has been filled and submitted, iFit will certify your purchase from their end. And if approved, they will send you a mail with an activation code. Be surreal to check your spam if you do not receive any mail.

How to Activate iFit with the Activation Code

It’s possible that it take you a long time to decide whether you want to reactivate your Nordictrack iFit subscription. And as such, you might not be able to receive the activation code as previously discussed. However, if that is the case, with the steps below you will learn how to activate iFit with an existing account.

  1. If you have an iFit account already, visit and log in.
  2. Select account > settings.
  3.  You will find your account details.
  4. Click on Billing in the menu.
  5. Open Promo/Activation code icon,
  6. Enter the activation code from the mail you received earlier.
  7. Click on ‘Redeem‘.
  8. Your iFit subscription will be activated and you will have access to the fancy perks of iFit.

How to Activate iFit Account with the Activation Code for a new account

So, if you are an early bird and you’ve quickly snapped the iFit activation code here is how to quickly activate your iFit account with the activation code if your iFit account is new.

  1. Go to and tap sign up.
  2. Click on “Have an activation code or promo code.”
  3. Enter the activation code from the mail you received earlier.
  4. Click on Redeem.
  5. After activation, you will be prompted to input your data for data creation.
  6. You will be asked to enter your address and payment details.

Once this is done your iFit account will be activated and all restrictions will be removed from your iFit account and you will be able to see more workouts while using your Nordictrack treadmill.

How to Use Nordictrack Elliptical without iFit

For all Elliptical treadmill users, you probably do not need to have an iFit subscription to use the workout machine. So, by taking the steps below you will be able to use your Nordictrack elliptical without iFit.

  • Just press the treadmill “Start” button on your machine to turn on the machine and begin a workout in manual mode.
  • You’ll be able to adjust the treadmill settings manually using the adjustment buttons.
  • Your machine screen will also display an oval racetrack or similar graphic as you work out.

But, if you ever think you need a tutor and need to achieve a particular milestone without the shortest time possible you’d want to proceed with the iFit subscription if you need a push to complete tasks.

In conclusion, it is easy the Nordictrack treadmill but some people do not know how to use NordicTrack without iFit as a new user or they have never cancelled their iFit subscription for once.

The  NordicTrack iFit is a great experience no doubt, but at times, the lack of control might not be as satisfying as iFit has imagined


  • Call the iFit call centre at 866-608-1798.

No doubt, whether you are using your Nordictrack with iFit or without; the experiences are really awesome. You really want to try it out.

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