How to Download Poke Go ++ to Hack Pokemon Go

A lot has changed on the way we hack Pokemon Go this year. A lot of cheats are not working and more accounts are getting banned every day. Is that the end of Pokemon Go cheat? Do we still have a valid way to hack Pokemon Go and go without banning or account suspension?

First, if you want to enjoy Pokemon Go game you don’t have to cheat. Cheating means you have to always search for how to bypass the game update. Every update blocks a working cheat or hack.

However, if your Working cheat is blocked and account banned. Here, I have got a means to hack Pokemon Go game and make banning not more than 12 hours.

The only working hack I have been using after other means stopped working is to download and install Poke Go ++.

Poke Go ++ is the only working Pokemon Go cheat that won’t let Pokemon banned your account and track your location.

Hack Pokemon Go

What is Poke Go ++

Poke Go ++ is a modified Pokemon Go app. It’s like a hack version of Pokemon Go game for iOS and Android users. The game is certified by many users and credited as the best Pokemon Go alternative with a native hack to stay ahead of Pokemon Go cheat not working fine.

The Poke Go ++ app cannot be downloaded from either Apple store or Google store. However, for Apple users, Poke Go ++ is available in apps like Tutu app, App Valley, Emus4u, and other apps to download paid apps for free, to download tweaked, modified, and cracked app on iOS without a jailbreak.

If you already jailbreak your iOS 10.3 – 10.3.3 there is no need to download Tutu app or Cydia Impactor again. You will be able to download the game without additional settings.

For Android phone users, Tutu helper is the way to rescue mission to download Poke Go ++ and play Pokemon Go game with a working joystick. For Android users, here is the list of best apps to hide Pokemon Go location. For iOS users, here is how to hide Pokemon Go location without jailbreaking.

How to Hack Pokemon Go

To hack the Pokemon Go game successfully with a working joystick, here, we’d make use of a working IPA and Cydia Impactor. We have also notified that the IPA file in this post also works with the  ipa.cpp:101 error.


Make sure you meet the following basic requirement

  • Download the valid .hack IPA file which is compatible with  v1.75.0. according to PokeGo2 team
  • Download and unzip Cydia Impactor on your PC (Mac and Windows version included)

Now, follow these procedures to sideload Cydia Impactor and the IPA file on your iDevice

Hack Pokemon Go and Install Poke Go ++

Follow these procedures to sideload both the IPA file and the Cydia Impactor on your iPhone

  • Connect your phone to your PC using a working USB cable
  • Launch the Cydia Impactor executable file
  • Drag and drop the IPA file download
  • Wait for Cydia Impactor to start sideloading the IPA file on your iOS device
  • Log into your Apple account when prompt for Apple ID and password
  • Tap Allow to complete sideloading

Now, we are halfway done. After the IPA file has been successfully sideloaded into your phone and you can see a successful message, disconnect your phone from your PC.

Add Poke Go ++ as a Trusted App

Although the Poke Go ++ game is modified with the original Pokemon Go script. But, to avoid error while playing the game. You need to add the game to your list of trusted device. Here is how…

  • Go to phone settings
  • Tap on the general option
  • Click on  profile & device management
  • Select the game certificate to add it as a trusted app.

Note: Since you are not a developer you must always add this every 7 days. That is why a free account is very sucked but it worth the stress.

Joystick Missing After Installing Poke Go ++

Here is another negative measure of installing Poke Go ++. The game joystick for direction could simply stop working. Then, how do you fix this? Follow this procedure.

  • Go to phone settings
  • Click on developer options for Android
  • Scroll down and take Mock Location. You can also use this trick for iOS
  • Turn on Joystick

Did you enjoy the tutorial? Hope this ends the Pokemon Go hack stress every day? If yes, a share will help to reach more audience.

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