Which iPhone XR Color Should You Choose?

Which of the Apple iPhone XR colors should you go for? With Apple providing the iPhone XR in seven different colours [yellow, coral, red, blue, white, silver, and black], it can be difficult to decide which of them to choose. And if you find yourself unable to make up your mind on a colour, then this article is for someone like you. In this article, we’d provide criteria that can help decide which of the iPhone colors to choose.

iPhone XR Colors

Here are the information you need to choice the best iPhone XR color for your outting.

Yellow ColoriPhone XR Colors

The iPhone XR is available in the color yellow. And it’s probably needless to say that this product is meant for ladies who love very flashy things. It is, however, important to state that: a yellow iPhone XR may not be ideal for a lady who doesn’t have a lot of yellow clothes, shoes, and bags to match the phone.

So if you’re a lady, a lover of flashy things, and have the clothes, shoes, and bags to match a yellow iPhone XR, then you should consider this colour.

Coral ColorCoral

Coral is one of the colours in which you can get the iPhone XR. This colour gives the device a very flashy appearance. In other words, people who love flashy thing would almost certainly love the iPhone XR in this colour. It is, however, important to state that the coral colour may not be ideal for guys. The colour looks quite girlish.

In short, if you’re the kind of girl who loves flashy things and also loves the coral colour, then you probably don’t have to waste more time. And for guys who don’t mind choosing this colour, even though it looks girlish, nothing stops you from choosing this colour.

Red ColoriPhone XR Red Color

The next colour we’d be taking a look at is colour red. Colour red is a highly-loved colour. It is a colour you can choose irrespective of your sex. In other words, if you’re a girl who loves flashy things, but doesn’t like the coral colour, then Red is the alternative at your disposal.

Furthermore, guys who love the colour red should also feel free to choose this colour. The colour red iPhone XR would be even more ideal for people who already own a red car. It is also important to state that we’d only recommend the red for guys who also love flashy things.

Blue ColoriPhone XR Colors

When you look at men who love flashy things, you’d see some who love the colour red, and you’d also see some of them who dislike the colour. Apple is aware of this fact, and it’s one of the reasons they also made the iPhone XR available in blue.

In other words, if you are a guy who loves flashy things, but dislikes the colour red, then blue is probably a colour you would love. It is furthermore important to state that blue may not be an ideal colour for a girl, just as coral may not be ideal for a guy.

White ColorWhite Color

We have people who love flashy things, and we also have those who don’t like them. And if you’re one of those who don’t really love flashy things, but prefer very simple things, the colour white is what we’d recommend you.

iPhone XRs which come in this color looks very simple but at the same time appealing. We have spotted it with a lot of people, so you have nothing to fear if you want something simple.

It is, however, worthwhile stating that the white colour may not be ideal for people who may be careless with their iPhone XR. The reason for saying this is that scratches can easily render this a white iPhone XR unappealing. In other words, it may not be ideal to buy a kid a white iPhone XR.

Silver ColorSilver

The white iPhone XR isn’t a flashy item, but its simplicity can be very appealing to people who love simple things. But because carelessness can easily wear off its beauty, there are people who may not like to get a white iPhone XR.

And if you’re one of those who’d prefer a white iPhone XR, but can’t maintain a white one, the silver iPhone XR is what you should possibly consider. Silver iPhone XRs are almost as appealing as the white ones, and they’re ideal for people who can be very careless with their phones.

Black ColoriPhone XR Colors

The last of all colours the iPhone XR is available in is colour black. Colour black is a colour anyone would hardly hate. But at the same time, it has not special about it. In other words, if you don’t find any of the colours discussed so far to be suitable, the colour black is what you have left. And don’t worry, no one ever regrets buying the black.

In conclusion, we have discussed criteria that can be used to decided what iPhone XR to buy, and we hope you’d have been able to decide on a colour, upon reading this content. And for those who are still confused, re-read this article, and once you find a colour that matches your personality, just choose that colour, and forget the other colours.

Over to you. Which of the iPhone XR colors is your favourite? I prefer the red color, what about you?

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