iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity – How to Fix

Are you getting the iPhone cannot verify server identity error message? Well, mobile devices, like most gadgets, do get faulty at one point or another, which can be unexplainably annoying.  Android phones do have their issues, but that doesn’t mean iPhone users are left out in the pain of hardware or software breakdown.

The issue that brought you here is probably because your iPhone or that of your kid’s or friend’s is having iPhone cannot verify server identity error. This error is usually related to Apple being unable to confirm that your mail server is original. Unfortunately enough, it is a recurring problem with the iPhone Mail app. It doesn’t affect just iPhones but other similar Apple devices.

iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity

Causes of iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity Error.

Whenever you connect your Mail app to a server, your iPhone will work on getting the SSL certificate of the connected server and check if it’s OK to continue with.  Should it notice that the certificate has questionable existence, i.e., the domain name is different, unauthenticated ISP unsigned or has expired.

It will mark it as not trustworthy.  Once any of the above occurs, your iPhone will be forced to flag it and display the error iPhone cannot verify server identity error.

It can also be a network in server connection, or it can be brought about if your iPhone fails to configure and read an SSL certificate.  Another possible cause is incorrect date and time or using a Mail account different from the one you signed in with.

This error message may be communicated when a new Mail account is created, the server is automatically changed without you being aware, or perhaps server got expired.

How to Fix iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity issues.

Here are all available means to fix the server error problem on iPhones.

Close The Mail App

Since the Mail app is misbehaving, you might want to close it out and try re-opening it to see if the problem persisted. To close:

  • Simply double-click on your which will, in turn, open up App Switcher,
  • Swipe on the Mail app upwards to close it.
  • Now re-open the Mail app.

Try Restarting Your iPhone

This could help you since it has helped so many users refresh their servers and get their iPhone back. To do that, simply:

  • Hold down the power button and wait until the power off slider appear.
  • Drag it to the right and wait for a minute or two.
  • Then hold down the power button and switch it on.
  • This process is different from that of an Android device, which is automatic.

Remove the email Account you link to it and add It again

If any of the above two didn’t work for, then try this. Removing and reattaching the name can sometimes restart the server certificate and allows your Mail to be verified. To remove the email account:

  • Open Settings app,
  • Tap on Accounts & Passwords,
  • Under Accounts, locate the Email and tap on Delete Account and repeat it again,
  • Open the Accounts & Passwords, and tap on Add Account.
  • Select the mail service you use and type in your details.
  1. Remove Your Current Email Account And Create A New One – remove it from the above steps. Then create a new email.

Ensure That Your iOS And Carrier Settings Is Running On The Current Update

Updates can be the savior you need since they usually contain a fix. If you can still connect to the internet, check if there’s enough free storage space on your iPhone and enough battery juice to carry you through cause if it is interrupted midway, you might have another war on your hands, something new to worry about. You can try updating your iOS with the following steps.

  • Open up settings,
  • Tap on General, Software Update.
  • Review the updated information if there’s any and check if your problem is listed there, if it is not or that you didn’t see something similar still go on and do the update
  • Follow the instructions listed, and you should be able to get it working.
  • You can also do a similar thing on your Carrier.
  • Still on the Settings app
  • Tap on General
  • Tap on About
  • Scroll up/down to the Carrier section, depending on your iOS version, and follow the instructions.
  • Wait for your phone to finish the update, once done it should restart itself automatically otherwise do it yourself.

Factory Reset Your iPhone

If after all the above fixes and it’s still not fixed, try factory resetting the iPhone. Doing this will cause data loss from all the arrangements you made inside, to erasing downloaded apps, etc.

Please note that this should be your final resort should all the above methods fail to aid you.  Before going further, make a backup of all your necessary files inside the phone like pictures, music, etc.

  • Open Settings app,
  • Tap on General, then on Reset
  • Now tap on Reset All Settings,
  • Enter your passcode to continue,
  • Finally, tap on Reset All Settings.
  • Wait for the iPhone to restart, and Bob’s Your Uncle.
  • Hopefully, we hope any of the above-stated fixes will help your phone return to its normal way of life.

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