How to Save Password in Chrome Mobile

There is a simple trick to save password on Chrome mobile, use it to log into the online website without entering the website password and access the username and password from other Google Chrome browser whether Chrome PC, Chrome iPhone or Chrome for windows phone.

The Google chrome feature allows users to manage passwords and usernames with a single master password instead of the regular password. However, when you choose to save your online password it means that you do not necessarily need to keep the password somewhere else either with password app keep or you write it down.

This feature to save usernames and passwords on Google Chrome in mobile is also available for Google Chrome for PC. On PC, it is very easy to save the password when you fill a form online that requires a password so that you won’t need to type the password when next you want to log into the website.

Most times, when you fill a form online with a username and password inclusive you will notice a pop on your Chrome browser whether or not to save the password. And in case the password save option didn’t come all you need to do is click on the key icon on your browser before bookmark icon on your Chrome PC and click on save the password and username.

How to Save Password in Chrome Mobile

When you click on the key as indicated above it will pop up an option to save the password and username for the specific site after you hit the done button. However, you can also manage the password before you save it clicking on manage passwords. Meanwhile, this is the exact procedure to save password on Chrome mobile when you have Google Chrome browser installed on your Android phone.

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How to Save Password in Chrome Mobile

In Chrome mobile when you want to save passwords and username automatically you first need to play around with Google Chrome settings and enable save passwords for online websites. This will then pre-empt a notification to save the password and username of any website whenever you enter a password and username in any website and as well auto-fill the password when you re-visit the website and enter your username.

1. Open Google Chrome browser on your mobile [Android or iOS] and click on the more option from the upper right of the page.

How to Save Password in Chrome Mobile

2. A new set of options will populate, then scroll down the page and click settings just below request desktop site option.

How to Save Password in Chrome Mobile

3. You will be taken to your mobile Chrome settings interface. Then, click on save passwords under autofill and passwords option.

How to Save Password in Chrome Mobile

4. Toggle the save passwords icon to green and tick the auto sign-in option to automatically sign-in to websites you have its password saved on your Chrome mobile.

How to Save Password in Chrome Mobile

5. Finally, when next you visit a website that involves creating a special username and password before you can access the content on the site Google Chrome will pop a notification whether or not to save your password and username.

Henceforth, all you mobile Chrome passwords and usernames will be stored in Google smart lock for mobile phone. With this method, you can register for an online content or concert storing your password on your Chrome mobile and access it on Chrome PC when you create a Google smart lock account to manage your Google account, passwords, usernames, search history, caches on a device of your choice.

Do you know how to save passwords in Chrome mobile before now? How often do you enjoy using this Google Chrome feature?

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