Quick Guide: How to Video Chat on Peloton

Peloton bike isn’t limited to live sessions only, You can also take selfies and video chats with your friends, unfortunately, the video chat option comes with its cons. which is low-quality audio, that is hardly audible while making the video chat, however, it’s a great feature to try out. if you want to video chat with your friends during a workout session, especially if you’re at home and bored.

Moving on, in this article I will be breaking down what you need to know on how to video chat on peloton screen. 

But, before you can video chat with other peloton users, you have to first enable it and also it will be nice to know what you can and cannot do while video chatting.

Moving on, let’s start by breaking down what you need to do to enable video chat on your peloton screen.

How to Enable Video Chat on Your Peloton

To enable video chat, follow the steps below:

How to Video Chat on Peloton

  1. Go to Profile settings from your profile menu. How to Video Chat on Peloton
  2. Now, tap “enable video chat” on the social tab.

After doing these, simply follow the instructions below to start a video chat

Moving forward, let’s delve into how to video chat on peloton screen

How to Video Chat on Peloton

You won’t be able to video chat anyone unless all these conditions are fulfilled which are:

  • You must be following the person you want to video chat with and vice versa.
  • You guys must be taking the same class at the same time.
  • Your friend must have enabled video chat as well
  • Lastly, You must be using the same peloton apparel, you can’t video chat a friend using a bike if you have a peloton tread

To begin the video chat follow these steps below

  • Join the same class as your friend
  • Now, scroll to your friend’s username or search for it manually on the leaderboard
  • Next, select their name and then press “talk” to request a chat. 

Since you’ve been well enlightened on how to video chat on peloton, below are commonly asked questions from other peloton users that might be useful.

Can you Message Someone on Peloton?

Since you’ve figured out how to video chat on peloton, similar process follows when you want to message someone on peloton. but you need to be following each other, and also you need to be in the same class.

To message them simply, locate their username on the leaderboard and tap on their name to send them a message.

If you’re a bit shy and you don’t want to video chat with just anybody you can simply send a high five and to do that check here

Can you do a Video Chat with More than one Person?

For now, you can only do a one-on-one video chat with your friends.

Probably peloton will include that feature later, but they need to first resolve how audible the video chat is before enabling that feature.

What does the Camera do on Peloton?

You can use the camera to capture your image for your peloton profile picture and for video chat just as we discussed on how to video chat on peloton. Also, you can use it for video chat during classes but that’s not all.

If you have any issues regarding your peloton bike, you can make use of a video chat with the support team if special attention is needed.

How to Find Friends on Peloton Without a Username

You can find friends via the leaderboard during a live class. the only challenge to this is most peloton users don’t use their real names as their username unless you recognize the person’s picture.

But, another way to find more friends is through syncing your Facebook account to pelotonHow to Video Chat on Peloton after you’ve been able to do that, you can simply search for Facebook friends on peloton.

You will only be able to see friends that have synced their Facebook accounts with their peloton device.

To sync your Facebook account with peloton follow the steps below.

  • GO to “profile settings” > social and then turn on social connections.
  • Now, tap the checkmark beside Facebook to turn Facebook connection ON.
  • On the next screen, you will be prompted to enter your Facebook login details.
  • Once you’ve entered your Facebook username and password, click on login.
  • Now, to find your friends simply click on your profile and you will see a button that shows “find friends”
  • Finally, click on the Facebook logo to find friends connected on Facebook

Peloton Video Game

The only video game you can play on the peloton device is the Lanebrak game, it might have increased later.

To play the game go to the “More Rides” menu located at the bottom right of the tablet to access it

Peloton Video not Working

If you are not able to video chat with your friends maybe the audio from his side is audible but the screen is black.

You might need to reset the tablet.

Note: Resetting the tablet won’t erase any of your data, since they are stored in your account and you simply have to log in to access them. the only thing that might be deleted is the info on your tablet

To reset your tablet simply do these:

  • Go to the upper corner of your screen near the time and tap on “settings”
  • Next, tap on “device settings”
  • And then tap on “factory reset
  • Now, just follow the prompts to reset it

Can you watch Netflix on Peloton?

You can, but it’s termed as jailbreaking since Peloton hasn’t made it available. So, doing this may void your warranty. 

Can you see your Friends on Peloton?

You can see your friends, however, you might not see them directly, but, you can always see them in your leaderboard video chat with them or say hi to them

Can you see Friend’s Activity?

You can see your friend’s rides on the newsfeed, but you won’t be able to see their output you can only see metrics like how long ago and ride taken ]

Can the Peloton Instructors see you?

No, they can’t

Peloton Video not Working

In a scenario where your camera isn’t working, the first thing you need to check is whether you’ve enabled it and to do that simply:

Go Profile menu > Profile settings > social Tab and then enable video chat

Peloton Working out with Friends Badge

To work out with friends, you can simply invite your friends by sharing a link to the sessions.

In addition to that, you can earn social badges for working out with friends that are your followers on the peloton. 

Peloton does what it calls social badges.

Below are the different kinds of badges you can earn

  • Dynamic Duo (you and a friend taking the same class together)
  • Three’s Company (workout with two friends)
  • Pack (three friends working out together)
  • Squad (working out with five friends)
  • Flock (10 friends all taking the same class at the same time)
  • Swarm (working out simultaneously with 20 friends)


Since you’ve been exposed to how to video chat on peloton, you can begin video chatting with your friends to better enjoy your workout experience.

Do you know you can watch YouTube videos on your peloton touch screen? check here to learn how to do that.

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