How to Use YouTube Video Downloadhelper Plugin

YouTube video downloadhelper browser extension is the fastest and easiest way to download videos from a website. The video Downloaderhelper YouTube plugin easily grab video from a website and save it to a computer drive with ease.

So, if you are stuck with how to download YouTube video on Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera browses here I’m going to review the popular Downloadhelper plugin and show to you how to download YouTube video with it on Google Chrome.

YouTube website is engineered in such a way that you cannot download videos from the website except with the help of third-party tools like download helper for Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera mini browser.

The downloader helper plugin works in such a way that you can also download videos from other websites such as Facebook and other known websites that make download videos very hard.

Using this helper plugin to download videos from any website does not call for changing the video URL or by adding additional syntax to the video URL like when you want to use savefrom website ss to download YouTube video.

The YouTube video downloadhelper extension for computer only work on computer browsers and the extension doesn’t support working on mobile or Android except for the use of Android app such as TubeMate to download YouTube video and save a copy to your phone hard drive.

How to Use YouTube Video Downloadhelper Plugin

Here is everything you need to know in order to be able to use the download helper plugin for Windows and Mac OS. However, for easy tutorial, we’ll share with you step by step procedure to download and install Download helper for Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera Mini. Meanwhile, Download helper may not be working if you try to install it on a browser that is not supported.

How to Download and Install YouTube Video DownloadHelper Plugin.

This procedure works for all browsers that support the use of the downloader helper. Without an iota of doubt, this same procedure can be used to download and install download helper for Chrome, Opera mine, and Mozilla Firefox.

1. Click to download the YouTube helper for your browser [Mozilla, Chrome, and Opera]

YouTube downloadhelper video

2. A new window will pop up when you click “add to Chrome” and then click “add extension” from the popup.

YouTube video download helper

3. Next will be to download YouTube video using the download helper extension.

YouTube video download helper

Note: You can access the download helper extension on your plugin bars with a bubble-like icon.

Now that you have successfully downloaded and installed the YouTube video download helper to your choice of browser, next we’d take a look at how to download YouTube video with the plugin on Chrome browser.

How to Download YouTube Video Using YouTube Video Downloadhelper

If you have successfully added the plugin to your Chrome browser then you should follow the process below to download a video from any website. However, here we’d take a YouTube video for example and show you how to download YouTube video using YouTube Downloaderhelper for Chrome.

1. Open your Chrome browser and visit YouTube video website to search for the video you want to download

2. Click on the video to start playing so that the download helper can easily identify the media on the page

Note: You must make sure the video is playing

3. Click the video downloadhelper plugin to grab the video and start downloading it to your computer storage.

YouTube video downloadhelper extension

As simple as that you can download all the videos on YouTube website. If you were not able to download YouTube video with this browser’s extension kindly leave a comment below so as to help find a solution to why it’s not working.

Before your video can start downloading you must make sure the download helper plugin change from grey to yellow, blue and red color as shown above. Otherwise, it will not download the video and it means that the plugin could not recognize a media on the page.

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