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I do a lot of screenshots when I write my tutorial on this blog. And most of my online tutorial and carried out on Chrome browser because of the speed of the browser. Other browsers work well but Mozilla Firefox crashes most of the time, I use Opera browser for other stuff and not for blogging. So, it’s very easy for me to use Chrome  Webpage Screenshots extension.

However, the best tool I use to screenshot on my computer is either I used Sniping Tool, a computer pre-installed tool to capture full page on Windows OS or I use Screenpresso, a premium tool to edit and cover some sensitive part of my screenshots.

But lately, I found some webpage screenshots plugins for Chrome, Mozilla-Firefox, and Opera-Mini which most people called webpage screenshots to screenshot full webpage, half webpage and a specific area on a webpage.

They’re a lot of webpage screenshots plugin for browsers, some are free and some are paid. However, here I will share the list of free webpage screenshots extension for browsers that I found great and easy to use to capture the screen on your Chrome and other browsers.

Webpage screenshots

Here Are Some Webpage Screenshots Extension for Browsers

1. Full Page Screen Capture

2. Awesome Screenshot

3. Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely

4. Full Web Page Screenshots

5. Easy Screenshot

6. Nimbus Screen Capture extension

7. Screenshot for Next Browser

8. Opera Browser Screenshots

They are some other browsers’ screenshot extension that can be used but these are the list of the most used and popular browsers’ plugin used to capture full screen on a webpage. Some of the extensions can be used to record screen on browsers.

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1. Full Page Screen Capture

Full page screen capture extension is a Chrome extension to capture a browser and a specific area on a webpage to be saved to your computer. Images captured using full page screen capture do not feature ads on the page, not blur, support drag and drop to your computer desktop.

To install full page screen capture Chrome plugin click here to download the extension and click add to Chrome browser. To take a screenshot with the tool locate the extension icon on your browser and click on it and click on screen capture or press Alt+Shift+P.

2. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome screenshot is another popular tool to take Browser’s screenshot in Chrome. Awesome screen support browser’s screen record and screenshot. The extension offers a friendly interface to record screen on Chrome browser and capture both full and sensitive web pages.

The awesome screenshot only supports Chrome for now and it has a lot of users already. To install awesome screenshot plugin for Chrome click here to download the extension and click add to Chrome from the popup.

To take screenshot or record screen on your browser with an Awesome screenshot and locate the plugin icon on your browser toolbar and to click on it. A list of options will pop up, select whether to take a screenshot or to screen the screen.

3. Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely

Some people called the “take webpage screenshots entirely” FireShot for Chrome browser to take a full-screen capture on a webpage. Take webpage screenshots entirely extension is one of the most used extensions for a browser to capture part of a webpage and an entire website on your browser.

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To start taking screenshots on your Chrome browser with FireShot download and install the plugin here to install the extension. Restart your browser to clear possible caches that may not wake the tool work perfect. When next you want to take screenshot your browser click on the plugin and select take screenshot.

4. Full Web Page Screenshots

Full web page screenshots extension is a Mozilla Firefox extension to capture a web page with a click. The extension support clicks to capture on your Mozilla and makes capturing a full web page very easy.

It’s very easy taking screenshots with the plugin. Once you have downloaded and install the plugin from here just navigate to a webpage you want to take its full screenshot and click on the FireShot icon on your browser bar and click on take screenshots.

5. Easy Screenshot

The easy screenshot is another popular Mozilla Firefox extension to capture a whole webpage on Mozilla and save it directly to your computer desktop. With easy screenshot extension, you can capture web pages on Mozilla Firefox without an additional tool. However, easy screenshot works like Snipping tool. After capturing you can open it screenpresso for proper editing and labeling.

To use easy screenshot, download and install the extension here and click on it on your Mozilla browser’s toolbar whenever you want to screenshot a page and click on the screenshot option to capture the full webpage.

6. Nimbus Screen Capture extension

Nimbus screen capture is another popular extension for Opera-mini browser to capture and edit captured screen using an Opera mini browser. With Nimbus extension, you will be able to capture full webpage on Opera-mini, edit the captured screen, and save it to either Nimbus Note or Google Drive.

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To use Nimbus screen capture download and install it here and launch the extension whenever you want to capture a screen on your Opera browser.

7. Screenshot for Next Browser

This screenshot is an extension for Next browser to capture full webpage screen on Next browser. The screenshot for next browser extension works just like the other extensions mentioned above. With the screenshot extension, you can capture, edit and remove unwanted part of the screenshot.

To capture webpage screen on your computer while browsing you can use any of these full webpage browser screens captures for free and without additional editing tools. However, to record browser’s screen, you can use some of this extensions without upgrading to a premium version.

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