How to Screen Record Huawei Y9 4GB RAM 64GB ROM

Recording Huawei Y9 becomes so easy with the Huawei Y9 screen recording feature to capture the entire Huawei Y9 screen. When you want to record Huawei Y9 screen make sure you set everything you want to record before you click on the screen-record icon.

Huawei Y9 screen record features records everything on your Huawei Y9 screen with or without scrolling shot feature. However, the screen record feature on Huawei phone is best for YouTube videos to produce quality videos.

Once you click on the screen recorder feature on your Huawei, it will record every event on your phone screen.

However, the Huawei screen recorder requires basic access to your Huawei Y9 microphone permission to provide basic service that allows you to record your voice in case you need to talk to the screen recorder.

You can also choose a sound source for your Huawei Y9 screen recorder feature.

Huawei Y9 Screen Recorder Sound Source

There are three options available to choose Huawei Y9 screen recorder source to either produce sound to your video or note.

Record Huawei Y9 Screen

1. Microphone

This option will enable your phone microphone so that all the sound coming through the phone mic will be recorded with the video you are screen grabbing on your Huawei Y9.

2. System

This option gives you the mandate to upload a sound to your video after you have successfully recorded. Instead of recording your voice using the microphone, you will be able to add your sound later after the video is recorded.

3. None

With the none option selected it means you neither need microphone nor the system sound source. All you want to do is to screen record Huawei Y9.

Stop Huawei Y9 Screen Recorder

There are two ways your Huawei screen recorder will stop whether prompted intentionally or accidentally.

1. Press the Power Button

When you are recording your Huawei Y9 phone screen do not mistakenly press the power button otherwise the screen recording process will be put to a stop and file will be saved.

2. Incoming Calls stops Huawei Y9 screen recorder

When you are recording for a particular purpose and an incoming call mistakenly troop in on your Huawei Y9 phone the recorder will stop and the video will be saved on your phone.

Record Huawei Y9 Screen

Here is a step approach to enable Huawei Y9 screen recorder and start recording your phone screen.

1. Power-on your Huawei Y9

2. Press and hold Power button + Volume Up simultaneously

3. Tick the don’t show again and click on Agree

Huawei Y9 screen recorder

4. Your Huawei screen will start recording after the count of 3 seconds.

Huawei Y9 screen recording

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