FIXED! No Location Found on Find My Friends

The Find My app is handy if you need to track your Apple devices or share your location with friends and family. However, when using this app, you encounter the error, “No location found,” relax! This article will explain why you are getting the error message and how to fix no location found on Find my friends.

Find Apple Inc. invented Find My Friends in 2011. Yes, it’s that old. Just as its name suggests, Apple users can locate their friends and family with the aid of this app. It’s a handy app with minimal flaws like the Find My Friends no location found error.

At times, you may find it very difficult to locate your devices or friends; you need to fix the problem of no location found first. By the way, you can access Find My with the aid of the Find My app on your device or by logging in to via a preferred web browser.

There are several reasons why this excellent app will display the no location found error; if the device is switched off or not connected to the steady Internet, then iCloud will not be able to find the location.

If you are among the many searching the Internet for causes and possible solutions to solve the no location found on Find My Friends, then you are in the right place. Follow the steps to fix the issue and get your Find My working perfectly again.No Location Found on Find my friends

Why does no location found to appear on Find My Friends?

Before you can solve a problem, you need to know the cause. Therefore, we must explore the possible reasons behind the no location found on Find My Friends error.

There’s a principal problem when the location can’t be found on Find My Friends. The error message “No location found on Find My Friends” in the app is usually caused because of the following reasons below:

  • The person is out of network coverage.
  • The person turned off GPS, or the person’s phone ran out of battery.
  • Your ally’s device has the wrong date and time set.
  • The other device is not connected to a solid or reliable network.
  • Your friend has enabled the Hide My Location feature on their phone.
  • The Location Services has been disabled on your friend’s device
  • Your friend is yet to log in to the service.
  • The location your friend is does not provide this feature by Apple.
  • Your phone may be malfunctioning.

One of these causes may be why you keep getting the no location found on Find My Friends error message. Check out the following conventional methods to fix the no location found error.No Location Found on Find my friends

How to fix no Location found on Find My Friends

Once you get the no location found on Find My Friends app, here are some troubleshooting steps that can help eliminate this issue:

Ensure Find My Friends is Supported in your Region or Country

This is one of the most important things to note since Apple Inc. is yet to provide the Find My Friends feature in all countries and regions Worldwide. Therefore, you might keep getting the no location found error if you are in any of the non-supported countries or regions.

Disable and Enable GPS or Location Services again.

Once you have verified and are sure that the feature is available in your Country or region, you can enable the GPS & Location Services. However, if you have already enabled this feature, you can disable it, quit the app, and enable this service again.

This might fix the no location found on Find My Friends issue you have been trying to tackle. Follow these simple steps: Open Settings >> Privacy >> Location Services and switch the bar to turn off the feature.No Location Found on Find my friends

Regulate iPhone Date and Time

Having the wrong date and time set can cause this problem. Therefore you need to manually set the date and time correctly, change the settings, and set it to “Set Automatically” in General Settings. Hopefully, this should fix the problem once the Find My Friends location is not found.

Check your Internet Connection

You need to check your internet connection before concluding that your Find My Friends app has a problem. It’s possible that the location is not available on the iPhone because your device doesn’t have reliable internet access.

Follow the steps below to check your internet connection:

  • Open the Settings >> Mobile Data/Wi-Fi and turn it on and off.
  • Also, ensure solid signal strength, whether connected to cellular data or a Wi-Fi network.

This should fix the no location found on Find My Friends error message.No Location Found on Find my friends

Enable Share My Location

Another fix is to enable the Share My Location feature on your device. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • For iPhone users: go to the “Settings” app >> iCloud Settings.
  • You will see the “Location Services” feature; tap on it, and the “Share My Location” feature will appear.
  • Switch on the option to enable it.
  • Once this feature has been enabled, your friends can see your location, and you can also see theirs.
  • For Android users: go to “Settings” >> “Additional settings” >> “Privacy” >> “Location”, select the location mode to enable it.

If these steps did not solve the no location found on Find My Friends, try the following fix location found on Find my friends

Restart the iPhone or Android Device

The next thing you can do is restart your phone, which is a standard method for most devices. However, the steps are slightly different if you have an iPhone X and 11. If you are using other iPhone models, follow the steps below:

  • Tap the Power button and wait till the slider appears.
  • For iPhone X and 11 users, hold either the Volume button or the Power button to enable the slider to appear on the screen.
  • Drag the Power slider to the right side and wait a few seconds for the device to shut down.
  • Wait a minute before you restart the device again; hopefully, the feature will begin working as usual.

The no location found on Find My Friend error message should have disappeared; if not, proceed to the next fix below. No Location Found on Find my friends

Ensure your Friend is Logged in to Find My Friends

You need to ascertain if your friend has signed into the app. If not, you will keep getting the no location found on Find My Friends error. If your friend is yet to log into the feature, you won’t be able to access their location.

Open the Find My Friends app, sign in, and turn on the location sharing feature.

Update your device

Make sure that your device is upgraded to the most recent version of its operating system. A widespread bug may be affecting some users in Location Services. You never can tell an update may have been released already. This will help to keep your device updated:

  • For iPhone or iPad: Go to Settings >> General >> Software Update.
  • For Mac: Apple menu >> System Preferences >> Software Update.

Now, you can install any available updates.No Location Found on Find my friends

Reset Location and Privacy

If the issue persists after trying the steps above, you may need to restore your Location and Privacy settings to their defaults. Here is how to go about it:

  • For iPadOS or iOS device: Go to Settings >> General >> Transfer or Reset iPhone >> Reset >> Reset Location & Privacy and follow the onscreen instructions displayed.

Close, and Open Find My Friends App Again

Closing and opening Find My Friends App is the last but not the least fix, but it’s a valuable troubleshooting tip to use when you get the no location found on Find My Friends. You may be facing this issue because of a momentary issue or some random malfunction. Ensure that you clear the cache memory before you open the app again. This should fix the problem completely.

I hope this article has been able to help you fix the no location found on Find My Friends error message you keep getting while trying to track your phone or your long-time friend. Let’s know which methods worked for you in the comment section below. 

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