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How to Upload Photos to Instagram From PC-Gadgets Wright

When it comes to the best platform to share adorable pictures we all know that the right place to go is Instagram. Many Android users who love uploading photos to Instagram from their smartphone also love find it pleasing to upload photos to Instagram from PC. But as handy as this seems to be, it is extremely difficult uploading photos directly from PC to your Instagram account.

Without mincing words, it’s not only Windows users that couldn’t easily find the best way to upload photos to their Instagram account, Mac users also face the same itch. Meanwhile, let hope that one day Instagram will officially allow Instagram users to be able to upload photos directly from their PC.

To end this itch, there are many software that can be used to upload photos from PC to Instagram but Instagram really frown at using third party apps for Android or software for computer to access Instagram account. And since no one would love his or her Instagram account terminated, you will have to be very careful the way you use upload picture to Instagram from PC.

In fact, it’s not only photos, you cannot also upload videos to Instagram from PC. However, if you are using Instagram desktop app you may find your way around to upload video or picture to Instagram from your PC.

Nevertheless, the best way to upload photos and video to Instagram from PC is to use Bluestacks for PC. However while many will want to upload Instagram from PC without Bluestacks, we’d in this article share with you the easiest way to upload photos to Instagram from PC using bluestacks since it won’t hurt and get your Instagram account shut down.

.And if you want to upload photos to Instagram without bluestacks you can use software like Gramblr (Watch out for our ethical review on how to upload photos to Instagram using gramblr).

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How to Upload Photos to Instagram From PC

You are guaranteed that at the end of this post you will be able to push your best photos and videos to Instagram while on computer.

Launch your browser and connect to the internet. Preferably connect to Wi-Fi to download Bluestacks to your computer. The bluestacks exe is around 340mb, so you may want to download it with Wi-Fi or get a copy of the latest bluestacks from a friend who has the installer.

After successful installation launch the bluestacks software on your PC. For the first time it may take a while for the software to load completely, just give it some few minutes. Login to using your Gmail account to access play store and search for Instagram app. If you have Instagram Installed on your PC you can click on my app from the list of options displayed on bluestacks bar to access it.

Once you search for Instagram Bluestacks will sync your gmail account with play store and search for Instagram for you to install on your computer. Just click on Install for Instagram to Install on your computer via Bluestacks.

How to Upload Photos to Instagram From PC

Navigate to ‘my apps’ on bluestacks and click on Instagram icon. Bluestacks will open Instagram on your PC just like the way it’s on your Android or other smartphone. Click on already have an account below the page and login with your Instagram username and password. You can also login to your Instagram account using Facebook account.

How to Upload Photos to Instagram From PC

Note: Bluestacks let you use Instagram on your PC with full screen mode. All you just need to do is toggle around with bluestacks options below the screen.

To upload photos to Instagram from PC using bluestacks click on upload icon on your Instagram PC page. Click on upload icon on your Instagram account. Click on Gallery from the options and select others from the drop menu. Another set of options will display then select ‘pick from windows’. When you select pick from windows. Bluestacks will populates option for you to select photo from your computer. Navigate to picture, select the photo or photos you want to upload and click on open button.

Now your photos will be uploaded to Instagram for you to crop. Use the resize option to crop your photo before uploading and when you are done cropping click on the proceed icon. Then choose your photos filters from the options and click on next. You can play around with your photo to make sure you get the best before uploading it.

You can now proceed to upload your photo.

Upload photos to Instagram from PC

Now that you have learnt how to upload photos to Instagram from PC what next? Share you view about this post via the comment section and do show kindness by sharing this article with your friends on social media.

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