Look Up Email Addresses Easily: The Easiest Ways to Find Email Address!

In a lighter mode today, I’m going to share with you 5 ways to search email addresses of either known or unknown person provided the address is shared publicly.

It’s is easy to look up an email address if the owner of the address shared it publicly. That’s if the email address owner does not pay a company to help protect the email address from public access.

I have had issues finding emails of some scammer in the past. It was very difficult in the first place but later these techniques were used for free email lookup with free results without paying a dime.

However, this post isn’t about email search look up either in your Gmail address or Yahoo mail address, etc. as a result of previously received emails. But would concentrate more on how to search for an email address with name or ID if you can still remember it and show you the easiest it to achieve that in a couple of minutes.

Most of these techniques free email address search, just like search engine will walk you through the exact procedure to look up an email address that is not protected or that is shared publicly.

What is Look Up Email Address all About?

Email address lookup is just a simple way to find someone email address and related information about the sender or owner of the address. It could be a company or personal email address.

Take for instance that you receive an email address from an unknown fellow and you’d love to identify the person by name, address, mobile number, contact address and the likes, just like who.is does.

The next thing to do is to search for the personal email address using any of these techniques that you will learn in the post.

However, instead of searching how to find someone’s email address you can simply check first whether the email address is even valid or not.

Not forgetting that there are fake email address generators. For that reason, you need to find out whether the email address is valid and they are not fake email generated from fake email generator. After which we can now proceed to know every detail about the email.

How to Look Up Email Address

Here in this section, we’d share with you the exact method or techniques that can be used to search for anyone’s email address even if the person does not give you go ahead.

It worth to note that these techniques can be used to search any company’s email address if you lack access to it.

1. Look Up Email Address in Google

The Google email search feature works like Google phone finder. It lets you find any email address with the name without stresses.

This way may not really be 100% effective but it’s a good way to start. In a real sense, if you type someone’s name in Google search engine it will bring up information pertaining to that person (might be different person bearing the same name) including social media information.

However, why you may not want to accept that these techniques work effectively due to numerous names you are likely to get in SERP, you may still have to see it as the first way to start the email lookup search for a beginner. But for an advance email lookup search, you may want to consider the following ways shared below.

Look up email

2. Hunter Free Email Address Look Up

Hunter is a 2in1 way to search for email address details for free. Hunter as a static page website, it also has a Chrome extension that also does the same Job chrome without accessing hunter website.

Here in this section, we’d share with you the exact procedure to find email address with the hunter.

How to Lookup Email Address Using Hunter

You don’t need a skyrocket science knowledge or understanding to use Hunter to search for personal or companies email address. As it were, this post is ready to put you through how to find an email address for free without previous knowledge.

1. Open your browser, either on phone or on PC and visit Hunter’s free email lookup site

2. Enter the company address you look up to search into the search box and hit find email addresses. E.g www.google.com

3. A list of email associated with the domain name will be displayed. Note that you cannot enter a webmail address and you must also create a new account with hunter free email address lookup site to access full email list.

Note: As a registered user of Hunter you will be able to access the full name of the email’s owner.



Nuwber.com will help you find the email you need. You will need to search the database for the person you are interested in by entering the person’s name and surname.
Once you have visited this person’s page, you will be able to view their email address. The site encrypts all user requests and is updated daily to provide the most current information.

Advance Email Look Up Using Google Chrome Plugin

Technically, this technique is an advanced way to search for an unknown email address and this is the best approach for you. Whenever I got stranded at searching for a specific email address using name + email address on Google search engine, the next thing I often do is to use any of these Google Chrome extension to search for the email address information in question.

1.  Clearbit Connect Chrome extension

Clearbit connects Chrome extension is simple and easy to use a plugin to find new contact, email address info and lots more. More of it, it works perfectly with Gmail. The extension is integrated with Gmail address search such that users will be able to find and get more information about a specific email address.

Meanwhile, clear bit connect chrome extension doesn’t only limit the email address search to single email alone, it can also be used to search for the company and different organization information. And more, it gives the entire and almost exact match of your search with just a click and you are good to go.

loo up email addresses

2. Rapportive Email Lookup Finder

I’m a true fan of rapportive look up email address finder. As a matter of fact and with the exotic services rendered by rapportive, these list of lookup email address finder is incomplete without it. Although it is a Google Chrome plugin it works like magic.

To install Rapportive read this: How to install rapportive lookup email address.

Rapportive will become expedient to you if you are interested in searching for business or company email address and related information.

However, the list of the best look up email address sites and plugins continue in the list. To bring the best to your doorstep, we’ll subject this post to a constant update of best and free email search.

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