How to High-Five on Peloton (Bike & Tread) Screen

Exercising isn’t all fun when you decide to start an exercise class, doing it alone might be quite hard especially when you are not seeing any results yet, however, what if you are doing it with people that are cheering you up as you take on challenges and achieve small wins, doesn’t it feel nice?

Peloton has incorporated a “High Five” feature into their indoor bike and treadmill touch screen device, If you are using any of them, you can get cheered up or simply cheer others up by sending them a “high-five”

Doing this makes you feel connected with other riders, and increases your motivation to do achieve better milestones.

Below in this article, I will be showing you how to high five on peloton touchscreen.

How to High Five on Peloton Bike & Bike Plus

Before you can send someone a High Five you have to be in a live class.

Most people just like you, love to give people a high five on the leaderboard, it just the way we are as humans, however, it could be for a different reason maybe you’ve known one of the people in the live class you are currently taking and you want to give them a high five.

To do this,

  • Simply go to the “All Now” tab
  • While you are there you will see the list of people currently taking the live session you are in.
  • To cheer them up with a high five, click on the profile picture of the person you want to send a high five to.
  • Peloton treadmill will send the high five to the profile you selected and notify the receiver instantly that a high five was sent.

How to High Five on Peloton (tread)

If you are using the peloton tread, doing this is the same as that of the bike, you simply have to double-tap your touch screen to open up the leader board and then go to the “All now” tab and then tap on the image of the person you want to send a High Five

Now that you’ve figured out how to High five on peloton, how can you high five back on during a live session.

How to High Five back on Peloton

If someone sends you a congratulatory high five, you will receive it in your notification feed, and If you feel like returning it simply do these.

  • Click on the feed notification and tap on their profile image to send back a High Five,


  • You can also go back to your leaderboard section
  • Search for the username that sent you High Five
  • And then tap on his profile image to send a High Five back.

Note: All your peloton high five histories can be found in the notification feed.

Moving on, since you know how to high five on peloton and also receive a high five, let me show you the periods at which you can send high fives

When can you Send a High Five

You know that you can send a high five to someone who is in the same live session or the same class as you are, but around when exactly can you send a high five and are there any limitations to that?

Their little to no limitation to sending a high five is that you can send it at the start of the class, during the class, or just at the end of the class.

Although one of the limitations of sending a high five is that, you can’t send more than one high five to a single member in 60 seconds, what this means is, you can’t send two high fives to a single member in less than 1 minute, you can only send one high five per minutes to a single member

There are some limitations to who can send you a high five depending on the class you are taking

Who Can Send you a “High Five

If you are in a live class with anyone, you can send high five to others who are currently in the same live class as you. In a live class, every person showing in the leaderboard is currently active including the instructor, but if it’s an on-demand class, you won’t be able to send the instructor a high five or receive one, but you can send a High Five to users in the “here now” leader board tab

Now, the high five future could be addictive sometimes, since it motivates you to do more, just as similar to the number of likes you get on a Facebook post, Instagram post, etc. Well, if you want to increase your chances of getting more high five here are a few things you have to do

What to do To Receive more High Fives

If you would love to receive more high fives while riding your Peloton treadmill, just follow the steps below.

  1. First and foremost, you want to make sure you have filled up all your profile information so that people will be able to know you better.
  2. Simple information like your age your sex, where you live, and profile picture alone can make people easily familiarize with you and in turn send you a high five to cheer you up
  3. Also sending high five to people can make them send one back to you, but be moderate in doing that
  4. In addition to that, another alternative way is to be at the top of the leaderboard, People do support excellence too, for example, one of the Pelton users on Reddit explained that he high-fives people who pass him on the leaderboard.

That’s another point to take note of, everyone has his/her etiquettes while using their peloton device.

There are some peloton etiquettes you might want to also take note of among peloton members, that you can follow to increase the number of high fives you can get, apart from the one I initially mentioned

  One of them is adding a dog picture to your profile image.

In addition to all these, you want to be polite with other members and not stalk them on their social media handle, because some might not like it

Now, if you are faced with a scenario where your high fives aren’t working, or maybe you can high five other riders but you aren’t able to get a single one,

Probably you love sending high fives to other riders and you’ve sent 100+ high fives and you’ve not received a single high five back, that could be hard sometimes but’s it not really about you, maybe you’re already feeling drained that nobody cares, or you feel the other riders are simply antisocial.

That is not the case.

All this should tell you is that something is wrong. If you are going through these, here is how to fix them.

Power OFF and Unplug Device

  • Firstly, You want to Power off your peloton device
  • Also, unplug the peloton bike while waiting for 6 minutes
  • After 6 minutes turn on the plugin and ON the Peloton bike, if this doesn’t resolve it then you need clear out the cache memory of your high five

Reset High Fives Cache Memory

To do that follow these steps below

  • Locate “setting” which is usually at the top bar on the tablet screen.
  • Now, tap on “app” and tap” peloton”
  • Moving on click on “Force stop”
  • Next, click Storage > and then “Clear Cache”
  • Finally, turn off the tablet and be patient for 2 minutes before powering it back on

By now you should have been well-versed o how to High five on peloton Screen, now, let’s look at some commonly asked questions from peloton users below.

what do Peloton Instructors See on Their Screen?

If you are curious about this, maybe you feel the instructor can see a live video of you while you ride or run, well that is not the case. what they see Is the same basic leaderboard view including the number of rides a user has done.

Also, an instructor can toggle between the users in the studio or at home or probably using the digital app.

Peloton Turn Off the Feed

If you are stressed out with the notifications that keep popping up while you are riding and you want to turn off the, well you can’t. maybe until the peloton resolves this but for now, one way to go around it is to go for slightly older rides.

Peloton Group ride with Friends

If you want to take group rides with your friends, follow the steps below.

  • Launch your Peloton iOS app
  • Choose either cycling or riding sessions based on what you want to do with your friends.
  • Now, choose the time and date you would like to begin the class. probably you want to start in the next 10 minutes select the time
  • And lastly, click on “invite” to share the notification about the group session,

Once its time, everyone you invited will get a push notification on the peloton app and also on the equipment too, and then you can join the session from there

Can you see who views your Peloton profile?

The set of people who can see your peloton profile when it is private are only those you approve, however, if your profile is set to public, anybody can see your profile

Can You High Five On The Peloton Apps?

Since you’ve figured out how to high five on peloton Bike and tread touchscreen, Do you know you can also do that using peloton App?

As of now, you can do that using either the Android app or the iOS app, although you might experience a fewer High Fives

Can you see Past High Fives on Peloton

You can see them all from your notification and high fives’ history.


The high five feature introduced into the peloton Ui, helps a lot to increase the motivation of peloton users, however, it could be addictive for some users, making them chase after high fives.

And now that you’ve been able to figure out How to high five on Peloton screen, you shouldn’t make it your main focus for working out.

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