How to Manage Passwords on Google Chrome

How do you manage passwords on Google Chrome on your mobile browser? When you access a website on Google Chrome and enter username and password you will be asked to save it to Chrome password keeper features either on Android or iOS devices or on a computer Chrome software.

So, how do you manage your Google Chrome password saved on Android on your computer and how do you access password saved on Chrome computer on your smartphone? Before this cost your day, and cost you a headache, Google Chrome has a feature to login to your Google Chrome account and access Google Chrome password on your phone and vise-versa.

However, before you are allowed to manage mobile Chrome password on your Chrome computer you must register for a Google Gmail account. Also, aside from the fact that you can access and manage Google Chrome password on mobile or computer, you can also import Google Chrome search history to other browsers like Opera-mini, UCweb, Mozilla Firefox and many others.

It’s this Google Gmail username and password you will use to access your Chrome saved passwords page. Therefore, if you have tons of password saved on your Android Chrome password keeper and you want to access it on Chrome computer or any other mobile browser or computer browser here is how to achieve that.

How to Manage Password on Google Chrome

This procedure can be used to manage password on Google Chrome for a computer so as to access all your saved passwords on mobile. Also, if you have some passwords saved on your computer you can access it on a computer using this approach.

1. Open any browser on your computer or phone and visit Google Password

2. Login to Passwords Google Chrome page with your Gmail password and username

Manage Passwords on Google Chrome

3. All saved passwords on your mobile phone will be displayed-locked with eye-closed

Manage Passwords on Google Chrome

4. Click the eye-icon to reveal saved password

Manage Passwords on Google Chrome

However, to delete your saved passwords softly click on the recycle bin basket right in front of the password. Meanwhile, when you delete the password on your computer it will be deleted on your mobile Chrome passwords keeper.

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