7 Ludo Game Apps for Android Phones

Ludo game is a board game introduced in 1894 with a minimum of two players and maximum of 4 players. The games have four houses housing 4 seeds with two dices. The dices are tossed to make a move of each seed where they kill each other. The ludo game was introduced as a children game and it has since played by adults. Ludo game app has since come introduced to mobile as an app and been played as a board game on Android phones.

Ludo game app for an Android phone can be played with at least 1 player and a computer and can also be played on your Android phone among pairs of the same mind.

Back in school days, Ludo’s dices were used when taught probability in high school and play an important role with head-and-tail of a coin. However, these same board game has gained more popularity today and almost all Android users are playing the ludo game on Android phone.

For the love of ludo board game, here in this article today I’ll share with you some popular ludo game apps for Android phones.

Ludo Game

Best Ludo Game Apps for Android Phones

Here are some free best ludo game apps for Android phones you can try out today…

1. Ludo King Board Game

Ludo king board game is probably most popular ludo game app in Google store for Android phones users. The ludo king board game is available for iOS, and computer. The ludo game can be played with a minimum of a player as against computer and minimum of two players against each other controlling two different houses with 8 pieces all together.

The ludo king board game has a different level as you play past the first level you will be promoted to the next level. But, if you trust your playing ability you can skip the ease part and move straight to normal or hard section. However, it cool to start playing each level accordingly so that you will not get bored playing with computer only. For more information click here

2. Naija Ludo, Classic Ludo

Naija Ludo game app is a popular ludo game with default ludo pieces. The ludo contains 4 hours, 2 dices, and 16 pieces 4 per house. The game can be played with a maximum of 4 members and minimum of a member of a computer-assisted ludo player.

Naija ludo game has a unique feature of multiple players via Wi-Fi. This means that all participating player will control their own pieces right from their phone. This ludo game is good for a group of people to play the game from a different location.

In a lighter mode, you can choose to go for a single dice rather than a default double dices to play the board game. The downside of this Naija ludo game app is that it contains in-ads which pop-up while playing the game with an internet connection. For more information click here

3. Ludo Game: New(2018) Dice Game, The Star

This ludo board game app is known as Pachisi according to the developer because it’s similar to the  Spanish board game, called Parchís. The board game requires a minimum of two players in case you don’t want to play with the computer and a maximum of four players with each player controlling a house with 4 pieces.

The new(2018) dice game let participant define their own rule based on what they want. This rule overrides the app default setting pending the time you will restart the app, and the moment the app is restarted the game settings will be returned back to default except if the pre-defined settings are saved. For more information click here

4. Ludo: The Dice Game

The Dice Game is another popular ludo game app for Android phone to enjoy the board game strictly on your Android device. The dice game offers four different means of playing the load game, so it permits the player to use who to play with. You can challenge the computer by playing with it, play with your friends, play online, and play with people around you.

The dice game also allows users to set pre-defined rules different from a general rule to overwrite the default rule pending the time of playing. However, the rules will be cleared off once the game is restarted. You can also save and continue the game later.  For more information click here

5. Ludo Game: 2018 Ludo Star Game

The 2018 ludo star game is another ludo game app with a 3D feature and allows users to play with other players around the world. With this ludo app, you may choose to take your game experience to another level and start playing international player online.

While you can play with a computer on a different level and play with your friends as well, you can play ludo online with other professional ludo players and see how good you are based on the number of online with. With the 2018 ludo start game, you can start playing ludo game online from your Android phone.  For more information click here

6. Ludo 2017

The ludo 2017 is another popular ludo game on Android phones that have replaced so many other board games over time. Other popular board games include snake board game, monopoly, chess, and others but due to the difficulties in playing those board games, ludo board game has gained more popularity.

The ludo 2017 board game requires a minimum of a single player against the computer and a minimum of two different players to play against each other while each player controls tow houses with 8 pieces of two different colors. However, the board game is fun playing with human as you get bored playing with the computer over and over again. For more information click here

7. Ludo – Classic King

Ludo classic king board game is next on this list with a remarkable feature to automatically saved all unsaved games when you mistakenly click on your phone back button to continue from where you stopped.

The ludo game app for Android phone devices requires a minimum of two players to play with each other while it requires a minimum of one player to play with the computer.

The ludo class king game guides you as a beginner until you master the act of playing the game perfectly. As you become better you move from one stage to another and play professional computer representative after which you can take ludo online challenger from international players playing the game.  For more information click here

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