How to View Saved Passwords in Chrome Browser

Whenever I want to keep my passwords off my password keeper on my phone and be a lit bit deceit of where I kept my password I used Google Chrome password manager. The new Google Chrome browser settings feature the easiest way to save passwords, manage passwords and view saved passwords in Chrome for mobile as well as Chrome for PC.

This is an exceptional feature in Chrome to keep password off computer password keeper with the help of Chrome password manager where you can save and view saved passwords using PC password.

When you fill a form online Google Chrome prompts you to save your passwords and access it anywhere online using Google Chrome login username and password. It’s very easy to sign up Google Chrome logins for direct access to your saved passwords on all Chrome browsers on available device.

When I started using Chrome to save and manage my password on mobile and on PC it makes life more easy for me and I do enjoy using the password manager to help secure my password and grant access to it on any device with internet connection.

If you have spent a whole year saving your Passwords on Google Chrome either for PC or for mobile, here in this directory I will share with you how to access and manage your Google Chrome password.

How to View Saved Passwords on Chrome PC

There is no need for an internet connection to view the list of saved password on your Chrome browser for PC. Meanwhile, you need the PC’s password to access the list of saved passwords unlike on mobile where you do not need phone password to access the list of passwords saved on your phone in Google Chrome password keeper feature.

1. Launch Google Chrome browser on your computer and navigate to Chrome settings following the ellipsis on your phone browser. You can access Google Chrome settings in this directory: chrome://settings/

2. Scroll down the Google Chrome settings page and click on the advanced option. A new window will unleash when you click advanced option. Click on manage password.

3. A new window will open containing all your saved passwords containing both accounts usernames and passwords.

4. Navigate the page and search for the account you wants to view its saved password. Say, you want to view your Facebook saved password, just look for Facebook from the list and click on eyeball icon to reveal the saved passwords.

How to View Saved Passwords in Chrome Browser

5. A new window will pop up asking for PC passwords. Enter your PC passwords and click OK button. Vamppppp here comes your saved password.

How to View Saved Passwords in Chrome BrowserWhile you chose to view saved passwords in Chrome mobile it’s not this tough. When you launch Chrome browser on your mobile go to settings and click privacy. Click the saved password to view it.

With this post, you will be able to view saved passwords in Google Chrome browser. Next, we’d share with you how to manage Chrome passwords on other devices with Chrome passwords and username.

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