How to Install TweakBox app on iOS for iPhone and iPad

Tweakbox app is an app store alternative to the Apple apps store to download cracked and modified apps and install it on iOS 11 without jailbreaking.

Tweakbox is a store for iPhone and iPad to download apps that are and are cannot available in the iOS store like APK store for Android.

Both APK sites and Tweak box are meant to host modified apps for smartphones. However, if you don’t want to download modified apps or cracked apps using the Tweak box you can then jailbreak your iPhone.

For simplicity, the Tweak box makes it a reality to download other popular apps that are not in the Apple store because they are either modified or cracked or are completely banned from the apps store.

The list of apps hosted on Tweak box website or app includes games like Pokemon go that are already cracked so that it’d work with any app to fake GPS location on your iPhone, iOS emulators, tools to clean up your iOS and many more.

In this article, I will share with you how to successfully download Tweakbox iOS app, install the tweak box app and also, provide a solution to fix the tweak box app not working after it has been successfully installed.

Download Tweakbox for iOS for iPhone & iPad

Before you can download and install apps that are not in the apple app store you probably need to jailbreak your device.

However, instead of jailbreaking your iPhone to download and install the Tweak box app, using this instruction, will put you through a step by step procedure to follow to install the app without jailbreak access on your iOS 11 device.

However, if you are a fan of Kodi add-ons and you will like to install it on your iOS devices, you can simply search for Kodi add-ons on Tweakbox and install it on your iOS 11 or previous version.

Download & Install Tweakbok for iOS

To download a tweak box app for your iOS 11 follow these steps…

1. Open a browser on your iOS device and visit the tweak box website

2. Click on the tweak download app button on the website’s homepage


3. Click on Allow when prompt


4. You will be taken to your phone settings, click on install from the popup


5. Enter your phone password when prompt

6. Click install and install again and click on done


You have successfully installed the tweak box app on your iOS device. You can also follow the same process to install the tweak box app on an Android phone.

How to Add Tweakbox as a Trusted Device

The tweak box app is already installed on your phone. To check this, go to your phone app menu and you will see the app icon.

You can click on it to launch it. However, not all apps available on tweak app can be installed directly. Some require you to add the tweak app as a trusted device or enable unknown sources on Android.

  • Go to phone Settings
  • Tap the General option
  • Choose Profiles & Device Management
  • Click the text located underneath Enterprise App
  • Click Trust
  • When prompted, Click Trust again

This procedure will add the tweak app to the list of trusted apps on your phone. If you already installed apps like HipStore and added it as a trusted device you will see it there.

Tweakbox Categories

If you have successfully installed the tweak box and added it as a trusted device, you will see four different categories in the app menu when you launched including:

  • App Store Apps
  • TweakBox Apps
  • Tweak Apps, and
  • Hacked Games.

How to Fix Tweakbox Not Downloading Error

It’s possible to see a message when you try to download and install the tweak box app saying tweak box not downloading.

This is probably one of the common error you get when you want to download the tweak box app. However, if you are experiencing this on iOS 11.2 this tutorial should help fix it.


To fix the profile installation failed in tweak box app on iSO 11.2 setting your time to automatic update follow these steps.

  • Go to phone settings >> general >> data & time >> automatic


Sometimes, when your phone data and time are not correct you find it very had to download and install apps from most apps store.

This is common to the WhatsApp messenger App. When your regional time is not incoherent with the actual time in that region you will not be able to use the world’s 1 messenger.

Another way to fix the profile installed failed when you want to download the tweak box app is to disable and re-enable your WiFi. At the time, error in WiFi connection causes it.

  • Go to phone settings >> disconnect WiFi >> Re-connect WiFi

This should help fix the profile failed installation when you try to download and install the tweak box on iOS 11.2

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