How to Remove Third-party apps from Google Account

Do you wish to learn how to remove third-party apps from your Google account?  We generally use Google and Facebook accounts to sign in to multiple services on the web.  This may include applications, games, and other websites that provide an option to subscribe to using both platforms quickly.  However, the developers of these services can still access your account and personal data even if you stop using it for months.

Now, both giants have strict policies on what third-party developers can do with your data.  However, it is a safe step to separate apps and games that are no longer used permanently.  So, in this article, let’s see how you can remove third-party apps from Google accounts.

Site and App Permissions can be Requested

When we visit any website or app and want to subscribe to that particular site or app, the first option you will probably get to log in with is a Gmail account, just to avoid the long registration process, we always select the option to sign up with a Gmail account that gives us the freedom to create passwords  New and avoid troubles remember.

At that time, the app or website asks us to get some permission, so we click “Allow” without reading.  These permissions are as follows.

How to remove third-party apps from Google account
How to remove third-party apps from Google account

Background Information

Some sites and applications require permission to access your basic information such as name, profile photo, and email address, and you can give them permission after choosing “Sign in with Google.”

Additional information

Even many websites and apps ask for some additional information and ask permission to make a copy of the information from your account that includes contacts, YouTube playlists, photos, and videos.

Edit, create and upload

One step on some sites and apps to ask permission to edit, create, and upload content from your Google account.  Like the Event Planning app, it may create events with the help of your personal data, and your permission from Google Calendar or any other application can edit your videos and upload them to your YouTube channel.

Full access

When you provide full access to your Gmail account to any application or site, then the application can search and change all of your information on your Google Account.  They even copy, modify, or delete your personal information or even create a new one, but they cannot change your password, send payments, or remove your account.

You can still revoke access to applications and services from your Google Account easily.  This can be done from a desktop or a smartphone; two methods have been included for clarity.

Remove Third-party Apps from Google Account – Desktop

First, if you haven’t already signed in to your Google Account, sign in and go to  You will see some different options on the page; you can update your personal information, fix security problems in your account, remove access to third-party access, etc.  Click Security from the options menu at the top.

Scroll down to find the section “Third-party apps that can access your account.  Now, you will have two separate lists; third-party apps that have access to accounts and login with Google.  You can read about the potential risks here.

Now, to remove a service, just click on the service name and click on “Remove Access.”  That’s all, and it will not be possible to access your data for this service.  Repeat the process for all sites and applications you want to remove from your account.

You will get a warning when you click the Remove Access button, which is crucial because if you revoke access to an app you use regularly, the data associated with it will also be removed, and you will have to give them access again to use the service again.

  Remove Third-party Apps from Google Account – Smartphone

Just like we did on a computer, you can revoke access to applications and websites to your account using your smartphone.  Open the Google app on your smartphone and log in with your Google account.  After logging in, click on the avatar in the upper right corner.

Click on “Google Account Management”, it will open the settings in a new application.  You can make all changes here as we did on the desktop.

Slide the tab up horizontally and select “Security” from the options menu.  Now, scroll vertically to find the “Third-party apps with account access” section.  Click “Manage third-party access” to reveal the list of applications associated with your Google Account.

Click service to reveal the “Remove Access” button next to it.  You will receive a warning you that the data associated with the application will be deleted and you will have to log in again to allow the app to access your account.  Click “OK,” and the service will be removed forever unless you grant her access again.


This is how you can delete all applications associated with your Google Account.  Not all applications may wish to steal your data or cause harm to it, but it is a good practice to read the terms and conditions of each application that gives you access to it using your Google Account.  Or, you can create a burner account without login information with it.

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