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Bookshare the Number 1 Library for People with Print Disability

We have shared a lot of sites to download free eBook on this site. We have talked about Bookzz.org the popular eBook download, eBookshare, Library genesis, bookfi and others. Bookzz and eBookshare used to be my favorite site to search and download most, audiobooks for students with learning disability. But recently we reported that Bookzz was shut down due to piracy infringement, and eBookshare now redirecting to Facebook and the book site itself is inaccessible. In the search for bookzz and ebookshare alternatives, I found www.bookshare.org which is mainly audiobooks for students with learning disability.

My bookshare as I popularly call because it centers more on given disabled citizen access to download all sort books online to aid their impairment. Since I discovered the awesome site has in the collection over 500,000 book title and still counting I have been keeping eyes on it. If you really want to enjoy the good work of Book share website admins you need to sign into your account or signup if you are a new user. Bookshare, brilliant eBook download site grant unreserved access to download available eBooks for free for people with print disability.

Using the free books site advance feature you can search for an eBook with the book title, book ISBN, and book author and for you to download any book from this site must become a registered member. However, here in this post, I’ll take you by hand on how to access bookshare.org login page to create your own account.

Due to one reason or the other, if you were unable to access your desired eBook on my bookshare, you don’t need to contact bookshare admins, you can simply make a request and it’ll be added to bookshare catalog of which you will be notified once the book is available for free download.

Another good news about this fantastic eBook download site is that you can easily read books online without downloading them. Personally, I’m the lazy type so I hardly read books online but with bookshare download feature users with print, disability will gain access to download as many as possible eBook available. Although some websites easily let users read eBook on their websites using mobile app but at the time of writing this update book share app isn’t available yet. But you can simply join book share on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google Plus for the latest update.

How to Sign Up on www.bookshare.org for Free

Here in this guide we’d share with you how to access bookshare.org web page and become a registered member so that you can easily download eBooks of your choice for print disability personnel in your environment.

Fire up a new window on your browser and visit Bookshare website and click on to get started with your book share account.


Bookshare has two tier of registration and it’s mainly for US citizens who are disabled. The first one is individual registration which allows users access book share books at home and with their kids but users must provide a proof that they are truly disabled.

And the second form of registration is for an organisation whereby a body registers on behalf of his or her organization such as a principal of a school registering on behalf of his school with bookshare Organizational Agreement form signed by the Primary Contact. If your organization does not serve US students, the organization will need to purchase book blocks.


Depending on your choice of registration. Once you clicked on either sign up individual or sign up organization you will be taken to a page where you are to create an account. Do not forget to change your country from the US to your own country and fill other columns accordingly.


Once you have successfully created your account you can then sign in and start a search for books to download using author’s name or book ISBN or book title.

Please share for the less privilege to enjoy this!

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