How to get Payoneer MasterCard [ATM Card] for Free

Payoneer MasterCard

Payoneer MasterCard is an international ATM card that works in all countries as opposed to PayPal that work partially in most countries including Nigeria.

When you sign up PayPal in Nigeria you will battle with the inability to receive fund into the account while with Payoneer you can send and receive money with it and withdraw your money from your local currency using Payoneer MasterCard ATM card.

The benefits of Payoneer over PayPal came into play when you want to receive money into your PayPal account, withdraw your money in your local currency, and use MasterCard ATM for online transaction. However, if you are stalked with PayPal account limitation and inability, Payoneer online payment platform is a good alternative to think about.

Here in this article, I’ll share with you the processing required to open a Payoneer account, how to receive Payoneer MasterCard ATM, how to fund Payoneer account, and how to activate Payoneer MasterCard ATM for free.

Payoneer MasterCard: How to Open Payoneer Online Account

Before Payoneer agent sends an ATM to your address for activation during the Payoneer registration process you need to input your personal information for Payoneer to have all your details regarding what the company will have in their database as your information.

1. Open any browser and visit Payoneer sign up page to sign up for a new account

Payoneer MasterCard

2. Fill the Payoneer registration form using your real information and other basic information

3. Create a password for your Payoneer account, select secret question and provide an answer to it, and provide the ID details to be used for your account.

4. Enter your bank details if you want to link your Payoneer to your local bank if ever required by Payoneer but in most cases, Payoneer will not prompt you during registration but you can add it later after your registration is successful and before or after Payoneer have sent your Payoneer ATM card.

Payoneer MasterCard

Once you are done filing the  Payoneer registration form, double check your response to make sure you entered the correct information and then click on submit button. Payoneer will send a confirmation message to your email to acknowledge they have received your Payoneer application.

Payoneer MasterCard: How to Fund Payoneer Account

Once you Payoneer account has been successfully created the next thing should be how to fund your Payoneer account so the Payoneer online platform can send your Payoneer MasterCard to you in Nigeria.

However, you need to have a minimum of $30 in your Payoneer account for activation before your Payoneer ATM card will be forwarded to your address.

To fund your Payoneer account you need to contact a seller or contact a friend to help contact a seller to help fund your Payoneer account while you send your local equivalent to the seller. However, you can only fund Payoneer account with dollars, pounds, and euro depending on your Payoneer account type.

Is The Payoneer MasterCard Free

If you are tired of PayPal account limitation Payoneer should be the next online platform for your online business with a valid ATM card. However, it’s free to register for a free Payoneer account. Meanwhile, Payoneer requires a one-time payment of $29 to activate Payoneer account or MasterCard ATM.

Also, Payoneer charges $3.25 per ATM withdrawal, unlike the normal and local ATM withdrawal charges. Also, if you lost your Payoneer MasterCard you will be charged only $12 for replacement instead of the initial $30 charged when you activated your Payoneer account.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Payoneer MasterCard?

It cost a one time $30 to get a Payoneer ATM card and have the card activated once you logged into your Payoneer account and click activate the account. Meanwhile, a minimum of $29 is required to activate your Payoneer account and the ATM card.

Is Payoneer Card Debit or Credit Card?

Off all the Payoneer cards I have requested for in the past all have been the combination of both debit and credit card which makes it better than your local ATM card. Payoneer ATM being a MasterCard combines both credit and debit card together into the ATM chip.

How to Make $25 Free From Payoneer

Do you know you can make money from Payoneer directly into your local bank account? In fact, you can make $1000 dollars for free with your Payoneer account. All you need to do is register for a Payoneer account and refer your friends to register through your referral link.

So, what are you waiting for? SIGN UP FOR A PAYONEER ACCOUNT

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