How to Activate and Redeem iFit Activation Code

What comes to your mind when you are asked to activate Ifit? Is it and the activation code or some other random stuff? If you are trying to keep fit, it’s important to activate the Ifit app to catch up with all the training time, do your daily exercise, and keep fit with the instruction from Ifit.

First, don’t forget you need to have a valid Ifit membership account to be able to activate the Ifit app/account. On the contrary, you can start with the Ifit free trial package to test run the service and see whether are the Ifit full membership activation you will enjoy it and even worth the price for becoming a paid membership after the free trial.

Therefore, we recommend that if you are paid membership you just need to keep up the good work of keeping fit. But, if you are a new user or an aspiring member, you can test the pool with the Ifit free trial, activate the Ifit free package, and see if your workout works as expected and you are getting the required shape.

There is no need to contact the Ifit customer care supported team via email or phone call when it comes to the process to activate Ifit. The only likely limitation to Ifit activate is trying to activate the Ifit app on a non-supporting device.

Note: For the IFIT activate activation process to complete you need to have the IFIT Membership activation code.

And on this note, we will start with the Ifit free trial. So, we are going to create Ifit free trial account, get the Ifit membership activation code that will be used to activate Ifit on Free Trial Membership

Follow the procedures below to create your Ifit free trial account.

  • Go to on a web browser.
  • Select “Start your free trial.” For existing customer with the IFIT membership activation code skip this
  • You will see a “0” charge at the top of the IFIT free trial sign up form. Provide your personal information and a verified email address and click on the Next button.IFIT Free trial
  • Read through the IFIT ongoing promotions on the page. To opt-in select continue with special pricing. To continue with your IF free trial account select “No Thanks.”IFIT com activate
  • To begin your IFIT 30 days free trial you will see a notification that you will not be charged for the first 30 days. And your next billing date will be made known. Now, to proceed, select the “Next” button.Confirm Subscription
  • Enter your billing information such as credit card number, name, etc and select “Confirm Subscription.”

That is it. Your IFIT free trial will start and the service will be free for the next 30 days after which you will be charged to continuing using the service to help your body fitness and workout.

Note: You must check THE “Auto-renewal” box to be able to confirm your free trial. Meanwhile, there is no obligation as you can cancel at any time before your next billing cycle.

After now you should see a congratulatory page and information that your free trial has just begun. Also, an email informing you about your IFIT membership

Now, you either choose built into your machine or mobile app with equipment depending on your choice. If you do not have a treadmill machine at home or any workout machine that is compatible with the IFIT program it’s better to go with the mobile app option.

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This procedure is only recommended if you have the IFIT membership activation code.

  • Open a browser and go to
  • Select “I have a membership code.”iFit membership code
  • Fill in the signup form and select the “Next” button to the bottom right.
  • Enter the IFIT activate membership code and select “Apply.”Redeem membership activation code
  • Select “Next,” enter your payment information and select “Confirm Subscription.”

That is all you need to do to activate IFIT membership using the membership code. Alternatively, you can go to to redeem your membership code.

Cancel IFIT Activate Free Trial Membership

IFIT doesn’t force membership commitment. This means that you can canel your free trial at any time. Therefore, to cancel your IFIT free trial subscription follow the steps below. Meanwhile, you must do o before the next billing date.

  • Go to on a web browser and sign in to your IFIT account.
  • Hover to your profile icon to the top right and select “Settings.”
  • Select “Membership Plan” to the left under “Account information.”iFit membership plan
  • To pause your membership select “Pause Membership” and to cancel your IFIT free trial select “End Benefits.”IFIT.COM ACTIVATE MEMBERSHIP
  • Ifit will try to convince you to stay by stating the list of exclusive benefits that you will lose. To proceed, select “Continue to end benefits.”
  • Select the reason why you want to cancel your IFIT membership subscription and select “Continue to end Benefits.”
  • Again, iFit will try to hold you down. Select “Continue to end benefits.”Cancel ifit subscription
  • A popup will appear stating when your iFit subscription and benefits will expire. Select  “End Membership” for confirmation to cancel your iFit subscription.Cancel IFIT workout app
  • Now, you should see the date your membership will be cancelled.IFIT activate

Your IFIT subscription will remain activated until the end of the active subscription and your card will not be charged after the subscription has ended because you have initiated subscription cancellation.

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