Download Samsung Smart View for Android and iOS

Samsung Smart View is a popular feature to mirror your phone screen to a smart TV with a simple setup. While Samsung users enjoy this smart view feature just as iOS users enjoy Apple FaceTime, Android and iOS users can download and use Samsung Smart View to start to mirror their device screen to their smart TV.

When the Samsung Smart View is properly configured and connected to your smart TV, you can simply turn your phone to your TV controller. The Smart View makes it possible to have a dual screen, one for smartphone and the other for your TV.

However, when this falls within a specific range, you can simply control your phone using your smart TV as a remote control. Although the Samsung Smart View is only meant and designed to work on Samsung, however, here in this guide, I will share with your how to download and use Smart View on Android and iOS devices to mirror your Android and iPhone to your Smart TV screen.

Samsung Smart View

Uses of Samsung Smart View

To use the Samsung Smart View on Samsung devices, Android devices, and iOS devices, a smart View app is needed. This app makes it possible to put your phone under control with your Smart TV as well as controlling your Smartphone on your Smart TV.

Install Smart View on Android

The Smart View app isn’t a pre-installed app on Android except for Samsung. However, using the trick below you can bring the Smart view to your Android and turn your Smartphone to your Smart TV controller.

  • Launch the play store app on your Android device
  • Type “Smart View” in the search box.
  • You can also download the Smart View app directly from your browser.
  • Tap on the “install” button to download and “install Smart View app”
  • Go to the apps menu and launch the Smart View app
  • Done

Now that you have successfully installed the Smart View app on your Android device you can start to mirror your Android phone to your Smart TV.

Install the Samsung Smart View App on iPhone

It’s not only the Samsung users that can use and share their device screen on a smart TV using the Smart View app. However, here is how to download and install the Smart View app on iPhone.

  • Go to the Apple apps store and search for “Smart View” app
  • Click on “Get” to download and install the Smart view app
  • You can also download the “Smart View” from your browser
  • Tap install
  • Install and install again
  • Done

Since the Smart view app is downloaded from the Apple apps store there is no need to add the app as a trusted app on your iPhone. Just launch the Smart View app and follow the procedures below to mirror your Android and iPhone screen to your Smart TV.

Mirror Phone Screen to Smart TV a Smart View App

Upon successful installation of the Samsung Smart View app on your Android and iOS [iPhone] device, here is how to mirror your Android and iPhone screen to your smart TV’s screen.

  • Go to your OS app menu and click on the Smart View app
  • Click on connect to TV button on your Smart View app
  • The Smart View app will load all TV connected to the same network or connected to your phone
  • Click on the smart TV’s name or reload if the TV isn’t available yet
  • Both TV and Smart View app will prompt for a confirmation
  • Then, accept the pop up on both devices
  • Done

Note: Both devices [Smartphone and TV] must be on the same WiFi OR Network for your phone to be able to detect your Smart TV without the use of an HDMI cable or AllShare USB.

Once the connection is successful, you have successfully mirror your Android and iOS [iPhone] to your Smart TV using the Samsung Smart View app on your smartphone.

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