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10 PayPal Account Alternatives to Make Payment Online in 2018

PayPal account is an online account that is used to send and receive payment from one country to another. PayPal is an online banking system where you can receive money from your client and make payment of goods and services online.

Top online eCommerce sites like eBay, Amazon etc uses PayPal as their means of payment. This means that users without PayPal account will find it difficult to pay for their goods and services. Also, on Facebook the giant social media, PayPal is one of the means of payment if you want to buy anything from Facebook such as placing ads on Facebook.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have PayPal account there are similar sites like PayPal that offers same online payment platform that can be used to send and receive money online. It’s has been discovered that over the year, the tech giant like Google. Apple, Facebook, Microsoft etc. have started test running there own mobile payment option.

This online account works exactly like PayPal. Meanwhile, below are the list of sites like PayPal to buy goods and services online as well as able to receive payment with it.

Paypal account

Sites Like PayPal Account for Online Payment

Below are the list of best online account to make payment for goods and services that stands as PayPal alternative in 2017.

1. Google Wallet

Google wallet account is one of the best PayPal account alternatives you can find outside there. Initially it was Checkout before the name was changed to Google wallet. Despite the facts that the name of the platform changed it did maintain the same feature as before.

The goal of Google wallet is to send and receive money which  is similar to PayPal features. It also has the feature to send invoice and processing of credit card.

2. WebPay

WebPay is PayPal account alternative with one of the highest level of security measure. Unlike PayPal, customers make their entire payment without leaving the site with a virtual terminal.

WebPay makes it look as if you put your customers first while making payment on your site. The professional mind is then created that you don’t have to leave the site before payment will be done. If you don’t know like PayPal account to subscribe to you should just try WebPay.

3. 2Ckeckout

Don’t confuse Checkout which was Google wallet formal platform name to 2Checkout. They are different company entirely but with similar goal. 2Checkout is a PayPal account alternative to send and receive money locally and internationally. One good feature of 2Checkout is that recurring payment feature and the shopping cart. In fact, this is an online account similar to PayPal.

4. Authorize. Net

Authorized.net is not as popular as PayPal but it has been one of the best online payment platform for almost 2 decades. With over 400,000 active customers it worth mentioning that Authorized.net account is a better alternative to PayPal account.

The moment you own authorize.net account you can send and receive money within and outside your location without panicking.

5. Skrill

Skrill account is similar to PayPal account which was formally moneybookers has some amazing feature not found in PayPal which include ability to send text messages from your account.  Outside being PayPal alternative it is recommended for international merchant since you as a user will be able to transfer your money balance to your prepaid card with just a click.

6. InTuit

Intuit is a PayPal account alternative for small scale business owner who needs financial help. For the fact that InTuit uses GoPayment to accept payment online and in-person, InTuit can also help to make your employees payment, calculate your workers payroll taxes and above all, help to fill payroll taxes form. If you don’t know where to start as small scale business owner to make payment easy you can just check InTuit as alternative to PayPal.

7. ProPay.

ProPay is at all cost similar to PayPal with the ability to send and receive money online both locally and internationally. If you find it difficult to make payment on eBay with PayPal or other means of payment you can try ProPay.  Just like Payoneer credit card ProPay features ProPay JAK which is a mobile credit card reader that can easily process credit card on smartphones such as iOS and Android.

8. Payoneer

Payoneer account is yet another online account similar to PayPal account. It features similar features like PayPal. You can easily receive and send money to a fellow Payoneer users and supported by major online eCommerce sites to make payment. For some countries that cannot receive payment with there PayPal account you can try Payoneer is a better alternative.

If you are new to making money online you can just refer a friend to use Payoneer  instead of PayPal and earn $25 once he receives an amount worth $100 into his account.

9. Click2Sell

Clic2Sell has similar features other PayPal alternative features. It’s one out of hundred that will accept payment from PayPal account,  Google wallet, Skrill etc that accept payment with and without merchant account. Meanwhile, some of Click2Sell stand features include affiliate tracking, powerful reports, and automated sales management.

10. Dwolla

Dwolla is an online account similar to PayPal account to receive and send payment online. What makse Dwolla stands out among other PayPal alternative is that it’s specialized at  bank transfers, or Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments.

In the mean time it has been recorded that Dwolla account is in all ways like PayPal online account to make payment and receive payment locally and internationally.

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