Internet Explorer Password Manager: How to View Saved Passwords

Do you even use Internet Explorer at all? Well, if you are not using Internet Explorer, there is something you are missing and that is the internet Explorer password manager.

Earlier before I checked out the usefulness of Internet Explorer browser password settings and how to explore the browser’s password manager without a password manager software for Windows or Mac OS I have discussed how to see the passwords you saved in Chrome and you may want to check it out if you don’t know how to.

Also, I have also detailed how to manage mobile Chrome browser on other browsers and have access to your saved browser on mobile. However, if you also don’t know how to check that, check out the post that I published on how to view Google Chrome Android saved password on a computer.

Internet Explorer browser is a pre-installed software for all Windows users. While some prefer Chrome over Explorer, both browsers work perfectly for surfing the internet and have almost the same password manager function. To save password, view password and manage saved password.

If however there is no reason why you should start using Internet Explorer you should consider using Internet Explorer because of the browser password manager. Meanwhile, in this article, I will share with you step by step procedure to access saved password on Internet Explorer password manager.

Internet Explorer Password Manager: How to View Saved Passwords

If you are using Windows 7 you may have little difficulties accessing where the Internet Explorer saved passwords are located. However, Windows 8 offers a quick and easy access to view saved password in Internet Explorer. However, ensure to have the latest Internet Explorer iteration so not to have difficulties following my lead.

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1. Open Internet Explorer–>Internet Option–>Content–>Settings and click on it.

Internet Explorer Password Manager

2. Under the AutoComplete option click on Manage Passwords

Internet Explorer Password Manager

3. Internet Explorer will pop up your computer Control Panel option where passwords and usernames are kept. Then click on Web Credentials where all you Explorer login usernames and passwords are kept for you.

Internet Explorer Password Manager

4. Enter your computer Login Password with an Administrative role to reveal your Internet Explorer saved passwords. Once the usernames and passwords are revealed you can choose to remove passwords, edit both password and username and even delete a set of selected passwords.

Internet Explorer Password Manager

With Internet Explorer password manager you can store unlimited passwords and username without using addition password manager software for a computer. You can also follow back up and restore passwords on your Internet Explorer browser.

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