How to Reset Roomba

Your smart home setup is not complete until you have enjoyed the service of Roomba. Imagine, having your own little robot who does all the cleaning diligently with no hassle. Getting to the parts you would not normally cleaning; also doing so on schedule. Yes, Roomba is a trusted cleaning device that is sent from heaven. Nevertheless, Roomba for all its perfection can run into some difficulties that might cause it to operate badly. Then you would have to know how to reset Roomba as your last resort when it comes to how to troubleshoot Roomba not working or not responding to commands.

You might also want to know how to reset Roomba if you are looking to upgrade the device; or give it out; Perhaps, you are relocating and you want to refresh its settings, etc.

Words cannot stress the importance of Roomba to your smart home setup and you can attest after giving it a trial; it follows your automated schedule for cleanup; it empty its trash when its full and can also give detail reports if you want.

Roomba is full of wonders, and if you are the busy or lazy type, you might soon be dependent on Roomba, and if it were to breakdown, you will find yourself in a need to reset Roomba. 

how to reset Roomba  So if you have to reset your Roomba, you must first ascertain that this is an issue that a simple reboot cannot fix. Note that a reset will restore your Roomba back to its factory settings (i.e. after purchase default).

Depending on your model, how to reset Roomba might differ. GadgetsWright will give a guide on how to reset on the various models below.

When to Reset Roomba

But before we proceed with how to reset Roomba. We first must know when it is right to reset to factory your Roomba, Also, not all faults requires reset, as it cannot be taking as the unit of fixing electronics.

Commonly, there are only two major reasons that require reset while using Roomba:

  • Fixing software faults
  • Battery replacements

Fixing Software Faults

All electronics have hardware for the physical operation and software for the programming and data processing. Roomba also utilizes software like all digital devices.

And as such, it might develop software issues. This can be when it automatically deletes set schedule; it fails to perform cleaning operation as it should, it fails to load launcher, etc. 

The cause of this might be that the software is unable to delete its logs and caches which then leads to overload in data stored in memory. 

To remove this excess data, you will have to reset the Roomba as that would clear all information stored in Roomba’s memory. After a reset, the operation of the device would improve to its optimum.

Battery Replacement

Roomba runs on power, and it is usually powered by rechargeable batteries. Ideally, this power runs out eventually. Thus, you will need to replace this battery. But it’s not usually as simple as replacing the battery and resuming operation with Roomba.

You are required to reset your device and program it all over again. Usually, this will go smoothly. But if you replace your battery and reset it and it still gives the same signs of fault as before, it is advisable to contact iRobot for further complaints.

How to Reset Roomba

As stated earlier, the models of Roomba have a different method of how to reset Roomba. In this section, we will consider how to reset all Roomba series.

How to Reset Roomba S and I series

The steps below described how to reset your Roomba S and I series.

  1. On the Roomba, press and hold the Clean button for about 20 seconds.
  2. The light ring around the bin lid will glow white once you release the button after about 20 seconds. This indicates that reset initialization was successful.
  3. The Roomba will then begin reset after the white light turns OFF, usually this takes under 2 minutes. 

Now, you should have your Roomba S and I series reset to default.

How to Factory Reset Roomba 700, 800, and 900 series

The reset of this models are not too different from that on the Roomba S and I. 

To reset your Roomba 700, 800, and 900 series, press and hold the Clean button on the Roomba for about 10 seconds. After releasing the button, the Roomba will emit a chime, indicating the bot has been reset.

  1. On the Roomba, long press the CLEAN button, holding it down for about 8-12 seconds. 
  2. Depending on the model, you could get the ‘rSt’ text on your screen or it just emit a chime.
  3. After seeing/seeing this, you should release the CLEAN button. 
  4. The Chime signifies that the Roomba has been reset successfully. 
  5. Reprogram schedule, time and date like you had done after purchase

How to Reset a Roomba 500 and 600 series

Using these models, however, provides a whole different solution on how to reset Roomba.

  1. Turn off your Roomba robot device.
  2. After a minute, turn it  on by pressing the CLEAN button. 
  3. After this, it should turn on a green light.
  4. Long-Press the DOCK and SPOT buttons together for about 10 seconds; this will turn off the green light.
  5. A beeping or chiming sound will follow this, indicating that the reset has been initialized. 
  6. From its settings, you will find that the time and date has been restored to default. 
  7. Reset your schedule, time and date as you had done after purchase.

how to reset Roomba

If you recall, we had earlier said that there are two reasons why you should reset your Roomba, that being in case of software issues or battery replacement. Now, we will share how to reset Roomba for battery replacement. 

How to Factory Reset Roomba for Battery Replacement

Below are the steps to follow to reset your Roomba device after battery replacement. However, we recommend the following Roomba batteries.

  1. On the Roomba press the CLEAN button
  2. Long-Press the SPOT and DOCK buttons together for about 10 seconds
  3. After hearing a chime sound release the buttons
  4. The Roomba can start work again from about 10 hours later.

How to reset Roomba using App

You may be wondering, “Can’t I reset my Roomba from my phone?” Yes, you can. How to reset Roomba using the app goes as follows:

  1. First download the Roomba companion app
  2. Install and open the app 
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Find Factory Reset and select.
  5. Your device will be reset(This reset is often termed hard reset as it deletes all user data on your cleaner, the app, and the Roomba cloud.)


From this article, we can guarantee that you now know the different methods on how you can reset Roomba device.

We must reiterate that a reset should not always be your first option/go-to when you feel something is not right with your Roomba. However if you think, the required solution is to reset it, you can surely give it trial.

Also maintain the cleaner itself by taking care of it regularly by cleaning its rollers. Brush the dust away at least once a week and you can reset at most once in a quarter unless it develops software issues. 

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