Games : Garena Free Fire & PUBG India games : Garena free fire & pubg India: I think you know that free fire is banned in India with 53 other Chinese apps. So, the Indian government has banned roughly over 300 Chinese applications. So, here in this update, you will receive first-hand information on Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile game.

Garena Free Fire is a popular battle royal game that was banned in India with more than 53 other Chinese applications in February by the state Ministry of Home Affairs.

The Garena Free Fire game app was already in the Apple store and PlayStore, which was ready for download before it was banned in the country. So, you cannot download the Garena Free Fire app on Android and iOS from the play store and Apple store directly in India.

The Garena game developer has finally provided an update regarding the app, which you will not see in the games : Garena free fire & pubg India.

Below is the Singapore-based developer’s update after the app was banned in the country.

“We are aware that Free Fire is currently unavailable in the Google Play and iOS app stores in India and that the game is currently not operable for some users in the country,” Garena also said. “We are working to address this situation, and we apologize to our users for any inconvenience.” Games : Garena Free Fire & PUBG India

Note: If you play the Free Fire Max with the high-graphic version is still up and running in the Play Store. It appears that the ban doesn’t affect this particular version of the game app.

Free Fire game was one of the most downloaded games in India in 2021 before it was banned. And, of course, the royal battle games were in the second spot, with Ludo King taking the spot of the most downloaded games in India in 2021. Free Fire occupied the spot after PUBG mobile was banned in India a year earlier. Games : Garena Free Fire & PUBG India: Banned Apps

Free Fire battle royale game was not the only Chinese application that was banned in India. In 2020, the Indian government banned the popular short video app TikTok alongside some other popular applications from different Chinese developers, which include ShareIt, Shein, Xiaomi Mi Community, Clash of Kings, Weibo, Likee, and many others that do not conform with the India Huma regulation policy.

Meanwhile, MeitY,, a portal to promote Indian e-governance for empowering Indian citizens, promoting the inclusive and sustainable growth of the electronics under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology had banned Garena Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and over 300 apps in India for violating Section 69A of the Information Technology Act in the country.

The section gives the government the power to issue directions for interception or monitoring, or decryption of any information through any computer resource.

And for the record, the Garena Free Fire developer’s latest statement hinted that the app could be back into the mobile stores [Google and Apple store] soon. But there is no information regarding TikTok and PUBG Mobile.

Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 200 Sentosa Official Music Video

Today 10th of May 2022, the official music video of the FFWS 2022 Sentosa, Heroes Arise, has been released and made available to all fans globally.

The music video is uploaded to the official Garena Free Fire Global, made of an animated recap of the World Series that took place last year. Alo, for those of us waiting for the riveting battles, it could be played out before the end of May.

The FFWS 2022 Sentosa play-ins format will be coming up in the new weekend with 10 teams across the 10 regions taking part in the fierce battle. 4 teams out of the 10 teams will be advanced to the finals, and points will be given based on the rank players are able to attain and the number of kills each player accomplished.

This is based on 6 total matches across 3 maps which will take place on the 14th of May at exactly 9 PM GMT+8.

Sentosa Pick’n Win Event

Garena fans and players can participate in the “Pick’n Win” event all over the world. All participants will be able to predict the outcome of the year’s World Series.

Each player participating will be able to predict the winning team from the 10 regions for each match that takes place in the final, predict the top weapon players from each region used the most during the matches, and the champion at the end of the FFWS 2022 Sentosa. Games : Garena Free Fire & PUBG India Download

You must know that Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile are among the Chinese apps that were banned. And it’s against the law to download and use banned apps according to law.

Playing the PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire India is against Section 69A of the MeitY. Therefore, we recommend that you should download and play the Garena FF or PUBG Mobile alternative until the app will be unbanned.

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