Zenith Bank Scan to Pay Credit Card Process

Zenith bank PLC provided a replacement for point of sale (POS) with a fast, easy, reliable, and ATM card processing free called scan to pay. With the help of QR on a smartphone just like the barcodes on items purchased at most of the grocery stores such as KFC, ShopRite, eateries, and many other POS stations where you need to make payment with ATM debit or credit card using Zenith scan to pay app on your phone.

Zenith scan to pay service is a free service to pay for services at the point of sales without ATM and cash at hand. With the new Zenith bank QR scan to pay service for smartphone users, both buyers and sellers enjoy total cashless policy without going into the bank.

The scan to pay app work exactly like barcodes in most instant apps to sync the phone with PC such as in the case of sync WhatsApp to PC using iPhone or Android devices. However, the scan to pay helps to reduce the stress of sending money or using ATM to make payment at every POS station and you can pay directly to seller’s bank account.

With the zenith app, you don’t need to go to a sale shop with cash or ATM card, all you need is the scan to pay app on your smartphone as well as at the customers’ end.

Meanwhile, if you are new to the new Zenith bank innovation, I’ll walk you through how to create, activate, and use scan to pay to buy products and services without ATM card still maintaining the cashless policy.

Scan to pay

How to Create Zenith Scan to Pay User QR codes

Customers and merchants QR code registration is free. All you need before you proceed to create a custom or merchant is a valid Zenith bank account whether a savings or current account. However, you also need to down the QR code app generator from your app store.

1. Visit your device (Android or iOS) app store to download Zenith scan-to-pay app

2. To make a payment, click on Customer and to accept payment click on “Merchant”

3. Create a new password and a 4 digits PIN to confirm payment at merchant stores

4. Click on submit

The password and PIN created will be used to authorize scan to pay app to make payment when you scan your customer QR barcode with the merchant QR barcode.

How to Make Payment With Zenith Scan to Pay App

If you have successfully generated your Zenith QR codes to make payment as a customer at merchant store that uses scan to pay as a means of payment, here is the procedure to make payment with scan-to-pay on your iPhone and Android.

1. Launch Zenith bank scan to pay app on your iPhone or Android device

2. Scan that QR code of the item with your mobile phone

3. Enter your 4 digits password and click pay

4. You will get instant notification for Zenith bank that your transaction us successful.

The procedure is fast, easy, reliable, efficient and does not require the use of ATM card and also shelf the importance of POS on merchant stores.

How to Register for Zenith Scan to Pay as a Merchant

Unlike scan to pay customer users, merchants are offering two means to register a scan-to-pay account and generate their QR code. For a merchant, follow the procedure below.

1. Visit your app store (Android or iOS) to download Zenith bank scan to pay app and install it on your device

2. Launch the app and select “merchant” to receive payment from customers

3. Create a unique 4-digit PIN to accept payment from customers.

If you don’t like this method because its DIY or you don’t trust yourself following a simple procedure to achieve a great result, just walk into any Zenith bank and request for a scan-to-pay merchant package form so you can fill it and submit to the bank customer service to help you fix the rest.

How to Generate Scan to Pay QR Code as a Merchant

Once you have successfully register as a merchant, you still need to generate your own unique QR code to accept payment from customers.

1. Log into your scan-to-pay merchant account with your 4 digit PIN and click on request payment

2. Select no amount in QR code and No fee/Tip and click on generate QR code

3. Share the QR code with your customers whenever they want to make payment with their  Zenith bank scan to pay app.

Once you share your QR code with your customers using the same service, they’ll be able to make payment directly to your bank account without using POS and handing over cash equivalent to you.

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