Max Helm Fiji Net Worth, Age, Career, Parents and Wiki

Coming from a young Guy (Max Helm) in his early twenties tells a lot about the way things have changed and what humans have evolved too, Max Helm Fiji was charged with sexual assault and rape while he was still in the university. 

He became more popular after the rape case, That's not all, the shocking revelation about him was, that some sources came out to say he has been involved in some other similar cases before this one, which sounds a bit disturbing to take in. 

Probably he was acting under the influence of the fraternity group (Fiji). Currently, Max helm Fiji net worth isn't a topic of discussion for now since he is still young and has not publicly stated anything about it.
Max Helm Fiji is actually known as Max Helm is s student at the Nebraska Lincoln University, whose parents are Melissa Helm (mother) and Thomas Helm (father).
Max is a member of FIJI. FIJI is known as Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity at the school. In his early twenties, he Came to the limelight based on an alleged raped case of a 17-year-old lady which happened in August 2021.
Max Helm Fiji is the son of Melissa Helm and Thomas Helm. He was a student at the University of Nebraska Lincoln who got suspended after sexually assaulting and raping a minor at the university of lincoln America. after the incident his parents flew him out of the country to a location reported as Omaha.

While the case was going on, his past was looked into after close to 13 girls came forward accusing him and other members of the fraternity group of rape.

In addition to that, some reports stated that while Max Helm went was in high school in Omaha and had a rapey past there too.

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Max Helm’s Early Life

Max Helm Who is currently between the ages of 20-25 was born to Melissa Helm and Thomas Helm. There aren’t enough details about his family relationship or whether he has a sibling or not.

The main thing known about him was the rape case he is connected to which has triggered quite a lot of people to end the fraternity group which he follows.

Max Helm Fiji Career

He Was still in the Nebraska University in Lincoln before he vanished into thin air due to the alleged rape case of a 17-year-old girl. Max Helm is on the young side and there hasn’t been any report about working somewhere as of now, probably he has a job, or he doesn’t

He is quite Young since he is just in his early twenties. also called Phi Gama Delta Fraternity at Nebraska Lincoln University. Fiji has a member named max helm. Max helm has been charged with sexual assault and rape. It was reported that at the fraternity party, he targeted and molested a female student.

Max Hem Parents

Most of the information that surfaced online about max Fiji was about the rape case. The name of Max Helm’s parents Is Melissa Helm and Thomas Helm. There are few reports about them or what they do, however, rounds have been going online that max helm comes from a rich family.

After the rape incident. There were reports saying that his parent flew him out of the country to avoid facing his crimes.

Max Helm Net Worth

Max Helm Fiji

There hasn’t been any news Regarding Max helm Fijji’s Net worth. There are also being no sources to get any information regarding his assets portfolio

Max Helm And Nebraska Sexual Assault Allegations- Is He Arrested?

Max Helm Fiji

Someone reported the sexual assault around midnight at the Phi Gamma Delta house in the University of Nebraska Lincoln UNL while there was a wild party going on

Reports stated that she had been targeted and molested by Max at around 11:30 am on the lawn leaving her to bleed. Luckily the lady wasn’t killed however, Max has been reported to the authorities for the incident and some sources say he has vanished to Mexico after the incident.

Following the Nebraska Assault incidence , this act Gave Max Helm more attention online but, in a negative way. After this incident, some reports sprang up relating Max Helm to other similar incidents that happened in 2017. what this means is Max Helm is not a new name in the Nebraska sexual assault.

Currently, the UNL police have taken Max Helm into custody, and he is arrested now. Also the fraternity Group FIJI has been closed down following the series of incidence that its members had been accused of after a series of protests from those who were concerned about the incident.

In addition to that, other sources have spring up saying around 13 ladies have voiced out that they have been also sexually assaulted by the fraternity squad aside from the popular max helm case that has been going around in UNL

Max Helm Fiji Age

Unless the school releases more details about him, there haven’t been any reports stating his age online, however, sources have said he is in his early twenties making him quite young to have committed such a crime.  

Max Helm Fiji Height

After gaining some level of popularity due to rape assault on a 17 years old lady, he fled to another country with his parents since is family has the money and connection, meanwhile there has been no exact report of what his height his.

Max Helm Fiji Girlfriends

Max hasn’t stated that he’s into a relationship, having been a long-serving member of the fraternity squad, that most of its member has also been accused of raping ladies makes, it very likely he has a serious partner yet

Max Helm Fiji Instagram

After the sexual assault that Helm max was alleged for, he decided to go stealth mode by making his Instagram account hidden. That’s not all he has also protected his Twitter account since it is not visible to anyone except his followers. However, he has a Twitter account that is not visible to anyone except his followers.

What happened to Max Helm Fiji

max Helm fiji

The UNL Police Department investigated the case and immediately shut down the Fiji fraternity house. Their activities have been halted but it seems the culprit hasn’t been reprimanded since a series of post lines states that he wasn’t arrested since his parents immediately flew him to Mexico where he’s currently enjoying a family vacation while some say he was arrested.

Anyway, the victim has been treated and is now safe. 

However, a petition has been passed across online from those that have condemned the act to Put an end to the Fiji fraternity at the University of Nebraska Lincoln: BAN FIJI FOREVER (UNL).

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