Download Cydia Impactor for iOS, Windows, Mac and Linus OS

Cydia Impactor is a tool to download third-parties apps and install it on a jailbroken iDevice using the process called sideloading on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Linus operating system. The Cydia Impactor can be used to root an Android device and jailbreak iOS.

Other than that, you can also use the Cydia Impactor app or software to install Cydia and remove Cydia installer.

Apple apps store is the official site to download apps for iDevice. The site comprises of both paid and free apps. Like Android, Google play store is the official source of apps.

However, to download paid apps you need to pay a certain amount and this Cydia Impactor helps to remove so that when the tool is installed on either your iOS or Android device you will be able to download and install a third-party app, paid apps, games, and other utilities.

The Cydia Impactor support iOS 11, 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, and support all Android version from CpuCake to Android Oreo. Therefore, if you are new to Cydia Impactor and how it works, here in this article, you will learn the rudiment of how Cydia Impactor works, link to download your OS copy, how to remove Cydia installer, and how to root Android using the Cydia tool.

Cydia Impactor Download Link for PC OSs

First, grab a link to download your computer OS Cydia Impacto below. You can always get the latest update following the links provided.

Download IPA Files for iOS 11 Jailbreak

Also, follow the links below to download the IPA files for iOS 11 jailbreak. The links provide the latest updates with additional features and bugs fix.

  • Electra
  • LiberiOS 
  • To.Panga
  • C0F3 ( iOS 11 version and iOS 10 version)

Features of Cydia Impactor

Cydia impactor admin releases update often to make the Cydia tool stay relevant to the latest iOS, to fix Peer Certificate” error. Starting with iOS 9, the tool is not compatible with iOS 11. However, in the past month, new features were added to the tool and some of them are:

  • Install tweak, modified, and cracked apps on iOS
  • Root Android phone
  • Install Cydia on iPhone and iPad
  • Remove Cydia installer
  • Unblock phone bootloader with easy access
  • It uses a process called sideloading during installation

How to Install IPA Files on iOS using Cydia Impactor.

First and foremost, go back to the links provided above and install Cydia Impactor software for your OS. For Windows, click on the Windows link, for Mac, click on the Mac link to download the latest version.

Also, make sure that you have the latest iTunes version installed on your computer before you begin to install the IPA file compatible with your OS following the link provided above.

Also, make sure that the IPA files you want to install on your iOS are also downloaded to the same PC with the latest iTunes software.

  • Unzip the downloaded IPA files on your PC
  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC using USB
  • Launch the Impactor executable file in the folder (Do not run as administrator)

Cydia Impactor

  • Drag and drop the downloaded IPA files on your iDevice

Cydia Impactor

  • Type your Apple ID username and password as requested by Cydia Impactor software and click OK

Cydia Impactor

  • Wait for a couple of minutes while the Impactor installs the IPA files on your iOS 11

Cydia Impactor

This process will install IPA files on your iOS 11 without errors. However, you were warned not to run the Impactor’s executable file as an administrator so that it’ll not disable drag and drop on your PC if you are running Windows 10.

Add Cydia Impactor as a Trusted App

Apple iOS treats all apps that are not installed directly from the Apple apps store as untrusted device. However, within the settings, you can set any app you installed from other websites alternative to the Apple store as a trusted app. However, here, is how to add the Impactor app as a trusted device.

  • Go to phone settings
  • Click on the general option
  • Tap profile & device management
  • Tap Impactor’s developer
  • Add as a trusted developer

Once this is done you will be able to launch and use the app installed on your phone using a process called sideloading.

Cydia Impactor Common Error

There are some basic and popular errors you may encounter with the tool. These errors are probably normal because some of them are prone to a fix during the next update of the tool.

1. lockdown.cpp:57

2. Provision.cpp:150

3. provision.cpp:62 and provision.cpp:68

4. ipa.cpp: 45

5. zip.cpp:321 and zip.cpp:331

6. http-win.cpp:158

Each of these errors means a different thing and it doesn’t occur on all devices. The process to fix these errors is different from one another. Hence, we take a look at how to fix the aforementioned errors.

How to Fix Cydia Impactor Errors

Following these procedures, you will be able to fix the above error in your Impactor tool after or before installing IPA files on your iDevice.

How to Fix lockdown.cpp:57 Error

Disconnect your iPhone from your computer and reconnect it. While reconnecting it select Trust This Computer and this will clear the error message

How to Fix  Provision.cpp:150 Error

There are two ways to fix this error message. Both methods work fine. The two methods are shared below.

Method 1

Turn off your Apple ID 2-factor authentication for the moment you want to use Cydia Impactor tool to drag and drop IP files on your phone and re-enable thereafter.

Method 2

This is the simplest. All you have to do to clear this error if you don’t want to disable two-factor authentication, use the app-specific password.

How to Fix Provision.cpp:62 and Provision.cpp:68

This error message occurs most time with a poor network connection. To fix this error message, make sure you have a fast grooving internet connection.

How to Fixipa.cpp: 45

Remove the duplicate app you are trying to install using this tool. This error often occurs when there is an app is already installed on your iDevice and you are trying to install the same app using Cydia Impactor.

How to Fix zip.cpp:321 and zip.cpp:331

Always check for the latest Cydia Impactor update following the link provided above. This error message occurs due to a corrupt IPA package or when you are trying to use old Cydia Impactor software.

The best way to fix this is to check for Cydia Impactor’s update if you are sure that the IPA files are not bad or corrupt.

Cydia Impactor

How to Fix http-win.cpp:158

To fix this error download and install the latest Cydia Impactor software for all your devices.

How to Root Android using Cydia Impactor

Android users are not left out. With the Cydia Impactor tools for Android, you can root and unroot Android device. If you don’t want to use root apps like Supersu, Kingroot, RootApp, to mention a few, you can make use of the Cydia Impactor tool to grant your Android device a root access.

To root Android device with Cydia Impactor follow these procedures.

Enable Debugging mode

First and foremost, to be able to drag and drop the root app on your phone you must be in a developer mode to enable debugging mode on your device.

To enable Developer Mode

Follow these procedures to enable developer mode

  • Got phone settings
  • Click on about phone
  • Scroll down to build number
  • Tab it continuously until you see a message that says you are now a developer

Now that you have enabled developer mode, next is to enable debugging.


  • Go to phone settings
  • Click on developers option
  • USB debugging
  • Tick or enable it

Now that you have successfully enabled debugging mode, let proceed to how to root your Android device with the Cydia Impactor.

Root Android Using Cydia Impactor

Follow these procedures to root your Android phone with Cydia Impactor for iOS 11

  • Connect your Android phone to your PC using USB in debugging mode
  • Unzip the Cydia Impactor and click on the executable file
  • Click on start to drop SuperSu on your Android
  • Disconnect your phone from your computer and restart your phone
  • Go to play store and install SuperSu

Once the SuperSu is installed on your phone without error it means that you have successfully rooted your phone. To validate the root access of your phone download and install Root checker from play store. Run the app and it will tell you the status of your phone root access.

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