How to Use a Roomba

If you are usually the busy type (or lazy) and you are usually wary of finding time to clean your home or work space, GadgetsWright will love to tell you that you are in luck and with Roomba vacuum cleaners. If you have gotten one, you will know that how to use Roomba is super convenient.

You do not even need to monitor it as it can work on programmed schedules.

Roomba relies on rechargeable battery to work so you do not have to worry about outages. All you are required to do is to maintain it will to extend its lifespan.

Therefore, here in this article, we will explain how to use a Roomba as a beginner start from the pre-cleaning and post-cleaning measure you need to take when it comes to using your Roomba.

How to Use Roomba

To use a Roomba, you need to take some certain steps towards making this a reality and they are as follows:

Roomba Pre-Clean Practice

The Roomba pre-cleaning service is explained below. Ensure you understood this before you start using your Roomba.

The Roomba Homebase 

Obviously, to use any electronics, you need to charge them for power source.  How to use Roomba isn’t any different, you can charge it by docking the cleaner with its Home Base.

  1. Press the “Dock” button either on the Roomba or on your remote.
  2. Then plug your Base into a wall power bracket.
  3. The status light will turn green upon fully charge.

It is important to know that the Roomba will return to its home base after cleaning. So ensure it is in a relatively open place, with a flat surface and always plugged in. This makes it easier for Roomba to dock.

how to use Roomba

Set up Walls

Roomba roams around, and you need to make barriers for it to stop it from roaming out the door. This is where virtual walls come in. Virtual walls are small devices that mimic walls for the Roomba.

  1. Set them on opposite sides of the door you like to block.
  2. Press the “on” button to turn on the wall.

 Now, if you don’t have a Virtual Wall, you can still mimic this by using solid objects to block passages and paths. 

Whenever you do intend to have them clean the passageway; monitor the Roomba when it gets close to the stairs. Recent models have sensors that stop at walls and edges, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

If the Roomba falls off the stair and tumble, it can sustain severe physical damage. For your Roomba replacement, check this out.

Clear the Room of any Clutter

While Roomba helps remove the need for sweeping and dusting; it still won’t help it the place is rough and cluttered. Which is why you need to pick up all trash can, solid objects or whatever might block the Roomba’s way. 

In the previous step, we spoke about how Roomba can sense solid objects as walls, if you fail to clear the room, the cleaner programming will be mumbled up.

Roomba Cleaning Practice

How to use Roomba to clean? There are two patterns that a Roomba can follow: Clean & Spot. 

Clean option is when you clean the entire room space thoroughly. Roomba goes under the furniture, shelf etc. Whereas, Spot is an option where you clean just a particular space you feel is dirty/dusty etc.   

How to use Roomba with “Clean” Option

When you want a general clean of your entire space (i.e. thorough cleaning of your rug, underneath your furniture, chairs shelf) this option is recommended.

  • Press the ‘clean‘ button on your Roomba or on your remote.
  • This will direct it to clean
  • Your Roomba will start cleaning based on the programming.

how to use Roomba

How to use Roomba with “Spot” Option

However, if there is a specific dirty area on your floor;

  • Direct the Roomba to the spot
  • Then press the ‘spot‘ button on your device.
  • The Roomba will roam spirally for around 1 metre (3 feet) wide.
  • It will focus more on that position more than the “clean” option will do.

Keep away from Water and Wet Surface

Regular Roomba are not made to mop floors (PS: There are other models that are designed to mop floors). Electronics and water don’t usually mix, so restrict its work area on dry area only. 

Post Cleaning Practice

To preserve the life of the Roomba, you need to treat its maintenance with care. There are some post cleaning procedures you should follow after usage of Roomba.

Empty the Bin 

After usage of Roomba over a period of time, you should dump out all the debris that the Roomba has gathered all through its usage. Load the bin by pressing its button, this will release the lock on the bin. Do this over a trashcan.

Clean the Roomba. 

After disposing the Roomba bin, you are expected to clean the device with a dry cloth or a brush. Do this outside so you won’t spread dust on the floor

Charge it After Every use.

This is just as we have started; ensure the Roomba is charged after use, this will replenish the lost energy the device used in operation. If you fail to, and a Roomba on low power cannot carry out its programmed schedule. 

  • Press the “Dock” button either on the Roomba or on your remote.
  • Then plug your Base into a wall power bracket.
  • The status light will turn green upon fully charge.

Replace the Filter every two Months.

When the filter is clogged or old, your Roomba will have difficulties in picking up debris. In case of this, you should purchase replacement filters and replace them after 2-3 months or when you notice it is clogging. 

Conclusion on how to use Roomba

This article have explained the practices of how to use Roomba, from the pre-clean stage to the cleaning stage and post cleaning stage. 

If any further assistance is needed, you should visit your user manual or reach out to iRobot help service

If you feel your Roomba is not working as it usually does, you can try a Roomba Reboot or Reset and see if works. If it does not; you can reach out to  an authorized technician or iRobot. 

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